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Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard Clutch

Sometimes it’s nice to skip the little black dress and go for a pop of color. This cold shoulder dress from Macy’s is the perfect spring dress and it’s under $40! (EXTRA 20% OFF CODE: WKND Final Cost: $31.99)

I’m attending a fashion blogging conference in April and I thought this dress might work as long as the weather isn’t too hot. It’s a shift dress and it hangs straight down as long as the winds not blowing.

Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard Clutch


I kept my accessories simple since the dress is the statement piece. I added gold hoop earrings and a gold bangle.

Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchCold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchCold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchCold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchI love that this dress has a mock turtleneck (covers up my aging neck!)

Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchThese block heels from Target are my go to heels this spring! They are almost identical to the Steve Madden pair that are more expensive.

Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchCold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchA leopard clutch is one of those must haves for me. This less expensive one always sells out quickly but they have it in stock right now.

Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchLet’s talk length of this dress. I’m 5’6″ (I always wish I was 5’4″ ha!!) so it is several inches above my knee and as short as I will go. I find so many cute dresses but they are often too short for me.

Cold Shoulder Dress (under $40) + Block Heel + Leopard ClutchSHOP THIS POST: kensie cold shoulder dress (I’m wearing a small)//Block Heel (runs true to size)//Leopard Print Clutch//Bracelet (similar here)//Earrings (similar here)

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  1. Cyndi—this outfit is spectacular!! I know what you mean about short dresses (even though I’m short, sometimes I feel too exposed), but from a perspective of someone else looking at you, I would never think this is inappropriate. Maybe because you’re so covered on the top portion and the dress isn’t tight. Or maybe it’s because you have such nice legs?
    This will be perfect for the conference, I would think!!

  2. Cyndi this may be the perfect dress for a wedding in Ohio late September that will be outside! I love the color. Thank you for showing some less expensive options. You have the best taste! Of court I had to have the Laine top from yesterday. You and JoLynne are bad for me!!

  3. Gosh Cyndi I was just in Macy’s yesterday looking at their cold shoulder tops thinking if I would actually bite the bullet and try one. I just can’t get over the name though, brrrr! This is so cute on you and though it’s simple it is so elegant looking. Have a great weekend!


  4. Jodie, I was thinking the same thing. If I had Cindi’s legs, I’d wear more dresses! Very cute look Cindi!

  5. Hi Cyndi! I agree with Jodie. The dress is spectacular and I believe that because there is one continuous color, with no breaks (like a belt or something)from the neck down, the length looks appropriate. I do think, though, that slender legs are key!

  6. Love the look! I’m so glad you are posting outfits that the average woman can afford. Nordstrom is a bit out of my budget. Thx for all you do to help us all be a bit more fashionable!

  7. Cyndi,
    I love this dress. The red is awesome. I would have no place to wear it. I don’t feel the cold shoulder is work appropriate and I would even feel uncomfortable with it at church. It is simply adorable on you though. Maybe by the time this trend is over I’ll feel more comfortable with it. Ha, ha!!! Have a wonderful day.

  8. This outfit looks fantastic on you! Dress hits at a good length on you also! Love the words and fashion you share, as always.
    I am searching for outfits to wear to a my husband’s business “winners” reward trip in Aruba. I must look appropriate, cool and collected! Ha! I am afraid this dress would be too hot in the climate that I will be in. But love all cold shoulder and off shoulder selections.

  9. This is a beautiful dress on you. I would normally go for a black or grey dress but your right, we need color for spring and this is a perfect color! I live in Texas so yes, this will be perfect for you too wear in April 😁

  10. Such a pretty dress, the style and the color are gorgeous on you! Love ALL of the accessories! Have a great weekend!😊

  11. I really like those shoes! I am not a fan of the open shoulder stuff though! I see it’s trending right now, but that is not my style. I love that dress on you, though. You look amazing!

  12. Very flattering look for you! I think you are a wonderful model for all of us 50+ women who are still vibrant!

  13. Great look! I think it will be perfect for your conference. For some reason I always think you are about the same height as me (5′ 2 1/2″) Funny how you just assume things. While I like being on the petite side, sometimes I wish I was taller. You can stretch things out a bit and that’s a big plus!😉

  14. At 5’10” with most of my height in my legs, I really struggle finding dresses of the right length that don’t look too matronly. I have discovered Boden whose dresses come in multiple lengths so you can choose the one that suits your body and preference. The red dress looks great on you.

  15. You definitely look gorgeous in this dress! I believe it’s the perfect length on you. You have great legs! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. LOVE the entire outfit, you styled the dress perfectly with minimal jewelry, and those shoes! LOOOOOVE them! <3

    1. I love the dress, but have stopped shopping at Macy’s as a result of their need to air their political views. Disappointed.

  17. Cindy, I have to say I think this is my favorite outfit ever on you! I have not been a fan of the cold shoulder trend but you rock it! I love the clutch and am going to order before it sells out. Also I want to add that your blog has been a true inspiration to me. I have made positive changes in my life spiritually and personally since reading your blog over the last couple of years. Thank you for your daily Beauty from the Heart.

  18. You look beautiful in that red dress. I don’t think it looks too short, because you have great legs. I think if someone was out of shape……like myself, it could look too short. Wish I could feel comfortable with bare legs in dresses lately, being over 50 yrs. old. Hard to workout with chronic migraine all the time. But, on a positive note, I bought one of your recommendations for sunless tanner and hoping to try it out soon. A little color helps with the flab. 🙂 LOL Keep up the good work, your blog is great. 🙂

  19. This is a dynamite look on you….I think the cold shoulder look is sexy, but tasteful. I am pushing 70, very young looking and feeling grandma. People have said I look 50. Would the cut out shoulder be too young for me? My son is getting married in Key West and I’m looking for a flowy, dress that’s cool. Do you think the cut out look would be appropriate for my age? Wouldn’t want to show my legs now, but perhaps a tea length or just below knee. Any input is appreciated.

    1. Thank you, Cyndi. Not sure I’m brave enough to try it, but it is certainly a fun look. Enjoy your blog for inspiration and fashion tips. Love your spirit!

  20. I’m with Kathy, That length is perfect for your body type and the
    color is great with your skin tone.
    Have a blessed week!!

  21. I think you look amazing in this outfit! I was thinking about adding some black leggings to this and some little booties. I think it is still too cold to bare the legs and by the time it is warm enough here, the long sleeves may not work. I can not wait to get this in! Thanks for sharing your looks 🙂

  22. Adorable! Thanks for posting. I just purchased this in a size M in the red color. I will be wearing it to an upcoming Conference I am attending. Fingers crossed it looks as good on me as it does on you! Finding age appropriate items gets tougher over 40. I want to look sexy but also look my age. Thanks for always hitting that mark.