Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

Happy Friday, ladies! I’m excited to share some date night looks with you today, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’m teaming up with Gibson Look again and sharing some blouses for a date night that can be worn all spring and summer.

First up is the Cyndi Spivey Lace Puff Sleeve Top. This top comes in two colors.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

I love a puff sleeve, and this sleeve is lace with a three-button detail.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

One of the things some of you asked for was a v-neck blouse, so this one has a v-neck.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

The lace detail is on the back too.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

I styled this top with black jeans and heels, but for workwear, you can wear black dress pants.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night LooksCyndi Spivey Lace Puff Sleeve Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Block Heel (TTS)//Earrings//Bracelets//Bracelet

The blouse comes in ivory too.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

Cyndi Spivey Date Night LooksCyndi Spivey Lace Puff Sleeve Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Black Flats (TTS)//Earrings//Bracelets//Bracelet

Next up is the Cyndi Spivey Gathered Halter Top. It comes in the pink color that I’m wearing but it also comes in a floral pattern.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

This blouse is fully lined, and it’s flowy. This blouse will look great with white jeans too.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

Cyndi Spivey Date Night LooksCyndi Spivey Gathered Halter Top (I’m wearing an XS//Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Block Heel (TTS)//Earrings (similar option here)//Bracelets//Bracelet//Strapless Bra

Lastly, is the Cyndi Spivey Smocked Neck Tank. It has hints of pink in it and would look cute with a pair of pink mules.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

This would be a great casual Friday outfit with a black blazer.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

This tank top is bra-friendly and fully lined.

Cyndi Spivey Date Night LooksCyndi Spivey Smocked Neck Tank (I’m wearing an XS)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)/Earrings//Bracelets//Bracelet//Nude Pump (TTS, Lite Latte Leather)

Which date night look is your favorite?

Cyndi Spivey Date Night Looks

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. What beautiful blouses Cyndi! Congratulations on another collaboration with Gibson! And pooh on Nordstrom for not being age inclusive 🙁 – their loss in my opinion. I’ve got to see on IG so I can see the top of the back of the halter style, and the arm holes because I have a problem with those usually being cut too large, so it will be helpful to see on you moving around rather than just a still shot.

    1. I love them all. I’m partial to the v neck because I don’t like my upper arm. But I do love the colors. These look much better on you, Cyndi, than on the models.

  2. I just bought all four of the blouses… these! Really hoping they will come in before Valentine’s day!!!

  3. Wow! These are so gorgeous, Cyndi! I love them all!!! It will be hard to choose. Way to go, and congratulations!

  4. These tops are beautiful. How sad for Nordstrom – apparently women our age can’t be stylish or have knowledge of style? Wow …

  5. I love all of these and am so happy for you!! I love a good v-neck blouse and am so glad you did one like that too.

  6. Congrats on your additional collaboration with Gibson Look. It’s disappointing that Nordstrom doesn’t want to partner with someone your (our) age! I’d venture to say it’s the ladies our age that make up the majority of their profits. 😉

    Cute pieces and even though I don’t wear sleeveless tops those are really nice too. Is the ivory blouse fully lined or are you wearing something under it? It doesn’t appear to be too sheer.

    Have a wonderful weekend and congrats again!

    1. Gina D took the words right out of my mouth! Seems like older ladies have more disposable income once the nest is empty and we are no longer saying “a dollar for you, and a dollar for you, and a dollar for you, oh heck 2 dollars for the neighbors too”, every day times number of kids for what seems like forever ! Suddenly they grow up and we have a dollar for ourselves! Love the pink halter, LOVE!

    2. That blouse is not lined but and it’s very lightweight but not see through. I’m not wearing anything under my top except my bra, of course. Ha!

  7. Good Mornin’ Cyndi!

    Congrats to you soooo happy for you!

    I’ve to say my fav is the Hot Pink Halter top, love it!

    As always, many thanks for all you do for us!

    *LOVE this quote

    ‘Call Me Crazy but I Love to See People Happy & Succeeding. Life is a Journey, Not a Competition’

  8. Love your looks but was wondering if you could show maybe more looks for date. Ugh TD for us that live in the northeast. 🥶❄️

  9. Nice work Cyndi. I was able to purchase your other blouses since they didn’t come in petite. I am really liking the navy dot mock neck. I think it looks good with jeans but can be worn to work with a jacket or blazer. The others are just too dressy for me because my husband and I don’t go on many date nights. 😐

  10. I love all of these outfits, they are so cute! Moreso, I LOVE the new sleeves this year! And I LOVE that the blouses/tops/dresses/jackets are emphasizing the sleeves and adding details that are so cute and making them so appealing! I never cared much for the skin-tight sleeves on a top, except when using it for layering, it fits under a jacket nicely! I’m just glad the styles are changing! Just my opinion!

  11. These are all beautiful! I hadn’t thought of going to the Gibson Look website, so I appreciate the information. They have a lot of really cute items there, and reasonable prices. Congrats to you on another collaboration! (I’m anxiously awaiting my order of Sheecsocks to try) lol, this was a popular item for you and I’m always glad to see other ladies having the same problems I do!!

  12. Congratulations! Your blouses are eye catching! For now they would all look lovely with a wrap or jacket. I am going to grab a couple!
    I ordered the book you suggested and saw the excerpt in your BFTH! Looking forward to reading more.

  13. I look forward to your post each day! I love that we are close in age. I do not want to wear what looks good on someone half my age. Thank you.

  14. All the tops are gorgeous! My favorite is the floral smock neck tank. Could you post the link to the AG jeans please? I have been on the Gibson Look Website and they have a lot of cute things at reasonable prices! Do you know if they run tts?

  15. Cyndi, congratulations and I love love the pink top. All of them are so nice. You look fabulous in each. Gibson Look should have YOU model them for their catalog /online sales.

    1. All of these tops are very cute. I would probably order the v neck with sleeves but you look great in the other two.

      Love BFTH today. I ordered the book and my husband and I are reading it.

  16. I love these tops! The halter is my favorite, but since I had my double mastectomy I do not love showing my arms. I’m wondering if there is a way to make a top look like a halter style with some type of sleeve? Maybe your next project? 🙂

  17. Thank you for the date night looks! I was so excited to open your email and see them. Love them! Can you please share some winter date night outfits? I live in the UP of Michigan where winter is in full force, and I’m struggling for ideas that are cute, but still warm. Thank you! I look forward to your emails every day and love your style!

  18. The tops look lovely. I would say the v-neck tops look fantastic on you because they elongate your neck. Have a wonderful day:)

  19. Your tops are beautiful! The v neck looks like it is low, was wondering if you feel it is? I am 65 and don’t like wearing something too revealing or that I always seem to pull upward

  20. Lovely! Congratulations once again. In my humble opinion you’ve selected the 2 most flattering necklines for ladies our age! 😊 Each of these beautiful tops seems both stylish & versatile! Wonderful work Cyndi!!

    1. Great job Cyndi. For me personally the V neck is too low and the sleeveless are too cut out.
      I always look forward to your blog!

  21. I think your blog is fantastic Nordstroms loses out. It sounds like discrimination to me!! Terrible

    Keep up your great work we need more people like you.

    God Bless you and your family

  22. Love the tops! Great ideas! Thanks for all your ideas and it’s always nice seeing it on before I buy one 🤗🤗

  23. I love the Smocked Neck Tank and will probably purchase it. Nordstrom is missing out by not partnering with you. Your style is timeless and chic and would definitely sell! I’m on the younger side and not in your “target audience,” but have purchased quite a few of your recommendations and styles!

  24. So you would wear the navy dot top with a black blazer? I would not have expected black with that one.
    Nordstrom has sponsored Cyndi’s posts in the past so I say let’s not be too critical of them.

  25. ‘Unoffendable’ is a new favorite of mine! I love that you quoted it!

    My favorite look is the bright pink but a strapless bra is daunting to me. The top is flattering and so sweet!

  26. Your style just keeps getting better! Thanks for encouraging all of us who are over 40 to be stylish, yet modest. I am happy for you success and have enjoyed following you for years!