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Courtney’s Corner: Home Q&A with Courtney

Hi ladies! Today for Courtney’s Corner, we’re doing a Q&A and sharing some pictures from her home. It’s been fun to add decor ideas to my blog.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve shared Blue and White Home Finds, Spring Home Finds, Amazon Home Finds with Courtney and more.

Courtney’s Corner: Home Q&A with Courtney

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Classic, Southern, with a Pop of Color

Courtney purchased her console in Lexington but we found it at Wayfair HERE.

Q. Where are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

A. Wayfair for furniture, lighting, rugs, etc.
Etsy for personalized things and art
Home Goods

Q. What is your favorite paint color?

A. Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams! My kitchen, living room, and dining room are all painted Sea Salt. It’s a great neutral color even though it’s a light blue-green; it’s fresh and goes with everything. Can you tell I love it?!?

Q. What interior design trends are you most excited about this year?

A. The design trend that excites me most is wallpaper. Our half bath and a wall in Caroline’s nursery are wallpapered, and I plan to wallpaper the wall in our entryway next. I have four different samples ordered to choose from. I love the color and texture the wallpaper adds to a room.

Q. Do you have any inexpensive tips for designing a room?

A. Start with a fresh paint color. Paint is the easiest and least expensive way to transform a room. New lighting also makes a huge difference to a space and updating the hardware to kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Q. What is your favorite room in your home?

A. Our kitchen and living room are open to one big room, and it is the heart of the home. We updated this space when we bought our house in 2019, so I love that it is personalized to my style.

Q. What pieces in your home should you invest in?

A. Splurge or invest in the pieces you will use most often—for example, your living room couch or kitchen table and chairs. I would spend less on side tables, lamps, throw pillows, etc. I also invested in our console table in our entryway because it’s the first thing you see entering our home.

Q. Tips for decorating with color?

A. It’s best to pick a color palette and incorporate the same palette in each room. I love blues and pinks, and you will find those colors throughout my home.

Q. How do you make a small room feel bigger?

A. Of course, choosing a lighter paint color will really open up a space. Also, furniture placement is key; play around with different ways to arrange it until you get it right and ditch the bulky furniture.

Here are items from her home that are available:


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  1. I love the console in your hallway. Where did you get it from? Or maybe who makes it? I would appreciate any info on purchasing 😊

  2. Courtney’s Corner is a brilliant idea. It adds a bit of variety to your fashion blog and lets your bloggers see a part of your family without invading their privacy. One of my nieces adopted FOE as a her mantra – Family Over Everything. Your relationship with you kids and grandkids, your sister, and your dad reminds me of this. Enjoy your time with your sister:-)

  3. We bought so much for our new house on Wayfair (including rugs, bathroom vanities, door handles, cabinet handles, mirrors…) We love the prices, quality, and selection. I really enjoy your Monday posts. I have ordered a few items through your links.

  4. I have a daughter around Courtney’s age and a grandson that is 3. I have already shared and used several of Courtney’s home finds for my daughters new home.
    Courtney’s southern touch and style is certainly appreciated here in the Deep South! 🌷

  5. I was wondering if Courtney could share what backsplash she used in her kitchen. I absolutely love it and I love all her home ideas!

  6. Love Courtney’s Corner. I have her console table in my Wayfair cart. I have been trying to decide between a couple of tables and when I saw hers and the way she decorated it made up my mind for me. Thanks!

  7. Went back to look at the pictures as they are all so beautiful. Her console is studding. I was wondering if there is a link to the green wreath with some white on it, that is on her white book shelf? I’ve been looking for one that looks real like this. Thanks.

  8. I just painted 2 of my bathrooms with Sea Salt. It is a beautiful color. So glad to see someone else loves the color.
    I am enjoying Courtney’s Monday post.

  9. I love your daughter’s home. Did they do the living room wood ceiling themselves? if so what product did they use? We want to do that on our patio outside.

  10. Hello! Your house is beautiful! I just love the console. Quick question…Wayfair says the color is gray, but it looks blue-ish in some of your pictures. Is it more blue or gray?
    Thank you!!

  11. Are those the white tulips or ivory color? They are so real looking. Thank you for sharing Courtney’s decorating style. I’m getting inspired.

  12. I’ve been trying to locate the colorful print of the three polo players on her shelf ! Have had absolutely no luck on Amazon or elsewhere ! Know where she got that print !!!! I ADORE it !!!!

  13. I would love it if Courtney would do a post on her living room like she did with the dining room. I have a large brick fireplace like she does and would love to see how she decorated that room – colors, furniture, etc. This is the room I struggle with. Love these posts! Thanks!

  14. Beautiful. I have always wanted to do my home in a lot of blue and white. It is my favorite combination. I am nearly 65 and I was very fortunate to receive a lot of family antiques, but the downside is that (even though you can mix styles) it has tied me down some. I also have a rambunctious little dog and not the neatest husband and adult-stepson in the house. So
    I have really admired your decor and tried very hard not to be envious. You look so much like your mother which is a very good thing. I enjoy the posts from both of you.

  15. I love your taste! I always admire & marvel what the younger ones do as you all seem to do so well decorating with an effortless, i just laid it there attitude. Your whole house looks just beautiful with a young spirit dancing thru it and that brick fireplace looks totally different with your decorating skill. Great job! Bonnie

  16. Hi Cyndy. I love your blog and follow it everyday! Just wanted to comment on the wallpaper from Serena and Lily. It’s beautiful but very pricey. My daughter wanted a wallpaper from Anthropolgie. It would have cost her $500 just for her powder room! I searched on line and found the exact same wallpaper for half of that price. Hope you’re having a great trip.