DAV/D K/ND Glasses

DAV/D K/ND Glasses

One of the things I try to do with my blog is share products I love, with you. When I find something that works for me, I assume it might work for you too. That’s why I’m giddy about sharing DAV/D K/ND glasses.

We all know that after turning 40 most of us struggle with our eyesight. My eyes started getting worse around 42 and since then I’ve needed prescription glasses.

The struggle I have is knowing what glasses look best one me. It’s definitely hard to find them at the eye doctor after your eyes have been dilated.

So let me introduce you to a new idea. DAV/D K/ND  glasses are tailored to fit your taste and lifestyle. They make finding the right fit a simple luxury.

DAV/D K/ND Glasses

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality frames and lenses, hand selected to match your facial features and personal style by a friendly, qualified, real person. We provide people with glasses they look great in, lenses they see better through, all via unparalleled customer service.” – David Kind

The process is easy!

  • You sign up and upload pictures of yourself.
  • You receive 6 home try-on styles curated for you.
  • It’s free styling and free shipping.
  • Select your glasses, place a copy of your eyeglass prescription in the box.
  • Return shipping is free.
  • Your perfect pair will arrive within 10 days.
  • All frame models with lenses are $295

DAV/D K/ND Glasses

How cool is that? These are the glasses that arrived for me to try on. I did ask for trendy glasses. As women over 40, glasses can age you if you don’t pick the right pair so I like to go with a trendier style. 

DAV/D K/ND Glasses
Here’s the pair I chose in my box. I had so much fun trying on each pair!

DAV/D K/ND Glasses

Let me just say this is an incredible service! If you wear glasses, they’re the first thing people see and you want them to compliment your face.

So here’s the fun part, you can get styled too! Head over here and start the process for yourself. I think you will love it!!

If you’d like to follow them via social media, you can do that too!

Do you struggle picking out glasses like I do? Don’t you always wonder what glasses would look best on your face?

Have a blessed day!

***I received a free pair for my honest opinion. But I actually contacted them and asked them if I could work with them because I was so impressed with this service.

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  1. I think this is awesome! I always get mine through my eye doctor as my vision insurance pays a portion of them there, but I wonder if I could file for reimbursement? I’ll have to look into it! Thanks so much for sharing, Cyndi!
    xo Heidi

  2. I absolutely love John G. Roche Opticians (johns glasses.com). He. Is in Winchester,Ky and now in Lexington at 710 East Main St. Suite120. John is wonderful at helping you choose frames that not only fit your face but also your RX needs.

  3. If you need progressive lenses, or bifocals, these online sites can’t accommodate you. At least that’s been my experience. They are cute frames and perfect for you!

  4. Actually Susan, they do accommodate that. I have progressive lenses and they also do bifocals. That’s what is great about this!

  5. Thank you for showing me this company. I struggle with my glasses. When I picked them out, the lady thought they looked great…I of course could not see well because my eyes were dilated. I am hoping to find a great pair and be able to try them on in the comfort of my home. Thanks again for all your inspirations.

  6. I ordered my glasses from here after I saw this!! Loved trying on all the pairs in the box! I just got them today and love them!! Thanks for the info on these!!

  7. Hi! What is the name of the frames you chose? I have six pair of David Kind frames that I am debating among and I really like how those frames look on you. We have similar color and facial shape. Thanks!