Embracing the Bow Trend: A Feminine Twist to Your Style

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Happy Monday, ladies! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a new week. We’re enjoying some time away on vacation, and I’m so thankful to be where the weather is warm.

Today, I’m sharing the bow trend that is so popular for 2024. I know this trend is not for everyone, but I love this feminine twist, and I’m adding it to my wardrobe.

I read that we’re leaning into this trend because we’re embracing being a woman and all the beautiful things that come with it. It’s dainty and feminine.

When I saw this bow blouse at Kohl’s, I was immediately drawn to it. I remember seeing my mom wear bow blouses like this in the ’70s.

I added a sweater over my shoulders, but I also think a cardigan or a blazer would work well with this blouse.

I’m wearing a pair of wide-leg jeans, and I love wearing pointed-toe shoes with this style of jeans.

The jeans are Land’s End and have a high rise and 5-pocket design.

I’m already a fan of white shirts, and adding this bow to this one makes it even better.

Nine West Bow Neck Button Down Top (small) // Waffle Crewneck Sweater (small) // Lands’ End High-Rise Wide Leg Jeans (size 4×30) // Audrey Flats // Harness Buckle Belt // Large Pocket Tote Bag

Will you be adding the bow trend to your wardrobe this year?

Kohl’s has take an extra 15% off $100+ using code CATCH15OFF plus free shipping $49+. 

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Peace– Couldn’t we all use peace? I want peace in my home and peace in our world.
Love– While the world is trying to divide us, we need to show the love of Jesus.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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    1. Your comment made me laugh out loud! I needed that this morning. I remember wearing these type of blouses in the eighties. Now I would only wear a bow if it was on the small side.

  1. Outfit INSPO. I like this part of the post cause I can look in my closet and put together a similar outfit

    1. I think the bow blouse would be a wonderful wardrobe addition! Even though I wore these in the ’70s, how fun to wear them again when a T-shirt gets boring. I can see this being a great spring transitional piece.
      Enjoy the sunshine, pretty lady, and thank you for all you do for us! Blessings!

  2. Probably NOT going big on the bow trend. I remember my mom wearing these blouses, with big shoulder-pad blazers. The corporate look…
    I feel like the Barbie movie has started an ultra-girly trend, and bows are a way to embrace that in a less extreme way.

    1. I actually just bought this same shirt last week. I love bows in moderation. Did you have any trouble (or have tips) on how to tie it? Yours looks perfect, but I haven’t been able to get mine to look that nice so far.

      1. Jennifer….. looks like we are the only ones liking this blouse with Cyndi. lol. I have it too but can’t get the tie as perfect as hers. I also liked it with the ties hanging for more casual look. I haven’t worn mine yet. Too cold and Wintery. Cyndi please style this 5 ways in some post. 🙂

  3. NO bows here unless it was tiny earrings. Bows look childish on petites they say…………the ones that make rules that we break. ha! But still I only care for lots of bows on little girls. They look precious on them!

    1. I totally agree with you, bows are for little girls. I had oodles of them for my daughter when she was little. It was a sad day when I passed them down to her little cousin!

  4. Good morning Cyndi, I hope you are having a great time and enjoying your vacation. You look beautiful as always with the bow blouse but I’m just not a fan of the big bows for myself so I’ll be passing on this trend . Have a blessed day!

  5. Not a fan of the large bow trend on blouses; did that in the corporate 80’s/90’s and they add too much bulk on top. Love bows though on accessories and as detailing on clothing in much smaller form.

  6. I’m petite so might be a bit overwhelming! But I did buy the slides with the bow last year end of season that you featured in your post today! I’ll keep the bow trend simple!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

  7. You certainly tied a perfect bow, but maybe a smaller one, maybe one-third that size would look better. Smaller bow with longer ties that touch the belt might look really nice. I thought it looked cute with the sweater and jeans, but I can also picture that blouse with a black skirt, tall black boots with black tights. Have a great vacation!

  8. Hi Cyndi,

    Not a fan of bows. I’m top heavy and don’t need anything to emphasize that!😳☺️
    I do like the wide leg jeans, I’m just not a fan of the jeans with the big hem, just seems very old to me.🤷🏽‍♀️
    Enjoy your day!!❤️

  9. I do like the bow trend but in small doses. I’ll wear small bow earrings or a ring (I have both from the Kate Spade outlet). I do like a smaller silk scarf tied in a bow around my purse handle, though. I love the look of the bigger bows on other people, just doesn’t look good on me. And definitely no big bows in the hair for me.

  10. You always look cute, but it’s a no on the bow for me! I see “Pilgrim” HA! Also, being really petite, I could not pull that off, but maybe on a much smaler, less starched scale. Have a good day. 🙂

  11. You look wonderful with the full bow. My mother also wore bow necklines years ago and looked so pulled together and fashionable. For me; I would definitely wear the nude, blocked heel sandal with a bow or incorporate a bow on something not so prominent. I am uncomfortable with close necklines.

  12. I remember wearing these bow blouses with jacket and skirt suits when I went for job interviews after graduating from college. The bow was a sort of female version of a man’s power tie. I also had silky bows to tie onto blouses which had collars but no attached bows.

  13. I love white shirts too and I ordered this blouse when you first mentioned it. I’d like to see more ways to style it. Looking forward to the weather warming up to wear it to church. It’s good quality just needs steamed right out of the package. Enjoy your trip.

  14. I will pass on the bows. I wore those blouses in the 80s. Mine were silky blouses and the bows would lay more flat not stick out. I would feel like I’m being choked with a bow up to my neck. I hope the style of wearing ties like men never comes back. That was in the 80s too. It’s so masculine and I never went for that style. I’m for feminine clothing just bows aren’t for me. Maybe little earrings.

    1. I do like the wide leg jeans and shoes. That’s a style I’m totally embracing. I like the cardigan over the shoulders too. I heard that look is coming back. I like everything but the blouse.

      1. You look adorable in the bow blouse! So pretty! I didn’t care for the style back in the day for myself so I’ll be passing on the trend.
        I wish we were someplace warm this week! So glad you are enjoying your trip! 🥰

  15. It’s a BIG no for me as well. I wore them in the 80’s. Today,I like more tailored look. I do think you have great taste, but this is one trend I am going to pass on..

  16. Hi Cyndi,
    My first time commenting here. I love bows and have been wearing them for many years (way before they became a trend this year), but only on my shoes. Ok, I do have one top that has little tied bows on the ends of the sleeves, which is cute. Either way, the bows in my wardrobe are very delicate and subtle. The bow on your blouse is too large scale for me.

  17. ReL Bows. No thank you. I also wore tons of them in the 80s when we women thought we could do it all, and learned the hard way, it wasn’t possible. I had a secretary who had lots of bows on her shoes, way past any bow trend. Unfortunately the poor dear had like size 10 feet and the bows made her feet look gargantuan! Every time I see a bow now, I think of her feet. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I do love wide leg jeans and they are perfect for dancing the Carolina shag in them! Have a great vacay!

  18. I love this whole ensemble, including the bow! The sweater over the shoulders would bother me. A vest in the same color would be perfect for me!

  19. That’s a hard pass on the big bows of any kind from me (clothing or hair)! I remember my mom wearing shirts with bows a lot in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  20. Not a fan of big bows like this as, for me, it’s the focus of the whole outfit and that’s all you see. I feel the same about big bows on babies and little girls- smaller bows are ok.. Again, it’s all you see and it takes away from their beautiful faces. Many times the bows are bigger than their faces, and I think what will this child think when she sees this photo of her in later years! 🙂 Will she think, “mom, what were you thinking?” Love your blog Cyndi and it’s been fun watching it evolve from your first ones- lots of good information. Thank you!!!

  21. Let me start off saying you could wear anything and style it great. But I agree with so many others. The bigger the bow the more it draws all the attention of the eye right toward it. Not a trend for me. But I also don’t like the high waisted large legged jeans either. LoL. I’ll just stay to the regular fit or skinny fit. And I’ll be waiting to see another trend for 2024, that will suit my taste. Have a great lovely, peaceful day. God Bless. I loved the beauty for the 😍 heart!

  22. I swear I had that exact same blouse in the 80’s and that is one trend that I will NOT be resurrecting. 🙂

  23. I love bows!! My favorite wedding dress (I’ve had too many) had a big bow on the caboose and I loved it!! Hadn’t seen the bows in stores here in El Paso but we are always waaaaay behind the rest of the world. Going to check out the one you linked to.