Color Trend: Rust

Happy Tuesday, ladies! August is fleeting, and that means fall is quickly approaching. Today I’m sharing a color trend you might want to add to your fall wardrobe–Rust.

Whether more orange or more red (which I wear better), all tones of Rust are trending in a major way right now.

If I’m going to wear this color trend, I probably won’t wear it close to my face because it’s not one of my better colors. But, there are plenty of skirts, pants, and other pieces that have a touch of Rust in them.

I recently styled this sleeveless top from Evereve, and you can see that it has a touch of orangey rust, but royal blue is the prominent color, and I can wear that.

Allison Joy Tank (I’m wearing an XS)//Straight Crop Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Wedge Heel(TTS)//Necklace//Earrings//Bracelets//Handbag

Here are some pretty options for fall:

Have you picked up any rust color for fall?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I know I have said this before, but I’m always amazed when the seasons start to change. God created such beauty in each season.

This time of the year, the sky starts to look different, leaves begin to turn beautiful colors of yellow, orange, and red. Soon we’ll have that first cool crisp morning, and it will almost take your breath away.

I’m in awe of His artistry, and I’m so thankful God cares about such details! Look around today and see His handiwork.

Yours, O LORD, is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is yours, O LORD, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one who is over all things. 1 Chronicles 29:11

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Melatonin makes me have crazy dreams too! During the night I can totally save the world! ha!
    Also, heard a great Fall saying recently: “In the Fall, the trees remind us of how good it is to let go.”

    Love from southwest VA!
    -Leigh 🙂

    1. Cindy,
      I believe your dream was from God. I have had dreams where God uses numbers to speak to me. I believe God does not want you to just do women’s ministry but also reach out to men. That’s why the men were coming in the ladies only bathroom. You chose to pay 19 , which 19 means biblically that you accept and do Gods will. His final say or judgement on the matter. So, you think you are getting a women’s only place but God is opening the door to men also for your ministry. My thoughts. But, I believe it’s a good plan from God for you. But, yes a laughable way to convey this to you.

      1. Oh that is funny about the dream. I dream crazy things also when I take Melatonin.
        You must be like me though, when i go shopping. I use the ladies room first. ( can’t be interrupted when i get into shopping mode🤣)

  2. Blonde hair, blue eyes, so orange or yellow based colors not flattering. Fall colors near my face, not great. Navy with a little rust color works…?

  3. Rust, or any orangey color is not the best for me either but pair it with navy, like your sleeveless top, and it’s ok. Your dream had me laughing!! Sounds like one of my crazy dreams!!

  4. Melatonin makes me have crazy dreams, to the point I don’t take it! I like the rust. I live on the Gulf coast, so it will be November before it’s cool. I do wear fall colors and change up my shoes.

  5. I’ve had trouble sleeping lately as well and my daughter who is majoring in nutrition recommended I take melatonin but not sure I want to have those crazy dreams lol. But I did enjoy your dream story and of course you were shopping! 😉
    I will definitely be buying some rust color tops for fall. It’s a nice change from my usual black and grey that I always seem to buy.

  6. I love the scripture you posted…I love the one to follow it in too in 1st Chronicles 29:12. It says “Both riches and honor come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. I love this one because it always tells me that whatever I do, whether its something I feel comfortable doing, or something I am challenged to do because it’s something I feel like is beyond my doing, HE is the one with the strength to do it. That word “strength” means to fasten hold upon something and to seize t, to be strong and courageous and do it with all you have in you, it means to conquer, to encourage yourself that you can do anything through Christ, it means to be established in it, that you will prevail in it. It also means to wax stronger. To wax stronger means to do it over and over, like a candle is being dipped into wax and it grows and grows and grows and is stronger and stronger. Let this be a word of encouragement to you today, that you are waxing stronger and stronger as you reach out to women to enlighten them/us with his word in telling them/us to be all we can be through Him and in his ability and strength. Be blessed! Barbara

  7. YES! Finally a color that is great for warm skin tones. I have been frustrated recently trying to find clothes in brown, rust, etc. There has been so much black, that brown tones are scarce.

  8. Rust tones not great for my coloring, as well. I do like the blue/rusty orange Evereve top. Blue definitely cools down the harsh orange tones. Post Labor Day I will move all my darker summer tops front and center in my closet. Pair them with sweaters, denim jackets & moto style jackets to transition into the true colder months. Some days I’ll wear them on their own because we will still have hot days.
    Cyndi, I loved the bold chain necklace you wore in yesterday’s post. Fabulous against the black. You referenced another piece but it isn’t as bold. Tastefully bold is the key here. I’m assuming piece you wore is an old fav. Would you consider a jewelry post on bold chain necklaces? It is definitely trending and I’m struggling to find something in between dainty multi-chains and fencing. Have a great day all. Thanks,

  9. Oh that dream is a hoot! I take melatonin too. My doctor suggested that I reduce to a really low dose to help me sleep better. I had been taking too high of a dose and I actually couldn’t sleep! As for wearing rust…not a flattering color near my face either so I pair it with lots of deep burgundy. As always thank you for keeping things in perspective Cyndi, great laugh to start my day! LIFE is a blessing.

  10. Like you I tend to go with the red rust. Orange is not a good color for me. I have picked up a top and am anxious to start wearing fall colors. How do we dream such crazy stuff? It does make you chuckle sometimes.

  11. After reading the comments, I’m going to start taking a lower dose of Melatonin! Forgive my ignorance but please give examples of “summer colors”. I wear a lot of black year round sprinkled with white, blush, bright blue. Some tops scream summer, but a lot of mine seem to work Spring, Summer and Fall here in the Deep South.

  12. Well I laughed at your dream. Sounds like my dreams.. they are all over the place, and I dream all the time to a point I wake up tired from all I’ve done while I’ve been sleeping lol.. and I don’t take melatonin my word imagine if I did. So I’m glad I can fall asleep it’s just staying asleep hoping nothing wakes me up. I’m not really a rust or orange person but I did purchase a pretty toned down red top with a white small pattern in it and I’ll wear with jeans. I have been adding to my transitional pieces as our weather usually stays warm. But yes I packed away my spring clothes last week giving me more closet room and will be weening out the more summery looks that I would have worn all summer and begin to wear the transitional pieces. They are still short sleeve or tank tops, cardigans, light weight jackets denim jacket etc… just more in the fall tones, and of course my black, grey, oatmeal, leopard print, olive , etc.
    Blessings Karen ❤️

  13. I giggled along with others about your dream. I always scratch my head at most of my dreams as well.

    Love “rust” colors – glad to know it’s in this season. It’s been so hot here in the Texas panhandle that I won’t bd putting summer clothes away until end of Oct probably. But I’ll be ready long before that I’m sure.

    Have a great day – keep dreaming.

    1. Your dream cracked me up also! 😜 We have the same coloring and I cannot wear rust in tops/scarfs either. Coral, hot pink , olive and royal blue are more up my ally but anxious to see what you find. Leopard is everywhere and I’m thrilled about that! It never goes out of style .

  14. Love the rust for Fall I just recently purchased a a short suede skirt! However, I’m 56 years old and struggling with wearing ankle boots with it?! Does that look appropriate for an older women?

  15. Your dream made me 😂. I like browns and rust colors. So hard to find! I looked for a year for a plain, casual, long sleeved brown blouse. Couldn’t even find one online! Finally found it at Chico’s on sale…
    Sweet Dreams, Cyndi…😘

  16. I actually giggled out loud when I read about your dream! I’m happy to see rust being popular. I have to tell you – it’s always popular in parts of Texas – it’s seen as burnt orange by all Longhorns!😂 Have a blessed day!

  17. Oh, Cyndi! Thank you for making me literally laugh out loud this morning with your dream!😂😂 And speaking of God’s artistry, one of the things I am in awe of lately are the birds in my backyard. I’ve been looking at the Grosbeaks through binoculars and I really think He uses a paintbrush. They are amazing.

  18. I have a rust printed sleeveless arriving today from Kohl’s. So excited to know I’m on trend for a change! Can’t wait for it to arrive now!

  19. I take melatonin every night and I agree with you; it affects my dreams so much.
    Speaking of the color Rust and it not being one of your better colors. I would suggest getting your colors professionally done. I love Autumn colors, but found out they aren’t my best. Just an idea!

  20. Cyndy, your dream is hilarious. But scary in a way because some in society today would have men and women in one restroom be a reality. I would have paid the $19 too!

    I’ve always loved rust on me, and thought that since I’ve stopped coloring and gone gray it would not work anymore. But it does still work. I’m super happy that it’s trending!

  21. I use Olly melatonin also and really like it. Like you, I don’t require much – only one – never have tried 1/2 but that’s a thought. But I’m the type that can take one Tylenol at night and it helps me sleep! Thanks for the tip on ‘rust’ being a color for this fall – I really like it – and I’m ready for fall!

  22. Thanks for the recommendations–have been looking for a more affordable rust (burnt orange??) cardigan since I saw 1 in the University Co-op store at UT Austin a couple of months ago. I’m glad the color is trending now b/c it has been hard to find. Checked my neighborhood Target for the 1 you showed, and they have 2 left. Gonna go look at it…

    Disclaimer: I’m a University of Texas grad. Hook ’em Horns!

  23. I am struggling to determine what my correct coloring would be. I know I’m either fall or winter, but then I get lost when I have to try to determine cool, warm, etc. Do you have any site or book you have used to help you determine this?

  24. Oh that is funny about the dream. I dream crazy things also when I take Melatonin.
    You must be like me though, when i go shopping. I use the ladies room first. ( can’t be interrupted when i get into shopping mode🤣)

  25. Cyndi, I was taking Melatonin and started having these crazy dreams. I would dream most of the night and in the morning I felt so exhausted and tired. I finally stopped taking melatonin to see if that’s what was causing the dreams. It took a few weeks before they stopped but I’m so thankful they did.

  26. I don’t know about you but I certainly like bathrooms that are designated for men and women . These bathrooms that take anyone isn’t good. I been in bathrooms where men came in that dressed like women and it is very un-settling. My aunt had to leave because she felt so uncomfortable about it when a man came in that dressed as a women. Separate bathrooms are much better. California has become to liberal … people are not really liking where it is going. Just my opinion … thank you for listening.