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Early Spring Try-On

While we still have plenty of cold weather, the days are getting longer, and warmers days will be here soon. Today I’m sharing an early spring try-on with shirts and sweaters that are good for the in-between season.

I’m wearing two different jeans below: Good American jeans from Evereve; they’re a slim jean with distressing at the hem. The second pair is from Liverpool Los Angelos; they’re a dark wash straight jean with no distressing.

Early Spring Try-On

This pretty ribbed mock neck sweater comes in blue and fuschia. It will be pretty with white pants or jeans and 25% off.

Raglan Sleeve Mixed Media Sweater (XS) • Good American Jeans (6) • Vince Camuto MuleEarrings

This sweater comes in lots of different colors, but this pink is perfect for spring.

Oversized Crewneck Sweater (small) •Good American Jeans (6) • Time & Tru SneakersEarrings

This white blouse has sheer sleeves and swiss polka dots. It’s so pretty!

Pin Dot V-Neck Blouse (small) • Good American Jeans (6) • Nude HeelsEarrings • Necklace

A short striped cardigan from Loft is a great option for early spring. I added a cropped tank under it.

Stripe Ribbed V-Neck Cardigan (small)Crop TankGood American Jeans (6) • Ballet Flats (option here) • Earrings • Necklace

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. The sweater comes in an olive green and this pink color that I’m wearing.

Scallop Switch Sweater (XS/Small)Liverpool Straight Leg  Jeans (4) • Nude HeelEarrings

Oversized button up shirts are trending for spring, and this one has color blocking and drop shoulders.

Colorblock Oversized Shirt (small) •Good American Jeans (6) • Time & Tru SneakersEarrings

In this last outfit, I’m wearing denim on denim. Anything goes when it comes to denim these days, but if it’s too much denim for you, this top will look good with white, black, tan, or plaid pants.

Chambray Ruffle Top (small) •Good American Jeans (6) • Leopard FlatEarrings

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Beauty for the Heart™– Shelley Giglio shared this, and it encouraged me; I hope it encourages you too!

1. Stay with God. He is for us, not against us. Aligning with Him is our best hope.
2. Stay Positive. Negativity doesn’t get you there any sooner and just makes you and the people around you frustrated.
3. Live on Purpose. No more skating through survival. Wake up to your potential and live up to that level.
4. Give something of yourself away today. Someone is praying desperately for you to show up in their life.
5. Breathe deep. God’s got this!

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Like it all but personally not really in to the button up color blocking but I’m pretty much a neutral solid person anyway but I too am SO ready for spring!

  2. Great ideas, Cyndi! Love BFTH, someone is desperately praying for me to show up in their life today. I pray I will!

  3. I just can’t get with the chewed hem jeans but I love the slim straight leg Liverpool jeans. They would look nice with the chambray shirt.
    Oh, a road trip with your sister will be so much fun. Can we come along? 😉

  4. Love all these Sping pics. Especially love the stripped cardigan. Just hoping it’s not too cropped. So glad to be following you.

  5. Super Spring picks! Can’t wait to ditch the coats and temps to rise! Ordered the color blocked blouse😊
    Thanks to your great style 👏

  6. Oh this post made me even more ready for Spring. I really am tired of Winter dressing. I already have been wearing my clogs and mules on milder days when I’m not going to be outside too much. Thanks for sharing some slimmer jeans. I still look and feel better in them. Your sister told about your trip on her blog the other day. Sounds like the two of you are going to have a fun time. I’m sure Jonathan will love having your support. Safe travels and blessings to you both.

  7. All the tops are cute. I especially love the white blouse. I’m tired of winter too. The ice is gone but it’s rainy. I bought a sweatshirt in a pretty spring green to cheer me up. I tried the denim on denim also. I saw a photo on a Loft email. I tried it with my jean jacket. It looked good.

  8. It was wonderful to see these spring outfits today, Cyndi. And the BFTH is so spot on! Thank you for sharing it.