Cold Shoulder Turtleneck-Winter Fashion

Welcome to Day 3 of my 25 Days of Winter Fashion! Today I’m styling a cold shoulder turtleneck with black velvet pants (I think velvet is going to be my favorite trend this season).

I know a cold shoulder turtleneck is an oxymoron but I can’t help but like the look. Some of you have asked if you get cold?

The answer is sort of. I wore this to dinner Saturday night and the restaurant was chilly. Wayne asked if I was cold and I said “a little” but I laughed and said, “I don’t want to tell my readers who said the cold shoulder sweater doesn’t make sense.” Haha!

Thankfully, I had my light black coat and I wore it outside and I was fine. After dinner we went to the mall and I didn’t need my coat. So there you go! I’m a sucker for a trend and I’ll suffer through it. 🙂

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.

The Halogen cold shoulder turtleneck came in my Trunk Box. It’s a little pricey but I had some credit so I went ahead and purchased it. I love the color!

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.I get asked a lot about how to wear booties and I personally don’t think there’s a right or wrong way. I think it depends on the pant you’re wearing and the style of the bootie. This wouldn’t have looked right to cuff these pants so I wore them over the black bootie.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.It’s fun to add bling to our outfits and these tassel earrings from Baublebar are perfect for the holiday season.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.Accessory Concierge has some unique bracelets but this one is my favorite and I love wearing it during the winter season.

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.My black velvet pants are from Loft and they are a great pant. I feel like these will sell out quickly because they have great reviews and I have seen other bloggers wearing them. (Loft is having a flash sale today!)

Fashion blogger, Cyndi Spivey, sharing a cold shoulder turtleneck with velvet pants.What I’m Wearing

Cold Shoulder Turtleneck (I’m wearing a small)//Velvet Pants (I’m wearing a size 28)//Black Booties//Earrings//Bracelet//Clutch

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Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~I have shared before that my Mom wrote for our local newspaper. She was the contributing food editor. She kept several copies of all the articles she wrote and put them in a binder for me and for my sister and I think she gave her sister’s one too.

Anyway, this time of year I love to get it out and look at the recipes she shared. Mom always added a Food For Thought at the end of her article (it was similar to my Beauty For the Heart).

She shared this poem as Food for Thought:

Recipe For Life

1 cup of good thoughts
1 cup of kind deeds
1 cup of consideration for others
3 cups of forgiveness
2 cups of well-beaten faults

Mix thoroughly and add tears of joy, sorrow, and sympathy for others. Fold in 4 cups of prayer and faith to lighten other ingredients and raise the texture to great heights of Christian living. After pouring all this into your daily life, bake well with the heat of human kindness. Serve with a smile.

(If she only knew how much I missed her!!)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You look lovely Cyndi and I love what you shared about your momma 😉 just darling!! Have a blessed day my friend 😉

  2. Very cute outfit, love the cold shoulder style and the velvet pants! I really loved the Recipe for Life! Have a blessed day Cyndi!😊

  3. I love it when you share things about your mother and what she wrote. Her poems really inspire me. I can tell she really knew Jesus well. A loving Christian mother is such a valuable gift! I can see why you miss her so much.

    1. I just have to tell you I also spell my name JoAnn, when I read your post I thot “oh did I reply to this” no one ever spells my name right! I bet you are one cool lady though JoAnn!

  4. I think this is fabulous Cyndi. And I get cold at times no matter what I”m wearing (whether it has cold shoulders or not)—so I take a wrap or cardigan everywhere. So it really wouldn’t matter if it was a cold shoulder shirt or not!
    When you’re inside the temps are pretty fixed, right!
    Love the velvet pants—I’ll be curious whether the velvet wears off between the thighs?

  5. This outfit is so you! I love,love the earrings. I may have to order me a pair. I love that you kind of have squirrel syndrome. I think some days it’s just me. I have to tell you I have maybe 25 emails first thing in the morning but I read yours first!

  6. GORGEOUS! That close-up of you is so, so pretty–the earrings are pretty, of course, but it’s YOU!!

    I love cold-shoulder turtlenecks. So pretty and feminine. I bought one you featured in the fall and my husband loves it, too. He said it’s incredibly alluring without being the least bit immodest.

  7. That is a pretty outfit – you look beautiful in that color! That would be nice to wear to a work/family holiday gathering – not too dressy, but just dressy enough. The poem from your mom brought some tears to my eyes; I miss my momma too, especially this time of year.

  8. Love the outfit and the message by your mother. I always miss my mama, especially this time of year. Blessings nd peace.

  9. Cyndi, Your mom knows how much you miss her! This is one of my favorite Beauty For the Hearts you’ve shared with us. Very pretty outfit.

    God bless!

  10. Beautiful recipe. Thank you for sharing. You look beautiful in this outfit – gorgeous color. Although you look great, I am just not a fan of the cold shoulder look. I’m hoping it’s a trend that goes quickly.

  11. Lovely outfit and so strikingly stylish! This one is definitely a 10! 😊

    Today is my adult daughter’s birthday and with that comes much reflection as her mom. When God gives us the gifts of daughters, it’s very special. Your mom must have really known how to cherished her gifts from God for it shows through your post today. 😌

  12. Cyndi, you are so beautiful. The cold-shoulder style, however – yucko! i have never liked it, even in summer clothes. Granted I’m no fashionista, but I’ve always thought the cold shoulder style looks like someone made a mistake with their scissors.
    Anyhow, most times if I don’t like clothes on the model, I know they’ll look even worse on me. So I’m not gonna be trying this one. YOU look beautiful, as always, I’m just not loving this top at all.
    Especially for cold weather, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. Good morning! Your moms poem this morning was just what I needed! I was very frustrated this morning and I was struggling with feeling that way. I want so to have a servents heart and to not be frustrated with it. Reading the poem helped me so! Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed day!

  14. Love the outfit and boots. Your mothers recipe is great thank you for sharing that. Hope when you get you home done for Christmas maybe you could share?

  15. This is a great outfit. I love the cold shoulder trend and splurged on a navy top from White House Black Market. Thanks for the inspiration both with fashion and with your mom’s quote.

  16. Gorgeous color on you and I have that bracelet … thanks to you! 😉 Do you know if they have a similar necklace? I have to agree with the others, just not a fan of the cold shoulder look. Partly because it just seems too trendy and a bit throw-back to the 80s, off shoulder sweatshirt. I do appreciate you showing us all kinds of looks though… thank you!

  17. Love the sweater color as well. I must admit I got cold wearing my first cold-shouldered top! It’s more of a spring or fall piece. If I wear it in the winter, I’ll probably just wear a sweater or jean jacket over it to stay warm!

    Those pants are really cute and look nice with the booties.

  18. Cyndi, you look absolutely beautiful in this outfit. Love it on you and love your mom’s poem for life. Thank you

  19. You look wonderful, as always. It’s one trend that is not for me though. But a turtleneck in that color with shoulders – yes please.

  20. I copied and pasted your mom’s beautifully written recipe for life, so I can pass it on to friends. It seems especially appropriate at this time.

  21. You always look beautiful! I hope you don’t mind me sharing your mom’s recipe…too cute! I know you must miss her so very much…I’m sorry! I’m glad you have many fond memories of her, to share with everyone.
    God Bless 🙂

  22. Good Morning Cyndi … I tried to get on yesterday… so this comment is both for yesterdays outfit and todays…. I thought you pulled off that “short” shirt adorably… 🙂 the opaque tights made ALL the difference… you rocked it!!! 🙂 and I LOVE the outfit today…. the color of the sweater is fantastic on you… but I must say BEST PART OF IT ALL… your poem …YOUR mothers legacy lives on in YOU… and I”M pretty sure she would be so proud!!! God Bless you

  23. You look beautiful as usual. You are the first email I look at each morning. Its like opening up an outfit a day and most importantly, something from Jesus. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to decorate for Christmas early, since I don’t have Thanksgiving at my house this year, but just can’t get myself to, until Thanksgiving is over. I just think we rush the holidays and I want to make myself focus and be present, not future. 🙂 I love your mom’s poem and for sure what to share it with my bible study ladies. We are all working on keeping the right frame of mind through the holiday season.

  24. Hi Cyndi, love the whole outfit! I love the color of that sweater. It’s my first color choice this winter in the new items I’ve bought this season. I especially love your mom’s recipe. Hope it’s ok to share it with friends. I know it will help others. Your mom sounds like one of God’s most precious jewels. Thank you for sharing her gifts she blessed you with.

  25. Cyndi, I love that color on you although I’ll pass on the cold shoulder look. Would you consider doing a post with some of your mom’s favorite recipes (or your favorites of her recipes) after the 25 days is over?

    1. Sue I would love to do that. I will try to get something together in December. She is on my mind all the time but especially right now with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

  26. Love this outfit! I truly think you’d look good in a flour sack! lol (as we say here in the south.) That cold shoulder top is my favorite and would be perfect for winters in Dixie! Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Hey there!
    I haven’t been receiving your emails in my inbox since Monday this week…. Wondering if anyone else has mentioned this to you…. I’ve been receiving them for over a year now….

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I checked your emails and they are being delivered but they are going to your spam or your junk folder.

      If you could put cyndi@graceandbeautystyle.com in your address book that will help.

      Also, you can try dragging the email from the spam or junk tab to the your inbox at that which will teach your account to prioritize putting those types of emails into your primary inbox in the future.

      I hope that helps and thanks so much for subscribing!

  28. I “second” Sue … would LOVE it if you would share some of your mother’s recipes. 🙂

    I love the color of this sweater but like some others I personally don’t like the cold shoulder style. But it looks great on you!

    I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers through this holiday season. It’s been 5 years since I lost my dad unexpectedly and the holidays are hard – especially since I didn’t get to talk to him before he passed. All I can say is I can’t wait to see him in heaven. Oh what a blessed day that will be. 🙂