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Courtney’s Corner: Ten Must-Have Amazon Home Finds

Happy Monday and Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Today, we have a new installment in our blog series, “Courtney’s Corner.” In case you missed last Monday’s post, Courtney is my daughter and mom to my 3 sweet grandchildren: Colt, Claire, and Caroline. She has phenomenal taste and will be joining us on Mondays to share her latest home finds and interior inspiration.

If you’re looking for anything specific or want tips on decorating certain rooms, let us know in the comments below. We have a Q&A coming up soon with her about how she would describe her home style!

Today, Courtney is sharing 10 amazing Amazon home finds that you can add to your home.

Courtney’s Corner: Ten Must-Have Amazon Home Finds

Ten Must-Have Amazon Home Finds

1. Pink and White Tulip Wreath– Courtney just ordered this for her front door in time for Valentine’s Day and to use into spring. It has over 300 5 star reviews.

2. Gourmet Fruit Stand – How beautiful would this look on your kitchen counter to store fresh fruits and vegetables for the week?

3. Wicker Storage Basket – I love that this basket has a lid. It would be great storage for kids/grandkids’ toys or anything that needs a place.

4. White Lamps – This pair of elegant accent lamps are perfect for a living room or bedroom!

5. Fireplace Screen – This geometric fireplace screen will glam up any fireplace. I ordered this and have it on my living room fireplace.

6. Set of 2 Gallon Glass Jars– Store all of your baking necessities like flour, sugar, etc., in style on your countertop with this set of glass jars.

7. Fridge Organizer Set – I love an organized fridge, and this set is one of the best I’ve seen for the price.

8. Dinner Plate Set– I’ve been looking to update my dishes, and these are absolutely gorgeous!

9. Gold Bookends– Add these beautiful gold bookends to your bookshelves to transform the overall look.

10. White Bedding – I have my eye on new white bedding for our bedroom, and this set is so elegant at a great price. I love the ruffles! I have a blue and white floral quilt on my bed now that I would add to the end to layer.

Want more Amazon Home Finds?

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  1. I really enjoy Courtney’s weekly series! Very helpful. She has excellent taste and the products fit my budget.

  2. Noticed the men’s shoes featured a week or so ago. Would really like some posts dedicated to featuring fashion for men over forty. Target, Amazon, Gap Family, Kohls, JCP would be great price points.

  3. Love Courtney’s home finds. The link for the pineapple bookends is mapped to the wrong item. Thought you’d want to know.

  4. While looking at the two tiered fruit basket holder, I saw one that is oblong, so I ordered it. While I really like the round one, I know that it would use up more of my very limited cabinet space.

  5. Love this new Monday segment! Will Courtney be adding some outdoor decorating tips for decks, front doors and porches?? Just a thought. What color of Ogee lip oil do you wear Cyndi? Love your blog!

  6. I am updating my bedroom. I would love to see some art, lamps, throw pillows, and throws that work with green. My new rug is green and cream.

    Thank you,

  7. So excited for Courtney’s posts on Monday’s! I used to love her blog, and am excited to see her involved in yours. I’d love to see seasonal home decor, as well as accent pieces like throw pillows and rugs. Also maybe some posts on how to pull it all together?