Facing Our Giants With Eyes of Faith in 2020

Hi ladies! I have wanted to dig a little deeper this year into some topics that seem to resonate with all of us. Since it’s a New Year, what better time to talk about Facing Our Giants with Eyes of Faith in 2020.

With a New Year comes excitement, but we can also feel anxious because we don’t know what the year holds.

In 2020 let’s Face our Giants knowing that God has been faithful in the past, and He will be faithful today and in the future.

My dear friend Dr. Jennifer Degler is joining me. She is a psychologist and a women’s Sunday School teacher, and she loves studying and teaching the Bible. You can find Jennifer online at jenniferdegler.com. She is also on Instagram.

Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and let’s talk about facing our giants.


I hope you enjoyed the video, I would love to hear from you. What are you fearful about in 2020? Are you looking through eyes of faith or eyes of unbelief?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Loved the video! It was very warm and friendly. I definitely struggle with fear and being a control freak!! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  2. Wow Cyndi that teaching was for me. I definitely have a problem with worrying over things instead of giving them to God. Thanks for being a woman of God and reaching out to other women!

    1. Loved your video and the subject! The videos bring to life the subject much more than printed words even. Keep them coming as this is very helpful!

  3. LOVED it! Please do more of these!
    I believe I was the one person your husband was talking about that needed this!

    God Bless you and Ms. Degler. You compliment each other well and the teaching style was extremely enjoyable.

    1. Well, you all spoke right to me this morning. I have four GIANTS hanging over me that are leftover from last year. I’m praying that GOD’s plan is revealed to me as I tackle them in 2020.

      1. Thanks so much for sharing this video. It was a great reminder that God is in control and we need to put our trust in him. Blessings to you both .

  4. Thank you Cyndi! You both did a great job! Praying this is a blessing to many who watch it! I think the video was a great change and I look forward to more of them. Blessings for a beautiful day 😘

  5. Oh wow! This was just what I needed! You have really blessed me! I am facing a giant of trying to heal physically from a fall this past year, to try and get to be able to walk better. It is scary and painful but when I measure my giant against how big God is, I know if He brought me to it, He will lead me through it. This was fantastic and you have really encouraged me! Thank you!

  6. Loved your video! So glad that you will be doing more of these. I think my giant or fear is for close family members and their mental health. Im also scared of failure! God has always been there in the past and I do face these issues with fear and get through them with Gods help but I suppose it’s human ( and ovaries) to feel fear as the new year gets under way!
    Thanks for this!

    1. Thank you Cyndi & Jennifer! The giant I’m facing this year is huge, very painful and it’s taken me into uncharted waters where I feel completely unprepared to go. BUT GOD, I know with all my heart will be with me and will help me through this season. I loved the reminder that we face our giants one at a time with God’s help. Unbelief sees our circumstance as one enormous giant but God calls us to step out in faith to cut off the giant on piece at a time. Thank you for this timely message. I look forward to more of your videos! Be Blessed! ❤️

  7. Very effective — the video personalized your message not only because of its content but moreso due to its nature of hearing your voice and watching your interactions. I felt as though I was welcomed into your living room for a conversation! I am not sure what my giant is, but I now have a point for reflection. Thank you both!

  8. I loved the video. The teaching was timely for me as I’m facing giants of my own and fear is such a big one right? I’m really looking forward to more of these videos!

  9. This was definitely for me. Tomorrow I will start nursing school after working as a dental hygienist for the past 11 years. It’s a little scary, but I know God will be there to carry me through.

  10. My giant is three fold. This year is the two year anniversary of my husband ‘s death. The first part is my family’s healing from our loss. The second is my changes and growth in becoming the person that God created me to be in this moment. The last one, being active and growing in the ministry that God has created me to live and being bold in this assignment. Love the video and discussion!!!

  11. Yes, do more videos… very inspirational! It was informative and very helpful. We face giants all the time, but God is bigger than any giant in our lives. Thank you keep up the great work.

  12. Love the video and your teaching. “ One challenge at a time”, those are very powerful words. Fear and worry are big for me. Thank you for taking the time to do a video.

  13. Cyndi and Jennifer, I loved the video. It really spoke to my heart. Thank you both for your encouraging words of wisdom from the Bible and your own lives. Blessings, Rhonda

  14. I LOVED this!! I felt like I was right there in the room with you two and it felt a bit like a women’s bible study. I would love to see these every week. Thank you both for doing this. We all have giants and not facing them is worse than facing them head on with the Lord! So, more videos please!!!

  15. First of all, love this! You both are so authentic and sincere and I want to move there and be your friend!
    Fear is brought up in the Bible 365 times (might depend on which version but it’s brought up a lot). I have to remember that God has this. He knew that fear could keep us apart so He gives us His inspired words to “fear not” and “be not afraid”. But it’s one thing to hear and another to act. Fear has held me captive so many times. My prayer is that God take that fear from me and to help me surrender and fully trust in Him, that I trust in God alone. God is bigger than anything.
    Blessings to you!

  16. The Word of God is POWERFUL! Thank you for taking a sabbath concerning fashion and reaching out to the needs of our souls.
    Appreciated the challenge from you and Dr. Degler! I enjoyed the woman to woman format.

  17. Cyndi, I watched your first video this morning while I drank my coffee and loved the message. Jennifer is so easy to listen to and explains scripture in terms that I understand. The dynamics between the two of you is great. You have talked me into beginning to journal too. I look forward to more videos in the future. You guys nailed it in my opinion. Oh, I love Jennifer’s hair too.

  18. Love, Love the video!, ❣️
    Thank you so much for sharing! I needed this, this morning! Such a wonderful reminder that we serve a faithful God!

  19. Just watched your video and I’m looking forward to more! There’s nothing like God’s Word to encourage and inspire. It’s obvious that God is blessing you and your work, Cyndi. I’m so thankful for the friend who introduced me to your blog, and of course, I’m thankful for you! I’m most thankful for our God, who loves relationships and offers us so many of them! To Him be the glory! My day of worship has begun well! Thank you!

  20. Loved this!!! What a blessing it was and a great topic as we begin a new year with many un knowns. It’s easy to look back at a year and see how things turned out and how faithful God was, but looking ahead we do need that reminder that he is with us always, he is our strength and he will never leave us. I have moments of being anxious and I will just stop and pray and ask God to settle my mind and my heart:) it’s hard not to worry and like you Cyndi I’m a control freak too. BUT GOD is the one truly in control. We sing a worship song at our church called How Great is our God and part of it switches to How Big is our God.. what a comfort to know this. I Hope you both continue to do these videos. I felt like I was at a women’s bible study. So nice to meet Jennifer. Appreciate you doing something new:)

  21. I am sure that the members that like the direction you are going will speak out but the ones that don’t will stay silent. I will speak out anyway to say that if I want a religious sermon, political discourse or psychoanalysis then I would sign up for a blog specific to them. I enjoy your blog on fashion with the mention of your lifestyle activities. It is a respite from all the other opinions forced upon us daily. I can understand and appreciate the direction you feel you are led to expand into biblical teachings. However, please confirm if this is your new mission statement so those of us that don’t wish to follow will be aware and can make an informed decision whether to remain or leave. Or perhaps you could have 2 seperate Blogs. Thank you

      1. Thanks, Judy. I agree Cyndi has always been transparent about her mission and vision. Lots of other blogs that are purely fashion; I know as I follow several.

      2. Judy,
        I originally read the upper part of Cindy’s message. However, I never scrolled down to read the bottom. Thanks for pointing that out. Now I know this blog isn’t for me, but I wish her and her followers well.

      3. Judy. Great advice. I agree Cyndi’s profile is very clear about her mission with her blog and the importance of her faith and sharing God in her blog. Not fair to ask her to. change her values.

        1. Linda, Huh? I never asked Cyndi to change her values. All of us have a value system. My original post was in response to Cyndi asking for comments. At that time, I didn’t realize that spreading the gospel was part of her mission and my response was regarding what I thought was a fashion blog. I feel that Judy kindly guided me to read Cyndi’s full introduction about her passion about Christ (which I was unaware). The issue was then resolved.

  22. Thank you Cyndi!! I needed this this morning because I have, like many of us, so many unknowns to face this year. I want to trust God and let go of my anxiety. Sharing your personal story helps me feel not so alone in my experience! Love the video format!

  23. The video was awesome. Good encouragement that we are not alone facing giants. Thank you for speaking that’s it’s okay, pray and look for the help of God

  24. Thank you for posting this video. I really enjoyed watching such an honest and inspirational message, Sharing your personal giants made me think about what my fears are for the new year. Fear of failure and never being good enough at work and for my family are always with me. I am going to try keeping a journal and stepping out of my comfort zone a little more each day. I look forward to seeing more of these videos!

  25. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ This is a great idea and for those that don’t want to listen they can skip Sunday’s email. You have never had fashion on Sunday anyway so it’s just a video that replaces the written post.

  26. I so enjoyed your video this morning on facing your giants in 2020! It made me realize that we all have these issues with different challenges in our lives. I hope that you will continue the videos and all that you do! Thanks, Sherri

  27. I absolutely enjoyed your video. My husband was listening in the background as well. We look forward to receiving more!!
    Thank you

  28. Loved this! Made me want to be in a women’s bible study. Maybe you could do one on line? Question…how do you personally study the Bible?

  29. My first thought was that this was too long. I don’t have time to sit down and watch all of that. But, how wrong is that?! As a woman and mom I need to sit down and take time for myself in order to be better for my family, and myself. I love that you do take a day off fashion for God. We all need to remember to slow down and take time for what’s truly important. Fashion is fun, and it is important we feel good about ourselves but there is so much more to life! In 2020 we can be the whole package and conquer our fears.

  30. My thoughts on this morning’s message -Dr. Degler and you presented a good message and of course it was timely for the New Year. However, 20 minutes was too long in length for me – 10 minutes would have been enough. The personal touch of Jennifer sharing her son’s disabilities and you sending Christmas cards to those that a relationship had been damaged, was helpful. I think most of us follow yo, Cyndie, for your clothing style, and we know you have a passion for sharing God’s love. The BFTH on Sunday is a good way to do that.

    1. This was really good, Cyndi. I attend Life Church in OKC and Pastor Craig Groeschel has a series right now called, Warrior. What you’re talking about fits in right along with his messages, facing our fears, don’t back down.
      I like this format for Sundays!

      1. Loved, loved this video and the message!! Please do more of these. Not to long. So many take always that were key for me. I love your process to journal and look back to reflect on how God walked with you through things. I used to journal This reminded me of the value. Dr. Degler reminded me to not dog pile my worries. I always value BFTH messages but loved this even more.

  31. Loved your video. Please continue and thank you for the reminder that God brought us to it, we need to do it with faith. Thank you again and Happy Sunday.

  32. I loved the video! Thank you for speaking to us about facing our giants. God is bigger than all our fears and this message is a great reminder. Blessings for 2020!

  33. This was good. Very appropriate for all of us who have some anxiety about what the new year holds. I keep telling myself to put it in God’s hands and continue to have faith in him. Thank you for doing this and would love to see mote videos like this.

  34. Cindy,

    I follow you specifically because you are a believer. You just happen to have great fashion sense. The video you presented today was timely and beautifully presented. It felt like I was attending a bible study with two good friends, and it was nourishing you my soul. Thank you for posting and I encourage you to continue using your platform to share Gods word.

  35. Loved everything about this! Thank you for digging in and not giving us “fluff”. I need to remember that God is in control and that I need to trust him no matter what. He loves us and desires good for us. Keep up the great work!

  36. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiring video. I feel truly blessed and have gained another nugget of knowledge in listening and heeding God’s word.
    Please continue the videos! I hope you have a blessed, family-filled Sunday!

  37. Wow, Cindy and Jennifer. This was sooo encouraging and helpful. This past year has been one of big giants but we have found God to be so faithful. One big giant is that our dear little granddaughter has been diagnosed with autism. I can really relate to Jennifer and the books. The other day I believe the Lord spoke to me much like He did to Jennifer. He reminded me that she is just little(only four) and of the incredible growth she has already experienced. Now I feel at peace and I know she will be alright.

  38. Cyndi… I loved this! Thank you! I look forward to more videos like this. Praying for all the best for you in 2020. Therese

  39. Oh my gosh!!
    Loved your video.
    Makes me know I can tackle this wonderful New Year and all that it holds for me.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and beautiful testimony of God,

  40. Love the video. Please continue to do these. Such a powerful message as we enter into a new year and have the opportunity to face those things in our life that scare us. Congratulations on the renewed relationship. That is a scary step and it looks like you have taken the first step in mending an old relationship that meant something to you. Have a blessed week.

  41. Hey Cyndi..loved the video!
    This is exactly what I’m working thru this year..conquering my giants!
    Thank you Lord that you are there with me every step of the way..amen!

  42. I loved this!! Certainly felt like I was in a women’s Bible Study with friends. Thanks for sharing personal experiences and being real!! Look forward to more videos!

  43. Thank you! What a joy to be reminded that we serve a great GOD :). Hope 2020 is a wonderful year trials and all as we learn to trust and walk closer with God. Thank you for the video.

  44. I loved this video! Such a great reminder to face my giants with Gods help! Looking forward to more videos.

  45. Hi Cyndi, I love the video format! This was so good for me this morning. My husband has ALS and we attend a clinic every 3 months. This past Wednesday we had clinic and received pretty bad news about the progression of his disease. I’ve been doing a lot of crying this week and it was so good to hear the reminder that our God is bigger than anything we face and He promises to walk with us through our struggles. So it’s pretty obvious that my fear for 2020 is losing my husband. But, through His Word, you’ve given me new strength to face this today!

    1. Diane, I’m sorry for what you and your husband are going through. I lost my sister to ALS in July 2018. It’s a beast of of a disease. My prayers are with you and your family.

  46. What a wonderful video. Our pastor preached on vision this morning and reaching out to others. That’s not easy for me so I’ll have to face some fears but I’m willing.

  47. My thanks to both of you ladies for this great video. I so enjoyed it and pray God leads you to more of these. Some for various reasons, may not have the opportunity for a group study with other women and this provided a way to experience the blessing! Thank you!

  48. This video was such a blessing! Please, please do more. Thank you for the reminder to just trust God, and give him the hard things.

  49. Cyndy, I think that video was meant for me! I had a stroke in August and although it was a light one, I fear what the future might hold. I feel like God is so far away. I got very depressed and suicidal. I prayed for God to take it away and it didn’t seem to help. That was in September. I mentally have suffered a lot. this morning I read the scripture for the pastor and his wife who knows my struggles told me I did a good job and also looked very nice. That helped a lot with my confidence! We are in our 70s and neither of us have the best health anymore! I think I am angry at God for allowing me to have the stroke as I eat healthy and exercise and try to take care of myself. Even my doctor said it wasn’t fair!We don’t have kids, but lots of nieces and nephews that we love dearly. There was a little girl at church who was spending time with me. Her father is in prison for drugs and mom has 4 other kids by as many men, so her homelife is not great, yet she has been a HUGE blessing to me..She doesn’t have a grandmother living and one day said to me that I treated like she would have liked her grandmother to treat her. I said, “Well, I don’t have a grand daughter, so why don’t we adopt each other? and we have been close ever since! Back in the late Summer, she moved away and I miss her so much. Her mother did let her spend a weekend with me before Christmas and I am going to see if she will let her come for another weekend for her birthday in February. It was the Pastor’s 72nd birthday and he cried when she walked in and many others were teary eyed also. Pastor Floyd said her being at church on his birthday was the best birthday surprise he had ever had! I didn’t even realize it was his birthday, but God knew! Our whole church is praying for her safety. She is the sweetest and prettiest 11 year old I know. Last year was the first time she had ever had a birthday cake and I worry about trafficking and different things with her living in the city (Columbus, Ohio). I need to trust God to take care of us all. Thanks, I enjoy your Daily blog, but the Sunday posts always seem to have a message for me! Thank you and God Bless!!!

  50. I loved the video!!! You both inspired me to face some giants in 2020 because my God is BIG! I would love to see you do more videos. I was excited to sit down and watch the video when I may have skipped over reading a lesson.

  51. Thank you SO very much for sharing this! I found out about 2 years ago that my 18-year-old son was choosing to lead a gay lifestyle. I have allowed it to consume me in a lot of ways. I have fallen into the habit of not experiencing joy and happiness to a full degree because I would first think of the situation w/my son. I wasn’t focusing on “the sie of my God” as you suggested. Your video brings me so comfort and prompts me to regain a perspective that focuses more on God than on my circumstances.

  52. I truly enjoyed your video. It spoke to my heart. I have been very anxious since just before the new year. My God is huge and I pray for huge strides in this new year because I know He is able. I need rest from my fears and feel His loving arms wrap around me and make me know everything is going to be beautiful……………And, I will be forever thankful.

  53. Oh Cindy, your video has blessed my day. It was very encouraging! I enjoyed listening to both of you and especially loved how you related the report on the exploration of Canaan to our lives today. Thank you ladies, I will look forward to it every Sunday!!

    ❤️ Lori

  54. Loved your video! We have 4 aging parents all in their 80’s. They are all starting to have health issues and concerns related to aging. We realize how blessed we are, but our fears stem from helping them and the fear of losing them all in a short period of time.

  55. Thank you Cyndi! This was confirmation for what the Lord has been speaking to my spirit. It was so encouraging. Please keep them coming. God Bless you!

  56. Thank you for this video today! My husband was diagnosed this past spring with a melanoma that had spread to his lymph nodes. They removed the melanoma and he is currently on immunotherapy. All looks good for now. However, I have to be honest that I sometimes feel afraid about what might happen in 2020. My husband is the love of my life! I need to learn to trust in God and not let fear overcome me in 2020! Thank you and God Bless!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this video. It was a great reminder that God is in control and we need to put our trust in him. Blessings to you both .

  57. Cyndi, what a blessing this video is! I plan on viewing it several more times to soak it all in! None of us know what “Giants” we may be facing this year but, as you reminded us, we know who holds our hand. I’m so looking forward to future videos like this! Thank you!! Blessings!

  58. Thanks for the reminder that God has already given me a “heads up” through His Word of how I can face my giants. I just need to dig in and study and find those promises…and take things one day at a time.

  59. Thank you for the great video! Is there a way to muffle the tinny sound? I found it distracting. It may be my speakers or it maybe that you need to wear clip microphones.
    Thank your for all you do. God Bless You!

  60. Loved this! 2019 has been a year for me with so may challenges with my parents. Being an only child I have felt anxiety, not knowing where to start. Now when I look back over the year, I’m like wow I did this. I am one person and I can do one thing at a time. This was great, would love for more of these. Do you have a favorite devotional book?


  61. Have always enjoyed your posts. Even when I can’t relate to the clothing style etc. Still enjoyed them. But, NEVER, have I gone back and revisisited a post like today’s. Bookmarked it to watch again and again.

  62. Thanks for sharing your faith. It is the main reason I continue to come back daily to your posts. 2020 in the USA has many challenges. Please keep sharing the Word. It is so very helpful! God bless.

  63. The video was perfect timing for my life! I know that God has ALWAYS been faithful to bring me through the challenges that I have had to face. And looking back, I REALIZE that most of the time it all turned out BETTER than I could have ever dreamed or hoped! Thank you for reminding us that GOD’S GOT THIS!

  64. Loved the video! Although I am strong in my faith I still have fears that I battle. I use prayer to alleviate them but sometimes even that doesn’t work. My fear this year is my son getting married and knowing I won’t be needed as much. Silly I know but a true fear for me.

  65. I loved your video. Thank you for facing that giant. It really got me to thinking about the giants in my path in a different way.

  66. I truly enjoyed this video on facing our giants. I am looking forward to the next few weeks for the upcoming videos. I am ready to face my giants and the inspiration from these videos.

    P.S. Perfect Timing!!!

    1. SO GOOD❗️❗️❗️❗️ Thank you, Cyndi and Jennifer!
      Cyndi, this is your calling! And you have an amazing platform!
      God bless you🙏❤️

    1. Thanks so much for giving this type of format a try. You and Jennifer compliment each other so well and that really helps get your message across. I remember many years ago when I was working a 12 step program and many similar messages were shared on a weekly basis. Having not worked a program for some time now has led me to forget the things that led me on a path to healing and acceptance. Listening to your video was such a huge reminder of some of the messages that I had forgotten. Please continue these videos. It was like sharing with two very good friends. Made me remember to “Let go and Let God!” Again, thank you so much and God bless both of you.

  67. I loved this!! It was a blessing to me and really made me think about how I try to face things that are giants to me. They may be small to some but to me they are giants . I have probably built it up to a much bigger giant than it actually is , but still my GOD is so kind and loving and patient with me.. I get in the way so many times, this reminded me that im not alone in the fear of the “what ifs” thank you so much!!!!!!

  68. I loved this Cyndi, thank you so much for sharing.
    I really appreciate it when someone explains the scriptures in ways that help me apply them to my everyday life. I feel so much more connected to God that way. May He continue to bless you and guide you in the important work you do.

  69. Oh my goodness! I’ve just now had time to sit down and watch and listen. I love this format! I hope you plan to do many more of these going forward.

    You know it’s kind of funny I guess how when I read that account in Numbers and I think to myself what was wrong with the Israelites? God had already done so much for them why would they doubt what God could do? But in reality when I look back at my life there were many times I did the same thing. Why would I doubt what God can do when he’s done so much for me in the past!

    There are a few things that I really need to or giants I should say that I need to turn over to God in 2020. I think my biggest thing is that control that you were talking about. I’m one of those people that I need to be in control. I need to know what’s going on and when it’s going to happen at how it’s going to happen and I neglect to let God have his way. And when I look back there of been times that I was exactly the same way and then finally turned it over to God and he took care of it! And then I said you know if I had turned it over to him earlier I could have avoided so much heartache and trouble and pain. So I think the main thing I need to focus on with things I’m facing is just learning to turn it over to God. As it was mentioned in a Bible study this week and it’s a saying you see on plaques and things all the time but it’s let go and let God. and that’s just so true!

    I’m glad you chose this format and like I said I hope you continue it and I hope God blesses you so richly for doing this.

  70. Just had a chance to watch this this morning, thank you. There is something healing in just sharing our vulnerability with other women and realizing we are not alone like the evil one wants us to feel. I love the idea of knocking down one giant at a time. My motto this year that I repeat over and over, “Jesus, I trust you.” Thank you Cyndi.

  71. Thank you for the video. It was just what I needed! I hope there are many more. Both you ladies did an amazing job.

  72. Wow Cyndi, you have no idea how much this fits a couple different situations in my life! I needed to hear this so badly! Thank y’all for sharing and I look forward to the upcoming videos as well!

  73. Thank you for this teaching. It truly resonated with me. My husband was in a terrible accident and is fighting back thru The Lord to heal many things. I’m giving it over to God. He’s able!! And He is so faithful!!