Eyes of Faith vs Eyes of Fear

Hi ladies! I’m back with Dr. Jennifer Degler talking about Eyes of Faith vs. Eyes of Fear. We’re finishing up the study we began in January. It’s hard to believe it’s April!

Jennifer and I had a hard time getting this last video scheduled because we were both busy. Now everything has stopped, and our schedules are open for the foreseeable future.

We began the year with Facing Our Giants with Eyes of Faith in 2020, and Fear is a Liar.

Today, we’re talking about looking at our circumstances through the Eyes of Faith vs. Eyes of Fear.

Because of COVID-19, we are not able to be in the same room, so we had to record this on Zoom. Jennifer is in her home, and I’m in my home.


Here’s the link we talked about in the video>>>https://www.jenniferdegler.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/DAILY-EXAMEN.pdf

How are you looking at the current situation? Are you looking at it through Eyes of Faith or Eyes of Fear?

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. I did not see the link that was discussed for the Examen. Am I looking in the right place?
    I loved your devotion today. Thank you it was soo good!!

    1. Thank you for setting time with your friend to continue your Sunday series. I want to be like Caleb and say….we will surely overcome this. We can do this and I have been taking my fearful, bad days and turning them into prayer for people out there working on the front lines for us all. My son is out there today as a fireman/paramedic and my daughter is a nurse and my husband a fire chief. Mama worries but I’m learning to give them to Him. Happy Palm Sunday to you Cyndi and thank you for all you do to bless ladies. I enjoy your fashion blog so much especially during these days.

  2. thank you for this devotional …. One of the ways I’m getting through this is with the mindset that God is giving us the gift of time–in our fast-paced lives we’re constantly saying “when I have time I am going to … “. Thank you, God for giving us the time to focus on You, to focus on our loved ones, and to focus on ourselves! I’m looking at this time as a blessing. I am a teacher and I miss “my kids” so much! Thank you, God for allowing us to live in an era with technology! I was able to see some of my class on Zoom the other day and literally cried tears of joy afterward. Parents armed me pictures and videos of the kiddos almost daily! This really fills my bucket! 🙂

    Ladies, we’ll get through this! We’ll never look at the world through the same eyes again. But that’s ok… Once the dust settles, we’ll enjoy our new gift–the gift to be grateful and appreciate our world! Have a blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week!

  3. I enjoyed the devotional this morning. I’m trying to see our situation with eyes of faith. I didn’t see the link you talked about. Have a blessed Sunday!❤️

  4. I’m looking at this situation with eyes of faith in our mighty God…and eyes of fear because I don’t trust humankind to do the right thing.

  5. Thank for this, a great devotion to help me refocus on our huge God! I don’t see a link. Also, would you consider telling us what a day in your life is like in this time of quarantine? Maybe for a blog or instastory? It helps to see how others are doing this.
    Love you!

  6. Thank you both so much for this today! This is just what I needed for this special Palm Sunday. I awoke with eyes of fear (not having a strong day today) and now feel better with faith restored to turn my eyes – thoughts, really- to prayer for all those fighting this virus; to those who are working on our behalf to keep basic but needed services going; to how big our God really is. We will get through this! Our lives will not be the same after this. I view this as a 9/11. However, just like after that new policies and procedures will be instituted that will keep us safer and make us stronger. We are a great nation and our God is even greater. Thanks, again, ladies! Much love to you both!

  7. Thank you Cyndi and Jennifer for such an encouraging video this morning. It fit right in with my morning devotional. Who would have thought when you began your video series in January about Facing our Giants that the Coronavirus would be one of them. I have been in the mind set since all this came about that we are going to learn great things trough this time, and God is reminding us to slow down. Our world is so busy and we run constantly. I am more thankful for the many things I took for granted each day big and small. I am counting my blessings each day. I am amazed at the acts of Kindness being shown around the world. I have created a space in my journal around this time of the virus with messages and bible verses that I have found to be encouraging. I know its ok to be concerned with today, but not ok to worry about tomorrow, something I can not control. God is bigger than me, and he’s Got this… Prayers for all to be safe and healthy, and a big THANK YOU to all those on the front lines .

  8. I enjoy reading your post daily. As you said a nurse mentioned something about how bad it is in hospital and yes it is. I am a nurse also although thru this though times you make it better. Keep up the good work. There is nothing wrong with as women continuing maintain themselves during this difficult time
    Thank you

  9. Thank you, Cyndi! Such an encouraging message on keeping our eyes focused on Him! Needed medicine for the soul ❤️

  10. Thank you for your words of encouragement. My only fear is not about getting around people without protection, or getting too close to someone…. because there is always a good washing of clothes and hands and body. But my biggest fear is hearing that one of my family has contacted it. My hubby being in the end stage renal failure and so many other health issues would not recover from such a deadly virus. We are keeping all our family and all our friends lifted up in prayers! May god bless you and your family in these trying times. Kerri

  11. Thank you, Cyndi!
    My husband sat on our sun porch this morning, and preached his sermon into the computer. Our church people responded with love and hope It is so odd that we have to change the way we are worshiping. Change often makes people fearful. Thank the Lord that our God is unchanging!

  12. Sweet, kind Cyndi <3…. do you have the link for the paper you talked about at the end of the video? Thanks so much for all you do!!!! Hugs!

  13. Love this timely word this morning! As all the other ladies have mentioned in their comments, I cannot find the link you mentioned and would really like it!!

  14. Thank you for this great reminder that we need to be looking thru eyes of faith. As you said, some days it’s harder than other days to focus on the positive, but this has been a wonderful reminder to fix our eyes on Jesus each day. 💗

  15. Thank you ladies for this devotion today. I agree that the world as a whole is currently living in a state of fear. As our Pastor spoke about today, we need to build our houses on the rock of Gods word and not sinking sand. His word promises he will always be there for us. We need to turn our fear into prayer and lay it all at his feet, and not carry it with us like a yoke. Have a blessed rest of your day and please keep the devotionals coming. You are truly uplifting!

  16. Thank you, Cyndi and Jennifer for the blessing of your message today! We can rest in Him because the Lord is sovereign! He hears our prayers!

  17. Thank you Cyndi and Jennifer for your encouraging words. Loved the devotion. Keep them coming. Thank you for using your platform to share God’s word. This is the day the Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad in it! Blessings

  18. I have a question for Jennifer. When you get that “bad feeling” about a situation or person, how do you know when it’s a warning sign that you should proceed with caution, as opposed to just a feeling of fear that you should overcome by faith? Sometimes that gut feeling is God trying to warn us, but then sometimes it’s the devil trying to scare us. Any thoughts on differentiating the two? Especially in situations where the outcome is unknown?