Cold Weather Fashion-Oversized Sweater

Cold Weather Fashion-Oversized SweaterIt’s that time of year when I’m getting a little tired of my winter clothes but it’s so cold that I have to wear them. I’m bundling up today with this oversized sweater from H&M.

We are headed today to meet with our accountant and give her our tax stuff. Ugh! When I was a dental hygienist my taxes were easy but now with my own business, it’s crazy.

My husband and I are as different as night and day in some areas. He has had his tax stuff together for weeks and he’s been nagging me to get my stuff together. Needless to say I was up late last night getting my stuff ready. Ha!!

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m thinking since Wayne is making me meet with our accountant today he will probably be taking me to dinner!

Cold Weather Fashion-Oversized SweaterHe did earn some brownie points because he bought me a Yeti tumbler. Wayne has one and raves about it all the time. They keep coffee hot all day!

Cold Weather Fashion-Oversized SweaterI purchased this crossbody handbag from Nordstrom when I was in Nashville. I carry it all the time.

Cold Weather Fashion-Oversized SweaterI told you all I would share about how I pull my hair back. A lot of the time I use a clip which isn’t the greatest. If I’m going somewhere nice, I use bobbie pins. I’ll have to show you that way because it looks better. The clip is just quick and easy!

Cold Weather Fashion-Oversized SweaterOutfit Details: Oversized sweater//Scarf (no longer available)//White shirt//Boots//Skinny jeans//Earrings//Ring//Watch//Handbag

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Do you have any fun Friday plans? I hope they are better than mine!

Nordstrom is having a Winter Clearance sale, you can check out the women’s sale items here.

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Beauty for the Heart~~Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Well I am married to a CPA and I work for him so you don’t have to tell me twice what your day looks like! Hope you have a lovely dinner with your Hubby tonight…..mine would say, “dinner tonight? Why, what’s this weekend? LOL Kudos for getting your stuff into your accountant early we have way too many who procrastinate and that doesn’t make for a happy CPA!
    Love the outfit it is just my style and yes it’s still winter and very cold, so bundle up.
    My Grandkiddos are all too far away so treasure those weekends…what I wouldn’t give to see mine every week!!!!

  2. We are one day ahead of you turning in the tax info! Ugh! All of the extra record keeping as a pastor (and I am sure your things as well) can be CWAZY!

    I was getting sick of my sweaters too and then (with bday $) found some great things at Glamour Farms! Score! 5 (unique) items for under $76 and free shipping! Yee Haw!

    Fun thing for the weekend….wedding dress shopping with my future daughter in law, her mom and her bridesmaids! (Wish you could come with me, Cyndi. I could really use your help!)

    Enjoy your grandson and your dinner out tonight! (HINT TO WAYNE)

  3. Could you tell me about the fit of these jeans? True to size? How is the rise? Low rise or a higher rise? I love the look but I don’t want the rise to be low as I think the higher rise helps with problem areas!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing Jesus with us everyday and helping us look cute!

  4. Just a quick question about the boots you are wearing – do they run true to size? I’d like to order a pair. Thanks and have a nice weekend!

  5. I have a few requests. I can’t wear jeans to work and I noticed most all of your outfits are w jeans(leggings also a no no). I also need some ideas for the 2 pair of Michael Kohrs booties I got for Christmas. They are chunk heels but so Low I have a hard time finding socks to wear w them. I love all the fashionable ideas for women who don’t necessarily want to look like their daughters in their 20s.

  6. Love that outfit! I’m an accountant, but work for a corporation. I hate taxes, but love accounting… very different things!

  7. We are blessed to have a family member to take care of doing our taxes, but getting everything together is a pain!
    As always, another cute outfit. I really like your handbag with it!

    Seeing the snow in your picture, reminds me of all the snow pictures from last winter. I don’t think you’ve had as much snow as last.

    Enjoy your time with Colt!

  8. I love winter clothes and wish we’d had more cold days so I could wear them, as it is, we had only 1 week of cooler temps and frosty mornings and that was in December….I’ve not been able to wear most of my sweaters, and I LOVE a beautiful, cozy sweater……oh well, maybe next year 🙂 Love your outfit, it’s very cute <3

  9. I am new to your blog and I’m enjoying it very much. I just bought Bobbie pins yesterday so I’m anxious to see your hair styled with them. I recently bought a pair of ankle boots but haven’t had time to find jeans to wear with them yet. I found your blog while searching for ideas on what to wear with boots. I love your style. And I’m finding your information very helpful. Enjoy your time with your grandson.

  10. Great outfit and awesome sweater! We are taking homemade chicken noodle soup, two soup mugs with kids, and my wheelchair to our friend that is about to begin chemo and radiation for rectal cancer. Then the four of us will play hearts. Tonight we are going to the fish fry at our church.

    Good luck with the taxes! We still have to do that.

  11. Cute outfit. I love your passage. Finish our taxes. I am hoping to see my granddaughter this weekend. Have a bless day.

  12. I have a question about the boots you are wearing, I love the look, but when I went to look at them, the reviews weren’t very good. How do you feel about them? Do you wear them often? Are they comfortable?

  13. I love the handbag you’ve shown. I noticed that it’s adjustable. That’s important for those of us who are on the short side. If crossbody bags aren’t adjustable, they can hang too low, especially if worn from the shoulder.

  14. That is a great outfit for going out in the cold! Love the combinations of colors. And especially LOVE that crossbody bag! It looks super comfy for riding in the car to the accounts and then to dinner! Good planning Cyndi! 👍

  15. I have the same scarf and I get so many compliments on it. As for the Yeti, we live in Texas and this brand is all the rage but I have to say I am very disappointed that Yeti is made in China!! I know everything is made there but I was kinda shocked, almost as shocked as when I found out American Girl is made there too (a Mattel product).
    Enjoy your week.