Deck the Halls in Style with This Velvet Green Dress

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The Christmas season is a time for family, friends, and festivities. It’s also a time for getting dressed up in holiday attire. And what better way to do that than with a beautiful velvet green dress?

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that is perfect for the holiday season. It’s soft, elegant, and festive. And when it’s in a rich green hue, it’s simply stunning. I’m wearing these beautiful earrings; they add sparkle to the outfit.

This dress is the perfect choice for a special Christmas Eve dinner or a Christmas Day church service.

This quilted handbag carries the necessities like your phone and lipstick, and it’s under $25.

If the weather is cold, this zip-front coat will keep you warm. You can dress it up with a dress or wear it with denim for a more casual look.

Zip Front Coat (Small) | Draper James RSVP Long Sleeve Velvet Dress (Small) | Control Top Tights | Crystal & Emerald Earrings | Block Heel | Quilted Handbag

With a little bit of styling, you can turn a velvet green dress into a show-stopping holiday look.

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Beauty For the Heart™I will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and call on the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:17

Truth: In the Old Testament, an offering of thanksgiving was offered as a public proclamation. Today, our sacrifice of thanksgiving can be offered at any time and place.

We always want to thank God, but during November, we set aside time to celebrate and give thanks. This month let’s reflect on all our blessings because they are all around us.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out!

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  1. I love your new doors! They look great. The green dress is so pretty on you and love the coat too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The dress looks pretty on you, but I wanted to comment on the doors. I knew you were replacing your doors but when I saw the first picture I thought they looked terrible and was a little surprised that you liked them. Then I realized that was the “before” picture! haha! I love your new doors!!

  3. LOVE the new front doors! Will look beautiful with the Christmas wreaths. Can’t wait to see the new lights. Will make more of a statement.

  4. Love your new doors! I’d like to see a picture of the whole front of your house. I love stone and I thought I saw a glimpse of stone on the front. Happy Holidays in your new home!

  5. What is the rule with hose now? For so long the trend has been no hose while it’s warm enough. That’s ok for the younger generation but at my age my legs need a little help. Also surprised you wore a tight with a heel vs a boot/bootie. I understand the “dressy” dress would call for a heel but to me the tights dress it down. Thank you!

    1. Love the front doors. I have a single door like this on my house but it is wood and has not held up well. We want to replace ours. Are yours wood, fiberglass or steel? Can you share where you purchased them?

    2. I’m with you on the hose. I definitely need something on my legs because of my age. There is nothing pretty about my legs. They have served me well for 69 years for with I’m thankful.

    1. Your new front doors look awesome!! I live in your area and am searching for a new front door and this is exactly what I want. Could you please share where you purchased your doors?

  6. LOVE this dress, Cyndi! I’m a sucker for green, especially at Christmas. Thanks for the heads up. . . I’ve ordered one!

    Also, I love your new front doors shown in your email. Would you mind to tell me where you got those?

    Love you, friend!

  7. Love the green velvet dress. I wore a green velvet dress when I married my husband in December of 1987. I also love your new doors.

  8. I absolutely love your new front doors! I can’t wait to see how you decorate them for Christmas. Also, I love the green velvet dress! I looks beautiful on you!

  9. I like the doors either way but yes second picture very nice! I can totally picture it with wreaths! Show a picture when you decorate!🥰

  10. Hi Cyndi,
    Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures of your front doors. I think the new look is terrific! Well done!

  11. Love the dress, although we don’t dress up for thanksgiving or Christmas.
    I would say the wood door is some much more classier!! Beautiful color!

  12. HEY Cyndi,
    I am looking for a post from a few weeks back I thought it was in the Thanksgiving outfits post but I’m not finding it it was a brown silk skirt and a denim top??? If you know what I am talking about could you possibly send me the link??? Thanks so Much!!
    Love your doors!

  13. I love the new doors! They look amazing! I know you are excited about it! And the velvet dress screams holidays! Beautiful!

  14. Love the velvet green dress! Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE!🎉 Love the new doors too! Thanks for sharing before and after photos.

  15. Hiii! Nice, Nice I absolutely like that green dress. Ive never had a green dress before, but I think this one will be perfect for Christmas~.~ and the doors look beautiful, can’t wait to see the wreaths on them. Thank you for sharing with us; You’re Super Sweet

  16. I love the green velvet dress! And you styled it perfectly! I love your new front doors! Our house is at the age of needing sone remodeling. Do you have a contractor that helps you coordinate it or do you call on each trade yourself to do the work? I love your new kitchen tile too but I don’t think I posted a message. All your choices are so good!