Fab Finds Under $50

Happy hump day! Today I’m sharing some fab finds that are under $50. I love finding clothes, shoes, etc. that are cute and budget-friendly.

One of my favorite brands at Wal-mart is Scoop, so I added several pieces from that brand. I have purchased from this brand before, and I’ve always been well pleased. You can find the brand HERE.

Remember these boots?? They’re Scoop brand.

Anyway, check out these fab finds that are under $50!

Rattan Crossbody Bag | I love these bags for spring and summer.

Magnifying Mirror| I have to use one, and I like that this one attaches to your mirror.

Espadrille Wedge | Cute wedges for spring and summer.

Navy Blazer | I’m a huge fan of blazers. You can dress them up but also wear them with jeans and sneakers.

Heeled Sandals | These will look great with wide-leg jeans and pants.

Fedora Hat | I love wearing these on vacation.

Polka Dot jumpsuit | Jumpsuits are still trending!

Leopard Print Blouse | A pretty blouse for workwear.

Floral Blouse | Another pretty blouse for workwear.

Tassel | I love adding a tassel to my straw handbags.

Have you tried the Scoop brand at Wal-Mart?

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Beauty For the Heart~~The tornadoes in Nashville has reminded me how quickly life can change.

One day life is sunny, and the next day dark clouds have moved in. Life is full of ups and downs, great joy, and deep pain.

The only constant is Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

None of us know what today or tomorrow or next week holds. So cling tightly to Jesus and love those around you well.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Of course, I shop at Walmart all the time, but honestly never really looked at their clothes! I will next time…

    1. I have the scarf you have on with the boots and I love it… I’ve never heard of scoop before but I’ll be looking for that brand next visit to a USA Walmart.. Praying for those in Nashville. Our daily complaints sure don’t seem to matter when things like this or the corvid 19 virus hits…

  2. Excellent BFTH today and so true.
    On a side note, I ordered that rattan crossbody bag and wore in on vacation. I loved the size and style however, it snagged a few of my dresses and pants. I didn’t realize that’s what was happening until I noticed my clothes had snagged in the same area. Luckily Amazon allowed me to return it. May have been a defective one but just beware.

  3. I love scoop they have a store lower manhattan when I lived I would go. They have the cutest stuff. Glad they are at Walmart now

  4. My best friend’s daughter goes to college in Cookeville and has an apartment right across from some of where the worst damage was done. Thankfully, she was alright, but she knows some people who were injured. I am praying for all those who have been hit hard by these tornadoes. It definitely helps you to prioritize what is truly important in life and helps you to grow closer to Jesus. I also want to let you know how much I appreciate what you do and the Beauty for the Heart that you include. It is very encouraging. 🙂

  5. I ordered some clothes off Walmart.com last summer (not Scoop brand) and I ordered 2 sizes in them since I wasn’t sure how they would fit. One of the items charged me a restocking fee and return shipping fees that nearly negated my return. How do you make sure you’re not running in to those scenarios? I haven’t ordered from them since.

  6. hi cyndi, just wanted you to know your BFTH is so beneficial. i’ve taught first grade in public schools for 11 years. however, i’m now the director at a private preschool where i get to talk about my Savior. what a joy it is to pray with my staff and to teach our kids about Jesus. the staff knows about your blog now because of your heart and style. thanks for sharing beauty, inside and out!

  7. Do you have any sizing recommendations for the Scoop blouse? True to size? Or if the size chart is accurate? Thanks!

  8. Do you have any sizing recommendations for the Scoop blouse? True to size? Or is the size chart accurate? Thanks!