Dresses For Women Over 40

dress loveToday I’m sharing two dresses for women over 40. I love dresses but I don’t love them when they are 5 or 6 inches above my knee.

Both of these dresses are a good length and they are comfortable enough to wear all day.

The first dress is this mudpie dress. It’s a poly crepe shift dress that features ruffles around the neckline.

mudpie dress 4 mudpie dress 6I paired it with this black structured handbag.

mudpie dress 7I also added knee high black boots with black leggings.

mudpie dress 1Mudpie dress (I’m wearing a medium)//handbag//boots (same brand and similar here)//ahhmazing legings//bracelet

Next I’m styling the Hayworth midi striped dress. This is great classic dress.

stripd dress with brown bootsI added my black bracelet from LOFT and a gold chain bracelet from Stella & Dot. The clutch is a mudpie clutch.

black striped dress 10 black striped dress 9This dress has long sleeves with a suede patch on the elbows.

black striped dress 8brown boots with striped dress black striped dress 6Hayworth midi striped dress (I’m wearing a small)//clutch//bracelet//bracelet//boot//watch

You can use discount code spivey216 for $10 off your Glamour Farms purchase (I apologize for any confusion last week with the discount code, you have to put it in as spivey216, with no spaces, last week I added a space. Also, I have a new code each week and would like for you to use each weeks code ONE TIME ONLY. Thanks so much!).

Do you like wearing dresses?

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Have a blessed day!

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***All items from Glamour Farms were given to me but the opinions are my own.

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  1. you look great in anything you put on!!! Love both dresses, I do not wear dresses, just dont feel comfortable in them and my work is pretty casual, I would feel over dressed if I wore one. Love your posts!!

    1. I think it’s much more noticeable in my pictures than in person but I understand! Still love it and will wear it all fall and winter. Can’t wait to add a leopard scarf when the weather cools down.

  2. love love love the Mudpie dress and may have to buy that one :). The striped one to be honest bothers me that the stripes on the front and back don’t line up which to me makes it look cheaper than the price :(. Maybe that’s my OCD or whatever you want it. I do however like how you styled both dresses!

    1. I agree. I couldn’t get past the lines not matching up to really appreciate the simple design. I love the elbow patches!

  3. Both dresses are cute on you! But totally agree with Jill, I would go nuts with the skewed stripes and the fact that they don’t match on the seams. Love the suede elbow patches though, great touch!

  4. Love the striped dress and boots! Tried to order but I am unable to apply the discount code at all. I gave up out of frustration and will try again later.

  5. Love the striped dress but two thumbs down for the shift! It has no shape and is too matrony for you. You have a cute figure that shouldnt hide inside a dress like that!!

  6. Yes, I agree with all above. Wouldn’t buy it because the stripes don’t match up. That is the first sign that it is cheaply made.

  7. Cyndi,

    What size is the striped dress? I think I wear about the same size as you and the striped dress is adorable on you!

  8. I’m so excited that you styled some dresses! I love wearing them. I agree about the way to stripes don’t match at the seams, though. I love the fabric of the other dress and I wonder if it would look cute with a belt to show off curves.

  9. Love both but agree again – my fashionista 88 year mother always said stripes have to line up and match or a sign of cheaply made. it’s disappointing because it’s adorable. maybe Glamour Farms can go back to their supplier and advise.

  10. Love the way you styled them both. I have been shying away from dresses for several years because they are always way above my knee which I do not like. I will be trying some with the leggings as you did. The stripes on the second dress not matching don’t take away from the look of the dress on you. Thanks for the great inspirations on how to wear dresses.

    1. Diane,

      I certainly understand not even trying dresses on, it does seem like they keep getting shorter and shorter in the store each year! Hopefully these fit you well!


  11. Love both dresses, but the stripes not matching would drive me crazy. It’s a sign of less-than-quality construction. Sorry to be so honest, but I think the manufacturer should know. That being said, you dazzle in both dresses, Cyndi!

  12. Love the dresses!! Just ordered the black midi dress with your code. Thank you!
    You always look adorable. Thanks for posting decent length dress. Love your blog!!

  13. Love both of these dresses, went to web site and was disappointed that the chest size was so small! They only size up to a L and then jump up to curvy which is too large ?

    1. I have the same issue . . . and placed an order for a top I was hoping would work When it did not, I quickly returned the top only to discover they do NO refunds. Once they have your money, you must spend it there. They provide a gift card in the amount of your credit. *sigh* my mistake to not take a minute to read all the fine print . . . but . . . gosh, you’d think they would give a new shopper, living several states away, a 2nd chance when they place a mail order. (no option to visit the shop)
      Cute items . . . but not sure how I’ll ever get “my” money back other then to spend and try to resell on eBay or some other site.

  14. I have a boot question. How do you keep your boots from sliding down your leg? I have wide calves and usually buy wide calf boots but they slide down my leg. Anyone with an idea?????

  15. Yes, I love dresses, but now that I think about it I think I tend to wear them more in summer than winter. Throw it on and go–great in our miserably hot Texas summers. Sooo ready to wear boots and sweaters!

    1. I agree. I wear dresses all summer long, but tend to shy away from them in the winter. They are very comfortable in our hot Texas summers, but I feel that I get cold in the winter. I can’t imagine wearing a dress in the northern states during the winter months.

  16. Thank you for showing a couple of dresses. I have been searching frantically for a dress for a nice church event, and I can’t find anything I like. I just don’t like the current styles, I guess. I hate that everything is SO short, or floor length, or skin tight, or looks like a bag. There are not a lot of dresses shown on blogs I look at, too, especially for a moderately fancy event like I’m going to. I do like your black stripe knit dress, though it is too casual for the event I am preparing for. I always love looking at your details, the shoes, jewelry and purses.

    1. I’m with you, Laurie…It’s really difficult to find classic, stylish, great-fitting dresses that fall outside your description above (lol…) Well put! 🙂

  17. How many of you match the paper pattern when wrapping presents? My daddy used to give me grief because I didn’t. 🙂

  18. I have to agree with several others about the stripes not matching up. Manufactures in general need to be more particular about these types of flaws because they cheapen a garment, and we women will point these out quickly. Glamour Farms carry darling clothes but unfortunately many of their garments with lines or prints don’t match up. They have a really fun, boutique-type store so I hope going forward, they’ll decide to choose Suppliers with better quality workmanship. The dress is cute on you Cyndi even if the stripes are going rogue! 😉

  19. Great dresses for the Season and our age range. I have a short sleeve striped t-shirt dress that I love wearing by adding layers. Finding longsleeved versions is not easy. I love your styling of both these looks. You have wonderful boots.

  20. Love your site Cindi, you have given me some great ideas for fashion and I am way pass 40! I agree with the others about the striped dress. The first thing I noticed was how mismatched the stripes were on the front and the sides. I have a very similar dress that I bought from LLBean and the stripes are well matched. They still carry it in a navy/white stripe.

    1. Charleen,

      Thanks so much for the great suggestion of where to find a similar dress for those women who do want the stripes to match up! Appreciate it!


  21. Love how you accessorized your striped dress. It really takes the striped one up a notch, however, I was disappointed when I saw the back view with the elbow patches.

  22. Honestly, I don’t care for the boot choices with either dress. I bet they’d look great with some of the shoes you have, though.

    1. Thanks so much for the honesty Sher! I really appreciate your feedback, good or bad, and love how respectful you were in expressing your opinion!


  23. Loved both dresses. Very trendy but classic. I would have to pass on the striped dress, however. The stripes don’t line up at the seams. A big fashion no-no in my book.

    1. I have almost the same striped knit dress from llbean. It is well made and very comfortable. I wear it often and get many compliments. There aren’t any patches on it and the stripes line up properly. It looks great with tall boots or ankle boots and my jean jacket.

  24. I’d return the striped dress. Not matching stripes at side seams screams poorly made to me. Quality clothes match seams unless directional patterns are purposely mismatched as part of design — think chevron. I expect GF to do better than this.

  25. I LOVE everyone’s comments on the stripe dress – I saw the mis-matched side seams right away – you sure can tell we’re a 40+ age group!! ? I doubt my daughter would have commented on it or even cared that the stripes didn’t match!! That being said – I think the dresses look fantastic on you – LOVE the boots with them (some of us need to “embrace” the boots ?) with the first dress I might add a belt to it – you have a super figure, and I know I’ve worked hard for mine too, and would like the definition at the waist. Both have multiple uses for work, church, etc. I love you in both!!!

    1. Thank you Cathy! I had no idea that mismatched stripes would cause such a frenzy! 🙂 I still love the dress and can’t wait to wear it to church on Sunday.

      1. Cyndi – I think so many of us had “Home Ec” classes growing up – and they WERE tough! I was in Junior High and I remember our big project was completely designing and sewing, and then modeling a complete outfit. We sweat bullets because the majority of our grade was that outfit – our teacher would come around and make us tear out entire seams if she saw anything wrong!! I think a lot of the comments come from experiences like that – once you’ve sewed and ripped out numerous times, you will never be the same again!!!! ?

        Anyway – I LOVED you in both outfits, they fit you so great and I loved how you styled them – perfect!! The new lense looks amazing to me and my iPad – and hope you had a wonderful and romantic Anniversary with your husband!!

        1. Cathy, I’m laughing here along with you about our home ec classes and ripping out those seams! I also had a Mother who made all our clothes, so I got those lessons in double doses as I learned to sew. I too check for how stripes and patterns match up. However, Cyndi looked cute in the dress and stylish as always. I would wear boots with it too, probably my dressy black, high heeled ones.

          1. Me too, me too! I learned the Bishop Method of Clothing Construction in a Singer store, started in the 7th grade. I could have made a man’s suit by the time I was done. Stripes have to be correct or it’s like a needle in my eyes. And I love stripes so much, if I believed in past lives, I would think I was a French sailor. However, Cyndi makes everything look great.

  26. I love to wear dresses. I would wear tigbts with flats with each of the dresses. I live in Michigan so I would wear a blazer if I needed too.

  27. Although I did notice the stripes, I was more turned off by the elbow patches that don’t fall at the elbow. Looks a little silly above the elbow. I really like the dress, just wish those 2 things we better. It looks great with those boots and clutch…tying the patches.

  28. Hi Cyndi,
    I loved the black striped dress…so much that I ordered it. This is the first time I have ordered from Glamour Farms. I love their clothes and footwear. But unfortunately, I found out this morning from my bank that a Chinese company piggy- backed a charge on my account when I ordered from GF. yesterday. I had to cancel my card. I am afraid to order from them now. I have never had this happen before. I was very disappointed. I told my husband that I follow you everyday and totally trust in you. And that you supported this company. I don’t really know why or how this happened. I have not been able to contact GF as of yest this morning. Just wanted you to know this. Thank you for your fashion inspiration and for the heart inspiration as well.

    1. Oh no! I hope your bank refunded you all your money. I hope you can get ahold of GF and let them know, I am sure they will be appalled to hear this.

      The last 2 times I have tried to order from them, it says my zip code is invalid???, so I have kind given up on them for now. Strange.

    2. Good morning, Anita! I phoned and was unable to reach you, so left a message. To date we have not been compromised and have not had any issues with our secure payment solution. Please call back at your earliest convenience so we can further assist you!



      1. Hello ladies,
        After conferring with my bank and speaking with Elizabeth from Glamour Farms, I am satisfied to order again from GF. I spoke with the experts that handle the internet payments and rest assured that they have not been compromised. And that they go to great lengths to make sure all payment information is secure. I don’t order much from the internet and it was very coincidental to me this morning. I have never had anything like this happen before. The card was closed and we will get refunded the money that was hacked…..but at least I am getting my dress! And that makes me very happy. Keep ordering ladies! Thank you for your help Cyndi and GF.

    3. I Loved the dress! I ordered it ! This was my first order at gf! I have tried to get those boots and they were out of stock in my size till yesterday! So excited! I don’t think the stripes not lining up ruins the dress! The shirt I have on now has stripes at the bottom and they aren’t perfect either! You always look great! And it’s a breath of fresh air that us women over 40 can dress well, trending and modestly!

  29. I love seeing how you put outfits together. This is something that I have never been good at and I love when your posts show up in my email. You are a blessing to me.

  30. I love wearing dresses and I love both of these. They both look great on you. I have a very similar striped dress, only navy. I love it.

  31. As a mid twenties girl, I find myself wanting to look trendy but not cheap or lessen my value as a woman by what clothes I’m wearing. Every morning opening my email I look for my Grace and Beauty email because I’m always excited to see what outfit your styling and immediately start thinking in my head what items I have in my closet to recreate the outfit! I absolutely loved this striped dress and how you styled it! The little hints of brown completely pulled it all together! Loved it!

    1. Callie,

      Thanks so much for sharing… I love hearing that even some younger women are following along! hopefully I keep things stylish enough for you too! 😉


  32. Well, it’s a bummer that you have so many negative comments about your dress! I really loved both of your dress choices, and honestly didn’t notice the stripes don’t line up. 🙂

    I never comment, but I follow daily…I am a 30 something…and I love your fashion!

    You are a beautful lady…thank you for sharing your fashion and heart with us!

      1. I never noticed either. I thought you looked fantastic. You inspire me daily to pursue grace and beauty in how I look and in my heart. I appreciate your balance.

  33. I loved BOTH dresses, but particularly liked the striped one. I think the mis-matched stripes and the patches give it a casual feel, and LOVE the boots with it. However, my mom would have said the same thing about the stripes not matching!!! I love it tho, and wish i was small enough to order it!!!! Blessings to you Cindy, and you rock both dresses!!! bb

  34. I actually like both dresses but the mismatched strips and the elbow patches are a problem. Make it look very inexpensive (Cheap) The boots you wore with it should never be worn with a dress in my opinion. They are too clunking and casual and are better suited for jeans. Dress would look much better with a flat or heal in a pop of color.

    Other dress and accessories looked great.

    Hope you take these comments in the way they are intended – we all can use help once in a while.

    1. I don’t think Cyndi needs any help at all. The elbow patches give the dress a cute casual vibe so the boots being a more casual style go perfectly with the dress.

      1. They aren’t elbow patches but upper arm patches as they are in the wrong place. I stand by my comments on the boots but to each his own.

      2. I like the striped dress, however, I immediately notice that the stripes from front and back don’t match and they should. Also, I like the patches but they’re too high up. They need to be down nearer to your elbows. These are not faults of yours Cindy. I love the brown accessories to bring out the brown patches. You look adorable in anything to me. God bless.

  35. I love the striped dress! I love those elbow patches. Looks great with those brown boots. I would never thought of trying to do that, I’d end up not wearing the dress lol. Now I have an idea. I also like the other dress as well. You’re a great inspiration for me! Thank you!

  36. Cyndi… I don’t comment very much at all but follow u daily. After reading your post from (today.. thursday) I felt your disappointment in some of the negative comments about the striped dress. So I went back & took another look at it… I still love it &,think it is very pretty on you! I actually didn’t notice the mixed stripes & I love the brown elbow patches w/the brown boots! I thought it made the outfit look dressy casual but hip too w/the elbow patches & boots. I’m 37 & wish I could be as fashionable as u r Cyndi. Hold your head up b/c u have a good heart and u r right the good Lord knows us truly inside & out!

      1. I guess I missed something about the dress yesterday. I didn’t read anything from anyone about it being negative on you Cyndi, it was negative about the strips not matching. You looked great in the dress.

  37. Hi Cyndi! I’ve been following you since the end of summer but have yet to comment. I have to tell you, I’ve been going through a trying time and lost interest in things I once love. In this case, putting together outfits and all things we girls normally love. I had been praying that God would bring a Christian friend into my life who shares my likes and motivates me to be the best I can be. It was then I found your blog. Your blog has added an element to my life which I felt I had lost. Although we’ve never met, your influence has blessed me over and over again. I know the Internet can be a dark place but your light shines right through it! Thank you for being vulnerable enough to put yourself out there!

    P.S. I thought you looked fantastic in the striped dress! I have ordered four tops from Glamour farms since following you! The dress may not be too far off!

  38. I never looked too closely at the striped dress yesterday…but I’m big around the belly, so never really choose horizontal stripes, even though I think they look great on someone with your good figure! After reading that there were several negative comments, I looked at the photos again. I like the dress, but I do think the stripes should line up. I also love the elbow patches, but they seemed to hit in a weird place on your arm. I love the styling of the outfit as a whole-boots, clutch, dress, but I do understand others comments. Thanks for putting yourself out there for the rest of us! You look fabulous!:)

  39. Do good manners ever go out of style? If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    You look great in both dresses. I did notice the mismatched stripes, but this is a casual dress so who cares. It won’t be worn in a dressy or formal atmosphere. It looks fabulous paired with the boots and anyone who says otherwise is just mean-spirited or jealous. Don’t let the turkeys get you down. Your blog brings a lot of happiness and I appreciate you and all the hard work you put into helping inspire others.

  40. I noticed the mismatched stripes yesterday as well. But it looks great on you so who cares?Really flatters your nice figure. However, I probably would not have bought if for myself because the stripes didn’t line up. My mother made most of my clothes growing up and she went to great lengths to match stripes when she sewed. Because of that, I always look to see if anything I buy with stripes matches up. Otherwise it probably would have never occurred to me to check. I was thrilled when I found the Tommy Hilfiger dress at an outlet store that I posted on Oct. 11 on the Over 40 FB page. It was a great price and the stripes matched up. Score!!

    1. Dottie – we could have the same mother! I never buy anything if the stripes don’t match up at the seams. My mom taught all of us how to properly match seams when sewing. It’s ingrained in my southern bones! But, Cyndi always looks adorable no matter what she wears!

  41. You look adorable in both dresses! Love reading your daily posts! You have great style and love the daily verse!

    1. You look adorable in both dresses. As Taylor
      Swift says “Haters are always going to hate”.
      I look forward to what you are wearing tomorrow.
      Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  42. I would have never noticed the stripes
    Or the patches on the elbows too high!

    I have ordered once from GF and had a great experience. Loved the top I ordered and always receive compliments on it! Also received it very quickly! Thanks for the discount code as well! Will definitely order again!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  43. Cyndi,

    I too LOVE both dresses. So cute! They both look adorable on you, perfectly styled with your boots and accessories.. I have a bunch of horizontal striped dresses, it may not be for everyone, but I can’t get enough.

    I too look forward to your posts and inspirational messages. It’s a bit of joy everyday.

    Thank You!!!

  44. Oh my goodness. I guess I was so in awe of how absolutely adorable you looked in the striped dress that I never noticed the stripes didn’t match up. Who cares when you look that cute!

  45. So I immediately ordered the striped dress. It came incredibly fast and I LOVE IT! Thank you for all your fashion advice! I don’t think I would have gone for this dress without your styling advice, and I am so glad I did! It is so comfortable and it’s beautiful! I feel great in it. Thank you! And my stripes match up. 🙂

  46. I actually LOVE the striped dress, The only thing, from my sewing days, would be that the stripes don’t line up on the side seams. Otherwise, I would definitely purchase this dress! You looked great in it! I discovered you on Pinterest, started following you and your blog and have been delighted to be introduced to companies like Lace and Grace and Glamour Farms, ….and have even purchased some of their items that you modeled. Thank you!