Dyson Hair Dryer from eBay

Well, I’ve been talking about taking the plunge and purchasing the Dyson hair dryer, and I finally did it! I purchased my Dyson from eBay. If you have some Christmas money coming to you or you just want to splurge let me tell you why I think you might want a Dyson Hair Dryer.

First of all, you can find new and refurbished hair dryers on eBay. I went with a new one, but I know several people who have purchased refurbished ones and love them too.

My Dyson hair dryer came brand new and in the original packaging with all the attachments. Also,81% of the items offered on eBay are new, and almost all of the items have the “Buy It Now” capability. 69% of items ship for free!

I have to admit I was a little excited to receive my Dyson hair dryer.

After using the Dyson hair dryer, I can now confirm what all the hype is about:

  • It is quicker!

I don’t know what Dyson does to make such efficient products, but now I can dry my hair in 10 minutes or less! Having a hair dryer that cuts drying time is a great investment in my opinion.

  • It is quieter!

I love that it’s not super loud. I can have a conversation with Wayne while I’m blow drying my hair.

  • It is lighter!

Most high-end hair dryers are heavy. The Dyson is lighter and not so awkward while using a roller brush.

  • It’s gentle!

I don’t feel like I’m overheating my hair which is a huge plus.

  • A few more things I like!

It has a heavy duty cord that doesn’t tangle, and it’s easy to travel with because of the compact size.


For all these reasons, a Dyson hair dryer would obviously be a great gift this holiday season! If you have a Dyson hair dryer comment below and let me know!

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Beauty For the Heart~~I don’t have to work
for the coming of the Lord–I don’t have to work for Christmas.

The miracle is always that God is gracious.

I always get my Christmas miracle. I get God with me.

That’s really all I have to get ready for Christmas–my heart.

So I will just come to Him just as I am.

God gives Himself as the greatest Gift this Christmas,
and He doesn’t keep any truly good thing from me.

Because the greatest things aren’t things!

Jesus is all good, and He is all mine, and this is always my miracle–
my greatest Gift! -Ann Voscamp

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cyndi this is a great post today. But I just asked my husband for at T3 curling iron for Christmas, thinking it would be better for my hair?? Should I return it after Christmas?
    I was also having issues with breakage and thought it was my old cheap curling iron. But my hair dresser started using organic hair color when we touch up my grey (which seems to be every six weeks now 😟) and she also suggested I only wash every two days and use a product called Olapex (sold at Sephora) its a bit pricey but I needed to do something and my hair has improved so much. It’s much healthier looking and no more breakage. Enjoy your new blow dryer and let us know how it works out.

    1. I went to an organic color salon for 3 years thinking I was doing the healthy thing for my hair. My hair kept getting dryer and dryer and breaking off. I decided it was the expensive organic hair color and products. Just be careful…

  2. Merry Christmas, Cyndi! I enjoy your blog and look forward to it every day. Some of your Beauty for the Heart posts have really resonated with me. I still watch/listen to Natalie Grant sing “Clean” every couple of weeks. I look forward to 2019 with you!

  3. Happy holidays ! I currently use a GHD flat iron in looking to buy a new one not going to buy a T3 I know too many people who have had breakage with that can you suggest a good flat iron.

  4. Hi Cyndi – I just wanted to say THANKS for all you do for all of your readers! I am interested to see how you like the Dyson dryer – I do have to admit the price has me stopping my purchase. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family and get to enjoy some down time!

  5. I have a silly question. What is a T3 curling iron? I am wondering if my flat iron is so old I missed the introduction of the T3 or am I using a T3 and just not aware. Thanks.

  6. Whew! Checked out the Dyson, as it sounded perfect for my needs. Thanks for the info, but I can’t justify in my mind spending that much on a hair dryer.

  7. I was going to get my daughter one for Christmas and asked my friend about hers. She said she did not feel it was worth the money. 🙁 I used hers and did not see any difference between my drug store hair dryer!
    Merry Christmas!!

  8. Cyndi,
    That Dyson dryer sounds great but don’t think I’d spend that much on a hair dryer. I’d like to know how you feel about it in a few months and if it improves the condition of your hair. Also, thanks for writing about eBay. I am an eBay seller and a lot of people don’t know that we carry great items at great prices. Merry Christmas!

  9. I love my Dyson blow dryer. I’ve had mine for a year now (a birthday gift from my gift, my hubby♥️) It cut down drying time, it is quieter and lighter. I use the medium heat setting and medium speed. I have shoulder length hair and get color to cover my gray. No hair damage, less static abs mire shine. I realize it is pricey but the time-saving for me and the other benefits make it worth it.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours 🎄

  10. Cyndi, I bit the bullet and purchased a Dyson from QVC as I knew, if I didn’t like it, I could return it easily. I tried it for several days hoping the smaller size would make it easier for me to use for drying with a brush to straighten my hair. While I liked the dryer, the cord and box on it(Not sure what that is called) made it heavy and bulky. Not easy to travel with for sure. At the same time, I tried the Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler for $60 at Ulta. THAT was a game changer for me. No more brushes and I get the volume I need for my fine hair which is currently a bob. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Kim,
      I too have fine hair. Does the Revlon hair dryer have different heat settings? Sounds like this might be just the hair dryer I’m looking for.

  11. So happy you got your Dyson dryer… I hope you enjoy it. I asked for the t3 curling wand for Christmas but I only do my hair in curls every so often.. other than that I’ve been told by my hairdresser that my hair is super thick and healthy . I also only get highlights twice a year with a touch up in between… and only use a hair dryer… I avoid extra heat where at all possible. Love your pjs… are they old navy? And size?
    Merry Christmas

  12. I’ve had my eye on this hair dryer I can’t wait for your thoughts on it! I’m like you I can’t pull the trigger for an authentic Gucci belt but I sure can on gadgets!

  13. Thanks for the review; I’ve had my eye on that but it’s an investment appliance for sure. Will you remind us where you got those buffalo plaid pajamas? TIA

  14. If you buy it new on ebay is the warranty the same? Also, what kind of dryer were you using before the Dyson? Merry Christmas.

  15. I’m a dork too. I have this on my list. Thinking Bed, Bath and Beyond, with the 20% coupon. But maybe now I will look on eBay. Thank you!
    Happy Holidays!

  16. I texted you questioning the cost on this expensive dryer. I was fearful to order such an expensive item for our granddaughter on eBay….you indicated you hadn’t had any trouble….so I gathered up my courage and ordered! It’s here, wrapped and under the tree! Thanks so much….Alice

  17. I got a flocked tree this year too at Sam Club of all places. I love it!! I did red and lime green festive theme for the grandbabies. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  18. Can you give me a link for your tree? It’s very pretty, mine is 10 years old and I have been looking to replace it.

  19. Thanks for the review! About your hair – I have been taking collagen (got it at Costco) and it seems to be helping a lot. Also, I use an old school 2 inch curling iron instead of a wand or straightener. It doesn’t get as hot, seems to straighten out the frizzes, but still adds body. Kind of like the big rollers you used in your video. Much less damaging to my hair! Have s very merry Christmas!!

  20. Hi Cyndi! Have you tried the Color Wow Dream Coat product yet? I just started using it as my hair is VERY sensitive to humidity. This atuff works great to smooth my hair and you only apply it once every 3 times that you wash your hair. Give it a try. I think that you will like it.
    Merry Christmas!

  21. I bet the Dyson is wonderful! Your pjs are so cute! I got the Rusk Professional hair dryer that is lightweight for Christmas . I had an Elchim but gave to my daughter to use when I was doing curly and later when I decided to do straight hair again for winter, she wouldn’t give it back……LOL! I do like the Rusk but I am sure the Dyson is even the most awesome dryer. I need something to really blow out the curl and make my hair smooth. Just the back is curly so I start with bangs first then move to the back & flat wrap the roots first for smoothness.