Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

Happy Thursday! We have had several days of dreary weather, and I’m ready for some sunshine. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s coming any time soon.

I recently purchased a pretty gray fair isle sweater with some pink in it that feels cheery even if the weather doesn’t. The sweater is Good Threads brand from Amazon.

Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

I added a white button-down under the sweater, but I think I like it better without the button down.

Here’s the sweater without the white button-down. I purchased these Levi’s jeans from Amazon too. They’re high rise and have a raw hem. They are a reasonable price point, and I really like them.

Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

Fair Isle Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Levi’s Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28, Matter of Fact color)//Marc Fisher Booties//Earrings//White Button Down (I’m wearing an XS)

Good Threads brand on Amazon has lots of good quality basic pieces, here a few of my favorites.

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! Please remind me if you have hair extensions or a halo on.. I love your blog! Thanks for all your tips 😊

  2. As a Canadian follower I wanted to give you some great news for us. We do have a “few” Nordstrom stores now here but ordering online isn’t as nice for us. We have to pay shipping fees and customs duty on our purchases since they are shipped from the USA to Canada. Returns also aren’t free. So as you can well imagine clicking on all the blogger NOrdstrom links is frustrating. I still look to see if a drive to Toronto is worthwhile to the store (I’m 2 hours away)….but yesterday when I clicked on a link I got a pop up that said that SOON Nordstrom will be offering free shipping and returns in Canada and NO DUTY!!!!! So Yay – thought you might like this info to pass on if you have many Canadian readers. It hasn’t happened yet, but they said SOON!

    1. Wow!!! I hope this happens. I’ve wanted to order so many times from Nordstrom but didn’t because of the costs ( which are extremely high). Especially during those big sales that the bloggers show. Thanks for passing this on.. we aren’t near a Nordstrom at all so great news:)

  3. I’m going to order the jeans to try….and yes I agree your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Let me know if you use extensions and how you like them. I’m a young and active 57yr old and considering trying them. My hair color is the same as yours #5/#6 and about 2” past my shoulders currently. I can never grow my hair longer as it seems to get thin on the ends and looks raggedy.

  4. Cyndi, thank you for your ongoing research into the companies which produce the clothing. I am sure that is not easy to do, but it’s so helpful to all who want to treat our fellow human beings as we would have them treat us.❤️

  5. I agree with Pam’s comments, thanks for doing research into the clothing brands. I think we all want to pay a reasonable price for clothing, but not at the expense of poor work conditions, etc. Thank you!

  6. Sadly, I’m afraid that most of the clothes that we wear are made in sweatshops. I do agree though that the less expensive clothing is more suspect. I remember watching a show a few years back about the children that make soccer balls for one of our biggest companies. Children as young as 6 years old sewing patches of hard leather together. They are paid menial wages and just do it to survive. Gone are the days that we buy a select number of really well made clothes and wear them over and over. I’m guilty as anyone.

  7. I absolutely applaud you for educating yourself on ethical clothing lines. It is a learning process and thank you for bringing it to the forefront.

    I worked for a major denim company years ago who were very diligent when they sourced their sewing factories – no child labour etc. Companies who produce knock offs and counterfeit products are not so diligent and when I saw your running shoes with the stars, my heart sank – these companies are not only producing a fake product, but could be hiring sweatshops. Years ago Nike was famous for doing this – not sure if they’re still guilty but I refused to wear the products. Thank you for all you’re trying to do.

  8. I love love love that sweater!!! It’s hard to find a beautiful mostly cotton sweater that looks like fair isle wool! Unfortunately they only had XS and XL left yesterday when I checked. Thank you though for showing so many great looks!

  9. I love the picks from Amazon as well. The delivery is so quick it helps with my instant gratification issues!!!!! So please keep the recommendations coming. A new brand I was just introduced to is Marks and Spencer. Really cute items at a reasonable price. It is an England-based company but the delivery was fairly quick and quality was great on the two sweaters I ordered. Sizes seem to run true also. By the way was just able to catch up on your second Sunday video. Loved it!!!! Keep those coming as well. Trying to be a “Caleb” this week with my staff.

  10. I truly do appreciate and share your concern about clothing being cheap because it comes from sweatshops where people are used and suffer.

    Thank you for checking that out!

  11. I appreciate you doing your/our research on the Amazon clothing lines. I have often been concerned too of how they can produce so cheaply. I love the Goodthreads brand from Amazon and all the pieces I have ordered from them have been quality pieces.

  12. I agree with the others. I appreciate you looking into the better brands for us to buy from especially when dealing with Amazon. That’s something I don’t wish to support. I remember many years ago Katie Couric on her show comparing real and knock offs. It also supports human trafficking as well as sweat shops.. I want to be cautious with my purchases so please pass on what you find Cyndi:) thank you..I do love the sweater styled today and prefer it without the shirt.

  13. You always look beautiful, but I prefer the sweater without the shirt. Is the sweater itchy?
    Love BFTH…Thanks!

    1. Shelia, what do you mean? Blowsier items?? Or do you mean clothes that have plus size options?? I want to make sure I answer correctly. Thanks!!

  14. Help – need link for the ultra low no show socks. The em’s are not hyperlinked, and can’t locate the original post. Tx!