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How To Dress The Pear Body Type

I’m continuing my body shapes series and today we’re talking about the Pear Body Type.  It’s also called the triangle body type. In case you’re wondering, I’m a pear. 🙂

How To Dress The Pear Body Type

Here are the characteristics of the Pear Body Type. Do any of these describe you?

  • Narrower shoulders and upper torso; weight gain can be seen in hips, legs, and thighs.
  • Full hips or thighs
  • A defined waist
  • Shoulders that are narrower than your hips
  • A small top half as well as bust

How To Dress The Pear Body Type


Here are some guidelines on what the pear body type can wear. Remember these are only guidelines and they’re a good starting point.

  • Short to medium length tops that fall above your hips
  • Tops with fun patterns
  • Straight leg or boot cut jeans that flatter your hips. No creases, pleats, pockets or patterns.
  • Dark trousers help make your legs look narrower and longer
  • Bold necklaces and scarves that draw the eye up
  • Your jackets need to finish either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom
  • Wear fitted styles around your waist and always accentuate your waistline
  • Choose empire or wrap dresses; Straight tapered knee length skirts
  • Wear heels to elongate your body

Clothes for the pear body type to avoid:

  • Tops that fall on the widest part of your hips
  • Details and patterns on your thigh and hip area and belts on your hips
  • Low slung belts worn on the hips
  • Ankle straps, kitten heels, or round toe shoes

Here are some clothes that would work for the Pear Body Type. All these pieces can be found at Macy’s (except my wrap dress, it’s Stitch Fix) and I added them to my Fashion Over 40 Pinterest Board.

How To Dress The Pear Body Type

Okay, so if I’m honest, I shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans. But as I’ve said these are guidelines and I love a skinny jean. But they may not be the most flattering pant for me.

I also see why I love scarves so much because they direct attention away from my hips!

Well, how many of you are pears out there? Are you wearing the most flattering clothes for your body type?

If you want to see the other ones I’ve covered here they are:

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I am soo a pear shape! I would have never guessed you were a pear shape, must be because you keep your weight in check. I think your legs look great and in proportion to your body. When I gain weight my legs tend to look like drumsticks….weighty in the thighs and skinny in the calves:( I am constantly trying to minimize. The only time I seem to be able to wear skinny jeans is if I wear a boot and it helps to add some weight to my calves. Thanks for your insight and as a pear you are right on!

  2. side note I love how you are able to pull off straight leg pants/jeans! I always thought it was because you were not a pear….LOL!

  3. Thank you for sharing for these great ideas! I’m a pear, and I’m also very petite so it is extremely difficult to find the right clothes. My top (no chest) and waist is tiny, and my hips stick way out so I don’t have much luck with skirts or dresses. My problem with pants is that the waist is so big, but I have to get them to fit through my thighs, hips, and backside.

  4. I hope someone can help me here. I think I am a banana/pear combo. My hips are barely bigger than my shoulders. Weight gain is mainly found in my stomach area. I feel as if I get compliments when I wear some of the banana-type clothes, but not others. Same with the pear.

    Cyndi, do you have the same issue? From photos, you look to have a similar body-type as me. You mention you should not be wearing skinny jeans, but the way you wear them looks really cute (longer top, scarf, often with boots). That is how I wore them last week and everyone complimented me on how great I looked (thanks to your influence).

    Anyone have thoughts? Thank you!

  5. Now that I have looked back, maybe I am a pear, but skinny jeans can only be worn with certain things (like boots and longer tops with scarves…LOL).

  6. I also think I’m a pear/banana. May that’s because I’m 5’9″ and relatively thin? Anyway, my thoughts are about ankle straps. I LOVE them! And I guess I feel like I can pull them off because of my slender calves? I also like skinny jeans but mainly wear them with boots also. I am excited to take your advice and try a wrap dress and will try to look for bolder necklaces and use scarfs more too! I was looking forward to this body type post, so thanks so much Cyndi!

  7. I’m a pear too, Cyndi. Just like you I do still wear skinny jeans. I think it’s ok if your weight is fine…that’s my take on it anyway. 🙂 I absolutely love wrap dresses. Have you looked at the wrap dresses at Banana Republic? They are so pretty and a nice weight. Just bought one at 40% off a couple of weeks ago. It took me forever to figure out not to wear shoes with ankle straps. I kept buying them because I like the look, then they would look silly on me. You have great info. Keep it coming.

  8. Are there other fruit body types you will be discussing? I am having a hard time figuring my body type because I feel like I have some part of all the 3 you described. Eg. Larger bust like an apple, full thighs like a pear, fairly balanced like a banana.

  9. Yep, I’m guilty 🙁 haha! I do follow all the guidelines except one… I’ve never liked short tops… I tend to wear them longer. But really, my hips are not that big 🙂 Have a fab day, Cyndi!

  10. Hi Cyndi.

    I think I told you before that I go back and forth between a pair and an hourglass. When I keep my weight down…way down…I’m more of an hourglass. If I gain two to five pounds, I’m a pear. 🙁 Prior to having my daughter, I never gained weight above my waist. Now, I have a little extra padding in places I don’t want it! LOL It is making me spend a little extra time in the gym. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. I love reading the post and comments. I wish we had a “like” button. 🙂


  11. Lol. I love all the comments!! So cute. And I agree, wish we had a like button :-). I’m probably part banana and pear too…. Since having kids. Used to have a teeny tiny waist before kiddos. Not so much anymore. Thx for all the suggestions!! Love this series… Fun to read!!

  12. I have a question for you Cyndi! In the photo of you with your wrap dress (Cute!!) and pumps, do you wear little socks inside the pumps? All the ones I’ve tried end up peeking out of the top of the shoe. Does that make sense? I want the barefoot looks in pumps, but how do you achieve that? My feet would be too uncomfortable without some kind of liner.

  13. I Never wear tops that hit above or at my hips. The minute I sit down or bend over I have major “Gap-itis” a/k/a plumber’s butt crack. I go for more security less fashion/body type appropriateness.

  14. I would say I am a pear too because I carry more weight in my rear, legs and hips than my arms chest and abs. I’ve always tried to cover with longer shirts and sweaters! Guess I’ve been doing that all wrong. Haha!!

  15. I’m a pear too. I try to dress for my shape. But… having said that, I’ve taken a like to skinny pants/jeans to tuck in boots. Boots are all the rage and so practical in the rain, snow or cold, so why miss out. Long tops for me when wear a skinny though. If I’m wearing shoes/ runners I go with a straight leg. It is the most flattering. And, I love scarfs!

  16. I am a pear shape also. I just started wearing skinny or straight leg jeans. I was not into much of how I looked in clothing. Since I stated following you I am making better or more informed choices. Thank you for making me think. I will be 59 this year and I will be a grandmother for the 3rd time in July. I would like to look nice for my 2 3year old granddaughters. We will not know till the end of March what the new baby will be.

  17. Pear all the way. Fought it for years, then started counting my blessings and just love what God (and pizza) gave me.

    Love your site, Cyndi! I can dress a room, but not myself. 🙂 I appreciate all your helpful clothing tips 🙂

  18. Pear all the way. Fought it for years, then started counting my blessings and just love what God (and pizza) gave me.

    Love your site, Cyndi! I can dress a room, but not myself. 🙂 I appreciate all your helpful clothing tips 🙂

  19. I’m a petite pear. Hate it since I use to be closer to an hourglass shape cause chest was bigger & in my teens almost looked like a had more squared off shoulders. Now I take calcium 2 times a day since slight of build people have more chance of bone disease so started that 10 years ago . I love wrap dresses but I am never big enough in the chest to carry off……I see you put a cami under. I too love skinny jeans. I wear bootcut or slight flare, also straight in winter but in summer love cropped jeans that are slim or skinny. For 2018 it might be a good idea to revisit our options in pear shaped fashion. Would love some new ideas to try!