Enjoying Family Memories with Shutterfly

Tremendous thanks to Shutterfly for sponsoring this post.

If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s spending time with our grandkids, and we are constantly snapping pictures. We recently made a photo book on Shutterfly’s website with the pictures we’ve taken, and it was so easy and fun!

Shutterfly makes it easy to personalize your photobooks, and they even have a Make My Book service that creates albums on your behalf.

They will take care of putting the photos together so that you can focus on creating more memories! Simply upload your photos, and the Shutterfly design pros will take it from there.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and I loved how they put the pictures in the book. The designers did a great job!

Whether you want to create a family photo book, a newborn’s birth, a baby’s firsts, or a wedding book, Shutterfly has nearly 100 different designs to choose from with a lot of size options and various upgrades!

Relive your memories with a personalized photo book.

We are so thankful for our family and love having a book to share with family and friends!

If you want a photo book or want to give one as a gift, make sure you check them out HERE. Be sure to use my code: SHOPSTYLECYNDI for an additional 5% off sitewide promos!

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Beauty for the Heart™– But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Truth: More than anything, I want my children and my grandchildren to know that our family loves and serves the Lord. It’s the most important thing that we can pass down.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!


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  1. They are a great gift choice too! They are able to turn the gift books around pretty quickly! I was completely amazed at the quality and efficiency!

  2. Hi, Cyndi, as someone who comes from a family of educators, I think it is wonderful what you are doing with the teacher wishlist!

    As I was reading your blog about the Shutterfly book, I noticed your beautiful rug in the living room. I wondered if you would mind sharing the brand and style name of your rug?

    I enjoy reading your posts every day and really appreciate your willingness to let your light shine for the Lord. God bless!

  3. Love this thank you for sharing!! Also sorry people always think the worst I’ve been a follower of you for years (like short Bob and bang years lol) and never once thought of you that way! Keep doing YOU!!

  4. Love Shutterfly! Your pure heart comes through with every post you make. People amaze me with their thoughtless comments. Keep doing you!!

  5. My DIL makes Shutterfly books for all sorts of special occasions. They are great gifts.
    And Cyndi, I’m sorry people question your motives on things you do with your account.
    The truth is, even if you DID make a little from your posts, it is your JOB. People seem to think that influencers should just do everything for free. It’s a weird, 21st century dynamic…

  6. Cyndi, Shutterfly is a wonderful way to make an album! We store so many photos on our phones. I love being able to share with friends and family. My grandson was looking at his book my daughter made for his first year and a half. So fun for him! He is 3 now and it’s time for another book!
    Awesome what you are doing for the teacher supplies!

  7. This is a great idea! I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it each morning. My family is very similar to yours in age and we too have been blessed with grandchildren. With so much bad news being told to us each day, your blog is a sweet reminder that there is still much to celebrate and be thankful for in life. If you make your living doing this than good for you! Don’t let the negativity of others get you down. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates all that you do. Thanks!

  8. Great idea for helping out teachers. My daughter was one for years and now an administrator and I know how hard they work. Sorry for anyone thinking the thoughts they did.
    Love the photo books. My kids have done these for me. I love looking at them. I should get on and learn how to do them myself. I’m just so OCD, I’d spend hours just trying to decide which photos to upload to even get started.LOL I have sooooooo many photo’s. I’m like you guys……always taking pictures of my family. I’m surprised my phone/laptop hasn’t blown up from all the photos. LOL Have a good day.

  9. I make each one of my grandchildren a Shutterfly book for Christmas! I have done this for about 10 years. Just a review of their individual year. My kids have ask that I save the books to be the last present to open because when they open them, they sit and look at each page and everything stops! THEY LOVE THEM!!

  10. Good Morning Cyndi,
    I just love your posts and I have coffee with you each morning. I thank you for all that you do to help us with our fashion, and lead us with a little piece of inspiration for our soul. I have to say I love Shutterfly and have not made my own book but after my son died someone made me one and I love it. Whoever did the book did a fantastic job with scriptures and pictures, it is beautiful. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us. PS: I always get my Christmas cards from Shutterfly….

  11. Hi Cyndi,

    Yes I have used Shutterfly in the past and loved the way the book came out. I scraped booked several of my own for my grandchildren, but it’s so much easier with Shutterfly!
    Unfortunately some people do not read everything on a post or understood it goes directly to the site from the teachers. Just know you are doing a great job, so keep doing what your doing!!!

  12. This is a great reminder to make books for my grandchildren. I love the idea someone posted of doing them yearly for Christmas.

    Anyone who questions your motives or generous spirit hasn’t been following you long or doesn’t pay attention. Your heart, your faith and your style shine though consistently in everything you do. It’s who you are – you have no other way to be. And that is beautiful.

  13. Cyndi, thank you so much for this post! I have yet to experience Shutterfly. With the information in your post I think it’s high time I started to get years of photos that aren’t already in traditional photo albums into a Shutterfly one. Thanks for sharing yours.

  14. Cyndi, those of us who see and expect good before we ever see bad are going to have to ignore the petty and suspicious troublemakers who seem to pop up everywhere these days. I think of my catechism, which exhorts us to put the best construction on everything. You were doing a good deed. Don’t be discouraged by the pessimists.