Eye Makeup Tips – Women Over 40

Hi ladies! Today I’m sharing some eye makeup tips for women over 40. Makeup, as we age, is always an evolving process, and I love experimenting with different products.

It’s best to think less is more as we age and to create a soft look, never harsh.

Here are my eye makeup tips for women over 40:

1. Magnifying Mirror

I’ve talked about using a magnifying mirror for a long time; also, make sure you have plenty of light.

This is a popular magnifying mirror, and it’s on sale during the #nsale. I use this one, and I love it! The 10x magnification allows me to put my eyeliner and eyeshadow on much better.

2. Use a good concealer.

Next is to make sure you use a good concealer. I have dark circles, so I want to cover those up as much as possible.

I use Tarte Shape Tape because it gives me full coverage. A small amount goes a long way (I also use a color corrector before applying my concealer.)

Another concealer I like is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

3. Always Prime your eyelids.

A primer will smooth and correct the color of your lids, making them look younger. Primer also prevents creasing and will make your eyeshadow last longer. It’s great to wear all by itself when you don’t want to wear eyeshadow to brighten your eyelids.

I recently purchased this primer and can’t wait to try it.


4. Use matte or satin eyeshadow.

As we age, we have more lines and wrinkles, and too much sparkle in our eyeshadow can accentuate those lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t mean you can wear sparkles, but it’s best not to overdo it. I’ve been using this eyeshadow palette lately.


5. Bump up your brow game.

We’ve talked about this many times, but brows are a game-changer. Gone are the days of plucking our eyebrows; we now know we NEED our eyebrows. I shared my microblading experience HERE.

To make your eyes stand out, you need to pay attention to your brows—they frame your face. I use the tinkle razers to get rid of any stray eyebrows. It’s pain-free (no more waxing!). I’m also using neuLASH neuBROW Brow Serum.


6. Use an eyelash serum to help grow your lashes.

There are all kinds of lash serums, and I’ve shared some different serums at various price points. I’m using the neuLash Lash Serum.


7. Use eyeliner but don’t overdo it. 

I typically use dark brown or black eyeliner and tightline my upper lashline.

Some experts say you don’t put anything on your lower lash line, but I use a brown eyeshadow and line just under my lower lashes and then smudge it. Then, I follow with mascara.


8. Use Mascara

Mascara makes our eyes pop, and there are plenty of good mascaras to help lengthen and volumize our lashes.


What eye makeup tips do you have for women over 40?

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  1. Thanks for the good tips. You’re so right about eye brows being so important. I’ve had good results with UK Lash to grow my eyelashes. (It has natural ingredients and comes from the UK.) I never had long eyelashes. Now they have grown and are darker. They are not fuller but with mascara they do look fuller. I’m real happy because my eyelashes were so skimpy. I got the Lancone mascara sample as a birthday gift from Ulta. I really like it. No clumping.

  2. Hey there! Love the eye shadow palette but it does have several shimmery colors. What are the ones you use in this palette?
    THANKS for all these tips!

    1. It has some shimmery but no sparkle. I wear shimmer all the time.
      I’ve honestly used all the colors, I like to play around and try different ones.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I mostly use a 24 hr waterproof tatoo kind of eyeliner in the humid heat of the south. I have a deep set eyes so eyeshadow is messy when it moves around and sweats to the top of my eye. I do love the cream eyeshadow, Laura Mercier has . In the fall I use that over the eyeliner to soften the edges and I like a thin thin line of light blue under the eyes to make the whites of my eyes clearer and brighter. This blue is on the other end of the pencil is navy blue in a Stila liquid shake up pencil bought at Ulta . The tatoo kind was bought at Ulta also. Less is more as you say . Just buy a few quality products to complement your eye color & get ready & scoot. Laura Mercier cream stick eyeshadow is from Ulta too in a brown but other colors to choose from also . One of my tips is get Dysport or Botox too when you can…what a difference in my eye brows being lifted along with forehead. My derm works magic!!!

  4. I have ordered the magnifying mirror you use from Amazon. Thank you for sharing it with us. Last Sat. was the first time I’ve worn makeup in years for a lot of reasons. I am working now on trying to grow some eyebrows and eye lashes, since both fell out when I was in the midst of Cushing’s Disease, and they never grew back. For me, less works best. I don’t really want others to know that I am wearing makeup.

  5. Can you recommend a good everyday lip color from Tarte?
    Love your Blog! Read it everyday!
    Vicky Croziet💗

  6. What eyelid primer do you use that is tried and true?. I’ve never used one but should. You only mentioned and linked one you’d like to try. Does it help the crappy look?

  7. Love all your suggestions and the ladies tips. I love to add just a light touch of blush in the color Orgasm to my checks to add a little rose color to the check. Too much blush on older woman is awful so go lightly.

  8. Hello!
    My name is Rose Torres from BeautyImprove.com and I want to thank you, this was a great blog read. I loved the way you make your suggestions, short and precise, and also I loved that you share the products you used including the links. I am almost 40 and these tips will surely help me out while I am getting closer and closer.

  9. I’m always looking for tips on makeup! Thank you. And I know you get asked things like this all the time. Your top is the cutest in this post. Would you mind sharing a link?