Decorating My Back Patio

Some of you have asked if I would share pictures of our home so I’m showing our back patio area today.

We had a beautiful weekend here, so I decided to head outside and work on my back patio. I started weeding some of our landscaping which was way over do.

Decorating My Back Patio
This is a picture of the back of our house. We’ve lived here 5 years and I’ve always struggled with “warming up” this area.

Decorating My Back Patio
When we bought our home, the porch was tiny. We added the large area where all our furniture and hot tub is now. It was one of the first things we did because we love to grill, and sit outside in the summer.

Decorating My Back Patio
I saw this Bed Bath & Beyond catalog and decided to add some color to our porch.

Decorating My Back Patio
I added some pillows from Bed Bath& Beyond, the pattern is called Wildwood. I loved all the colors!

decorating my back patio
This is another area and it needs more color. I’ve ordered chair cushions in Wildwood.

Decorating My Back Patio
I ordered the cushions for my chairs around my table too. The rug under my table is from Bed Bath & Beyond too and you can find it here.

Decorating My Back Patio
We added landscaping lights and they look great at night. It definitely helps.

Decorating My Back Patio
I put this collage on Instagram. I need to add flowers but I’ll wait until Mother’s day weekend.

Decorating My Back Patio

Lastly, I snapped this picture over the weekend. It reminds be of how great our God is!

Decorating My Back Patio
Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cyndi,

    I just thought I would let you know that for some reason none of your pictures show up for me anymore, and have not for a while now. I first thought it was my iPad or our slow internet at home. But, it does the same thing here at work where we have a super speedy server. Has anyone besides me had that problem?

  2. I LOVE to decorate outside and I think once you add flowers it will help. Bright, full flowers will add so much! What about a bright gazing ball? I also always add an interesting piece…an antique or vintage piece that is a conversation starter. Just a couple ideas. Enjoy!!

  3. Looks nice – does your backyard have an open field or other yards? We put up tall thin evergreens along our patio to give us a little privacy. You can easily walk between each one but the patio now has a sense of being enclosed.

  4. I think it looks great! That’s the pattern/colors I would choose if I were decorating my deck. Ours is underused right now. Maybe someday we’ll get around to it. There always seems to be something more pressing to put our money toward than outdoor furniture, but I pick some out every season for my idea book.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your patio is beautiful. I also don’t plant flowers until Mother’s Day, but I am really ready to have them now 🙂

  6. I love being out on our patio too. I add my flowers Mother’s Day weekend as well … Can’t wait!! Thx for sharing. Love the pic of the clouds. Soo awesome!

  7. It looks beautiful! I need new cushions for my wicker furniture, but I can’t find any to fit it. I’m trying to decide if I can re-upholster what I have in outdoor fabric. I may jave to look on you tube to see if anyone has a tutorial! Lol. I live in KY (the western part) and I, too, don’t usually plant flowers until Mother’s Day. So many people are buying plants now that I’m afraid they will be gone when I’m ready to plant. I did buy some for my porch planters. I can pull them close to the house if it frosts.

  8. Hi Cyndi, was wondering where you purchased the 2 chairs with the small table between them. I’ve been looking for something very similar with no luck. I don’t need a large patio set & these would be perfect!! Thanks Cyndi!!!

  9. Wish I could plant flowers but the deer eat them as fast as I plant them. You back yard is shaping up and I hope you post a picture when everything is in full bloom.

    God Bless

  10. Are you reading from your email or directly from the blog? The pictures don’t show up for me either if I just read it on the email…I have to go directly to the blog from the “read more” link. Do you think that’s it for you as well?