Cozy Winter Fashion

Cozy Winter FashionThe weather has turned cold so it’s all about some cozy winter fashion! This outfit is perfect for cold weather.

I purchased this chenille cardigan from Target before Christmas and I love it. It’s on sale for $14.98 plus you get 10% off! I’m wearing the gentle brown color.

Cozy Winter FashionI am also wearing a pair of corduroy pants from Nordstrom. They come in several colors but I’m wearing the Annecy Charcoal color. They’re on sale and I have already worn them several times. I really like them!

Cozy Winter FashionThe scarf I’m wearing is from Target and it’s no longer available. I with they could get it back because it’s my favorite scarf.

My white shirt if from Nordstrom too. It’s a great basic one, it hangs longer in the back. It’s thin so I wear a tank underneath it. At this stage in the ballgame if I wear a white shirt, I’m always going to wear a smoothing tank under it. #itiswhatitis

Cozy Winter FashionOutfit details: Chenille cardigan (I’m wearing a medium)//White top//Corduroy pants(I’m wearing a size 6)//Black boots//White tank//Handbag

(Use Discount code Spivey211 for $10 off a $20 or more order from Glamour Farms.)

Don’t you love a cozy winter outfit when the weather is cold??

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Beauty For the Heart~~“Be assured if you walk with Him, and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.” -George Muller

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Would you be interested in advising us ladies about what to wear for a vacation/travel to a warmer area of the U.S. I know several of us travel this time of year, and it would be helpful advice since we’ve got all the winter stuff in our closets. Thanks for your consideration. Be blessed!

  2. I love these cardigans … My cozy winter outfit lately is the color block long coat sweater you styled back in the Fall from Loft with the Chambray shirt. I bought it and have wore it tons!

  3. I bought this cardigan before Christmas and I have yet to wear it. I’m not sure why….saving it I suppose? lol. I wish they had that scarf yet too because I really like it. I have two animal print ones but neither would go with the sweater. I did buy the blanket scarf that you’ve styled before so maybe this weekend I’ll put it all together.
    I’ve really been on the fence about corduroy pants. I used to own a ton and now I have none…hubby wanted me to get some and I didn’t but now I’m thinking I do need to own a pair.
    And holy cow….your reader Donna is 71?! She looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! I hope I look that good at 71! 🙂

  4. I love this cardi on you! When I see it on Target.com I would not have given it a 2nd glance, but the way you style it is perfect!! Looks like the perfect cozy cardi!!

  5. Love this whole outfit on you! You look warm, comfy, and stylish. I appreciate that you mix very affordable brands into your outfit inspirations…I am inspired to try a similar look tomorrow. Thanks! Blessings, Susan:)

  6. I love this look!! I know what I’m wearing tomorrow! I purchased those boots thanks to you and I absolutely LOVE them. I also found a similar scarf recently at Kohl’s. I’m so excited! Thank you, I love your blog!!

  7. To me, this outfit is perfection. Sadly, the brown sweater is unavailable, si settled for it in black. I did not need another black anything, but I did it anyway. I adore this look.

  8. I have this same scarf from Target and I love it. I wear it often. You look great Cyndi. You are always such an inspiration to me…not just for fashion but how spiritually as well.

    1. don’t know why I typed the word “how” before spiritually. Oh well…sometimes my brain gets ahead of my typing.

  9. I just ordered the sweater in black since the color you have was not available. I hate coats, so I can’t wait for it to arrive. I also ordered a plaid scarf. Thanks Cyndi! In hope you had a blessed day!

  10. I love this outfit. I have that scarf so I went to order the cardigan and it’s out of stock 🙁 I love that fact that it had buttons on it as open ones always feel like they are falling off my shoulders. I’ll have to see if i can find something similar.

  11. I was so excited to see you wearing my favorite sweater of all time. I bought mine from Target a few years ago and it has now started to show its wear, but I still wear it around the house all the time.

  12. Snugly warm clothes are the best thing about winter. I too dislike fooling around with a coat when shopping. A girl needs her arms free :-).
    Super cute and comfy looking outfit.

  13. Got it in White……couldn’t go for another Black “anything”…….with a scarf and leggings with boots can’t go wrong….and an extra 10% off made it a pretty sweet deal even if I just wear it to the grocery store! Thanks Cyndi for always checking out the bargains for us! I haven’t had time to go check out any “deals” and this was a target (no pun intended) I couldn’t pass up! 😉

  14. Very cute! I’m 49 but I’m not ready to dress like an old lady. I like your style, and that you feature some items that aren’t crazy expensive!