Cozy Winter Outfit With Payless

Hi ladies! Welcome back to my 25 Days of Winter Fashion. Today I’m teaming up with Payless to style a cozy winter outfit that is great for running errands while still looking stylish.

I’m a huge fan of black booties and these booties from Payless are comfortable and stylish. They have a padded insole (you immediately feel this padded insole when you put them on).

These booties have a slight pointed toe that helps elongate your legs and a 2 1/2 inch block heel is the perfect height.

A green plaid coat is warm and comfortable on a cold day when I’m running errands and I added a fringe reindeer scarf which is festive this time of year.

If you’re looking for a great pair of black booties, grab this pair from Payless!

I’m always impressed with Payless and their on-trend shoes that are affordable.

What I’m Wearing

Green Plaid Coat//Scarf//Striped top (similar here)//Necklace//Earrings//Pointed Toe Black Bootie (these run true to size)//Black Pant//Watch//Bracelet

Have you tried any Payless boots lately?

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see how what she is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~A man (or woman) ought to live so that everybody knows he’s a christian… and most of all, his family ought to know. -DL Moody

Our families know us better than anyone. They see our good and our bad! But as women, we need to make sure we’re showing our families love and grace.

Let our words be filled with grace and our actions point them to Jesus. We are women with influence, let us live it for His glory.

And now, dear lady, I am not writing you a new command but one we have had from the beginning. I ask that we love one another. And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love. 2 John 1:5-6

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love the top, but the link took me to the necklace instead of the top. Is there another link I can try? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jennifer, Sorry about that. The striped shirt I’m wearing is out of stock. It’s the BP brand at Nordstrom. I linked another option and I did fix that link.

  2. Yes, most definitely… we need to show Christ through us, constantly, in our daily walk and talk. I agree.
    This is a very cute outfit, love the booties, and it’s just my kind of style when out shopping or daily town runs. 🙂 God Bless you Cyndi… have a great week!

  3. I am new to your blog but I love it. I have styled a lot of you outfits in my everyday life. Thanks for the great idea’s keep up the good work.

  4. I’ve been looking for an affordable comfortable pair of basic black booties to replace some I’ve had about 4 years that are simply worn out! Great outfit today – love buffalo check, and the green is a different take and love it with the stripes! You continue to inspire me to mix patterns :).

    1. Hi Denise, Sorry about that. The striped shirt I’m wearing is out of stock. It’s the BP brand at Nordstrom. I linked another option and I did fix that link.

  5. Love your “Beauty from the Heart” today. How true that is.
    The booties are perfect in every way, I like pointed toes on my shoes and boots, my feet just look better in them! I’m going to have to go to the Payless in my neighborhood and check these out. I see they also come in a dark brick red which is tempting! The whole outfit is classy and perfect for running errands. We have to really bundle up where I live, nothing mild about our winters, but I could see wearing what you have on for a lot of casual outings!

  6. Love the black booties, the square heel definitely makes them very comfortable as I purchased a similar knee hi boot and they are very comfortable.
    Your entire outfit looks so cute and comfy! Have a blessed day!😊

  7. I definitely need to extend more grace. I love this quote…To accept grace in to accept the vow to give it.

    One question: When wearing booties, is it better to tuck or not to tuck. LOL…not an earth shattering question. It has to eternal results. Just pondering out loud. Thanks. Oh BTW, many women my age are limited to heel height. These booties are about our limit. Good to know they can be found at affordable prices.

    1. Edie it depends on the pants I’m wearing. These black ones came right to my boot so I just let them hang. Typically I probably keep my pants untucked. If they’re cropped, I cuff them.
      Hope that helps!

  8. I love the striped shirt with the reindeer pattern scarf and plaid jacket! The shirt and scarf look so good together, and I like that the jacket is black and green, rather than red. It’s holiday-cheerful yet unexpected and classy. I am often inspired by your pattern mixing ideas, and have managed to create a couple of outfits from my own closet – no shopping for something specifically from your outfit, not that this is a bad thing, but I am going for inspiration to learn how to make better outfits from my own closet, rather than mimicry…and with the help of your blog (and Jo-Lynne’s) I seem to be making progress. Thank you!

  9. Cindy, I just ordered the boots online because they come in WIDE! Yea! Love your column every day, and I’m almost 70 years old.

  10. Love this whole outfit- would love to purchase all of it, but I am going to try the pants and scarf! Thank you for the Beauty for the Heart- needed the reminder to show love especially with those at home who are with me everyday.

  11. I have these same boots and LOVE them. Julia, I don’t generally wear heels, but the height on these are good and I wear them to work and my feet aren’t sore at the end of the day. Weather looks great there for winter – LOL! We are in the middle of a deep freeze here with snow and the wind chill bringing the temp down to -33 Celcius. BRRR! Love this whole outfit – especially the festive scarf. Thanks Cyndi!

  12. I have been looking for a black pair of boots. I have two other pair of booties from Payless that I wear all the time. They are comfortable so I ordered these and they have a code for 20% off. I just love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration every day.

  13. Hi, Cyndi! I love today’s outfit! What a great snowy day outfit. This would be perfect for today’s snowy and cold day in Littleton, CO. Love how you paired the greed plaid coat with the reindeer scarf. Old Navy website, here I come!! Thinking about the knit pants from the Loft too!
    Have a great day! Let’s chat soon either by email or Facebook!

  14. That reindeer scarf is so cute! I’m going shopping in just a few minutes & hadn’t planned to stop by Old Navy, but I think I might now! I have some rewards from my ON credit card that will come in handy if my store has that cute scarf!!

  15. I ordered these on CyberMonday and already have them. They look great but the shaft is narrow. I have never had trouble with ankle boots being too snug but I’m afraid these are going to have to go back 🙁

  16. With that pointed toe, they would be great with a pair of boot cuts. The plus is the padded insole.i’m all about comfort.

  17. Hi Cyndi, I love your blog and look forward to it every day. I tried on the black and green jacket at Old Navy and noticed that it was 100% Polyester and was “dry clean only”. I did not get it because of that but now am having second thoughts! Thanks for the positive outlook on fashion and life!

  18. I ran out to Old Navy after reading your post today. I wanted something festive to go with my black coat and the reindeer scarf was perfect. We are also having our first dusting of snow so it’s a reindeer sort of day!


  19. Do you think Payless starts to wonder why they get a ton of purchases of the bootie when Cyndi styles something so cute! Haha…..love Payless!!!

  20. Cyndi,

    I have been getting your daily emails for about a year or so. Love your blog. Lots of times I get right on line and order an outfit you are styling or at least part of an outfit.

    My problem is a few weeks ago I noticed that I wasn’t getting your emails anymore. I put my email address in on your website again and still nothing. I have submitted my email address several times and I’m still not getting your emails. Any idea what could be wrong?

    1. I suddenly stopped receiving emails a couple of weeks ago as well. Just signed back up. Hope I get one tomorrow. Have missed “hearing from you” each day!

  21. Love love the outfit. I can’t hardly get your email any more so I go to Pinterest . Wear is the coast from? Thank you!!! 😊