Essential Oils Class and Emotional Wellness

Happy hump day! Last weekend I was under the weather and had to cancel my essential oils class, so I’m going to try it again. Join me this Saturday, February 10th at 12:30 pm EST.

I needed to have the class a little later in the day because Colt has a basketball game Saturday morning and I can’t miss that! If you signed up for last weeks class, you are already signed up for this one. If you know, you can’t join me live but want to get the replay sent to you make sure you’re signed up.

Essential Oils Class and Emotional Wellness

My sister, Traci, and I want to do a class soon on oils that help support our emotional wellness. Did you know that anxiety, fear, stress, tension, chaos, and depression affect you emotionally and physically?

There is a liquid calm blend that helps support emotional wellness, and it does just what it says it does….calms. You can google each of these oils to see what they do for you but putting them together in one bottle is a great blend to always have on hand.

Use this blend several times a day especially when you’re going through a difficult season.

Essential Oils Class and Emotional Wellness

To help you on your oily journey this book is a great asset. It’s an easy read, and you will learn so much! You can purchase it here.

This month I’m offering two gifts if you purchase a Premium Starter Kit (By the way, they now have a Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit which is Young Livings makeup or if you prefer you can get a Thieves Premium Starter Kit).

If you’re ready to start your oily journey, you can go here.

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Beauty For the Heart~~While I love using essential oils, my most significant source of strength for daily living is Jesus.

Storms in this life are inevitable. Tragically, we live with the forgetfulness that God is good. When we remember, we can stand on the shore of a storm with our feet planted securely. The miracle is not a life without storms; the miracle is a Water Walker who can use the storms to strengthen our character.

Stress from the storms can be worn like a garment that we put on in the morning as a badge of importance.  We have believed that stress equals significance. We brag of all we have to do today and sprint from the blocks to start the daily race.

Today, live differently. Allow the Lord to guide you across the sea. What if you trusted Him for the next 24 hours to truly walk on the water of your stress? When you feel the rain of the storm or the stress of the sea, rehearse in your mind these words, “I’ll trust You in the journey.”  -John Bisago

Live like that today see what happens!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this “recipe”. I have a roller ball labeled HAPPY that I’ve been using. With all we have going on it’s easy to begin feeling anxious (at least for me) I need all the calm I can get. Have a great day! Glad you are feeling better. XO

  2. Oh, this is so good! John Bisango was the pastor of a church I went to for many years. Enjoy your hair appointment, sometimes that’s the only way we sit for more than 5 minutes!

  3. Hello Cyndi
    I already do essential oils but need to reorder and the person I usually order from is non existent. How do I go about doing my own or ordering from you. I need my ninga red too.

  4. My daughter and i are looking into essential oils and are making a list of the ones we need to try.. your BFTH is so on. Glad your feeling better. I believe when we are feeling run down our body and God are trying to tell us something??
    Have a great day

  5. Oh, my gosh, Cyndi! This one hit home today for me! I have been very stressed lately, and you are right, He can only calm the storm for us, and He can only walk on water, and if our eyes are on Him, we can walk on water as well. Beautiful advice. Have a fantastic day! hugs.

  6. Thank you for the recipe!!! I LOVE my oily life!!! LOL I never did get to catch the class you had on menopause!! Do you have a similar recipe for that!!! Thanks!!!

  7. BFTH spoke to me today too, as I find in the middle of a storm I tend to forget God’s promises and truths. I have to remind myself to focus on Him, not on my circumstances.

  8. Thank you for sharing BFTH! God is always there wanting to weather our storms, a great reminder! Thanks for sharing the recipe, my PSK came this afternoon. Can’t wait to open the box.

  9. Thank you for those words today.
    My heart has been aching lately but
    I heard the words clearly, “trust in
    the Lord” and it has helped my heavy
    Have a blessed evening!!

  10. Thanks for that recipe! What a great one to have on hand. I think I’ll make several and keep them on hand. I feel like they would be a great tool to offer someone and then introduce them to The one who calmed the sea and continues to calm our hearts. 😘😘😘🧖🏻‍♀️👑

  11. I bought a starter kit a couple of months ago but know nothing on how to use it. I always miss you and your sisters classes
    I never did get to catch the class you had on menopause!! Do you have a similar recipe for that!!! Thanks!!!
    Also i didn’t get to see the class on Lucy libido between the sheets class. Can I get a recipe for that as well.