Fall 2018 Denim Trends You’ll Want in Your Closet

Well, ladies this week August will roll in, and that means we start getting ready for fall clothes and trends.  At least I do, and I love sharing them all with you.

The title of my post, Fall 2018 Denim Trends You’ll Want In Your Closet, is catchy, but I know you well enough to know you might not want all these trends in your closet. Haha!

Although, if you’re asking, I think all these jeans are cute trends, and they’re perfect for women over 40 to wear.


This style has been going strong for a while, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you haven’t added a pair to your wardrobe, you might try a pair for fall. The frayed detail adds an edgy and fun twist to the garment.

7 For All Mankind Jeans

Universal Thread Jeans


This discolored detail adds a flattering touch to your denim. It’s also very trendy. Throw on a white T-shirt and a cute pair of booties, and you’ve got a simple yet edgy look!

Universal Thread Jeans

Hudson Jeans


This 70s inspired trend is finding its way back into the closets, and I think you’ll see a lot of it this fall.  These pants are comfortable, flattering, and add a cool vibe to any outfit.

Universal Thread Jeans

Paige Jeans


These jeans are perfect for a warmer fall day. Add a pair of cute booties to these jeans with booties or strappy heels to compliment the cropped hem.

AG Jeans

Universal Thread Jeans

What is your favorite denim trend?

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  1. I do love some of these new styles. I think that’s the best part of fashion nowadays, is we don’t all have to look alike and there are many varieties that can work for us.
    In fact, my stepmom (who just turned 70 and is one of the models on my blog) just bought some distressed jean leggings!! And they look great on her!!

  2. I can see me wearing the frayed him and cropped styles, but…not the two toned or the high wasted ones…I’m short wasted and those end up under my arm pits :).
    I do like the variety though and thank you for sharing. Also, I’m hearing good things about the Target brand Universal Thread – several of my friends are liking them.

  3. I’m not impressed with the fall denim offerings. I don’t think I will ever go back to button fly, flares or two-tone again.

  4. Love all of these! I have a few pair already. Just need to pull them out and move to my capsule area. I think I with pick up one new pair. Thank you Cyndi! I can not wait for autumn!🍁

    1. I like the thought you have here, about having a “capsule area” in the closet. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of doing that. I can create that area and still have the “overflow” too.

  5. I cannot believe it’s taken so many many years for “bell bottom” jeans to come back in. These were my favorite high school days go to jeans! Wow! Unfortunately now that I’m almost 60; I don’t think they’d flatter a dang thing.

  6. At 5’8″, I am so SO happy to see the high rise jeans!! I have a long torso, and the low rise and mid rise just do not flatter me. I love a flare leg too! Very flattering for those of us with thicker thighs!

  7. I have always loved flairs even when they weren’t really in style and I also love crop/ankle length jeans.

  8. I love the crop jeans and also the high rise. As someone said the bellbottoms were my high school favorite. But I have heard if you wore it the first time it was in style, you are too old to wear it again! Any thoughts on this ladies?

    1. Absolutely not true! I don’t know who said it but they don’t know what they’re talking about, Truthfully, almost everything we wear has been in style in the past.

      Enjoy each season’s trends, if you like them.


    2. Yes i grew up with bell bottoms And yes i still were jeans st 66z will always were jeans but not these trends. Indigo blue straight leg or boot cut for me. U can dress them up or down depending

  9. Please tell me skinnies aren’t going anywhere!! I do like the frayed hem and cropped styles. Not loving the rest for my body type. It’s hard to believe Fall is just around the corner. I swear, the older I get, the faster time flies!! Thank you for all you do Cyndi. Have a blessed week!

  10. I was hoping you would share a pair of jeans that I could do a larger cuff or just a fold up on to carry me through August/September.

  11. I’m loving the long flared jeans! I know most fashions look best with heels, but I can only wear shoes/sandals/boots with heels under 1 1/4”.
    It’s a bummer, but can the flared long jeans look cute with “flats”?
    Thanks Cyndi!

    1. Yes, as long as they have a pointy toe. A clunky shoe is not flattering with flared or bell bottom. What are your thoughts on this, Cyndi?

      1. Pointy toed shoes are so ugly. Why would anyone wear them! Makes the feet look longer. And a pointed toe sticking out under a pair of long pants or jeans look rediculous!! Just yuk!! My opinion.

        1. No need to be nasty! For those of us who don’t have big feet, pointy toed shoes or cowboy boots only make us look taller and leaner.

  12. Well it’s been so hot and humid where I am in Canada I can’t even bring myself to think fall… but I know it will be just around the corner even if that means our weather changes in October I’m good with that…( we get a long winter) ugggh. I love all the options but the crop and frayed are my favorite. ( I’ve never been a bell bottom liker)I sure hope skinny jeans are in because I have no plans on not wearing mine. I also like the slightly distressed too. Hope that’s sticking around?? Thanks for bringing us up to speed.

  13. I have all of them in my closet except the two toned. I would wear that also. I’m 60 but think we older gals can wear these. As long as we are modest and classy in the way we wear them. Also someone asked about wearing a lower heel with flares or bells. No problem go for it. Thanks Cyndi!! Always fun to see the new trends!

  14. I love the flare jeans and the cropped and frayed styles and have pairs of each, but don’t think I will be buying the multi-colored jeans. I still like the skinny jeans and I’m wondering if we can wear those this fall and be in style?

  15. I love the frayed hem jeans. I think i may just cut off some of my jeans in the future when I get tired of them.

  16. Love them all….except the two-toned. But, they’ll probably grow on me & I’ll end up with a pair. 💁🏻

  17. I like jeans with a very moderate frayed edge. Not too much. The flare jeans do not work with me being short. I hope high straight jeans are still in for the fall because they are my favorite!!!

  18. Those two tones are more like four toned and are hideous! Give a plain ol pair of one shaded Levi’s any day, with stiched hems!

  19. I was in Anthropology in Fort Worth, TX this past weekend and boy were the high waist bell bottoms going strong! Thanks for sharing the up and coming trends.

  20. I like all of these choices, except, like most of your commenters, those awful two tone patchwork jeans.
    I actually already bought some flared jeans— I love how they look with wedges for fall, and boots for winter.
    But, as far I am concerned—long live skinny jeans!!

  21. YES- Jesus is our ONLY Hope!! I love Him so much!

    Style- not crazy about the two toned jeans- or the wide legs. I can do straight leg, but not too wide. I feel like lately it seems, really…. anything goes! LOL! I’m with Sandi there on long live skinny jeans! They’re just SO easy for all seasons! 😉


  22. Hi Cyndi, Love all the new styles but could you please do a tutorial on how to make sure your jeans fit properly. I am never sure about pocket placement the blogs talk about and what is too tight or not tight enough. I’m sure others are not sure either or I may be the only one!!

  23. I like the frayed hem. I do not have any jeans like those. Show some tops that look good with them when you get a chance. Thanks.

  24. Been there, done most of that. I must be getting old, (and I am older than you!), because these styles just look desperate for ideas, when you’ve lived through it before. The flares I wore in high school. (I wonder if anyone here is old enough to remember Dittos Flares?) Embroidered, patched, holes, frayed, etc., all had a previous life on me. Now, at my age, I think I’ll stick with skinny (because I can), straight and boot cut. I’ve found these styles look best on me, so I won’t be joining the trends this fall, …this old fuddy dud will stick with my tried and trues. For everyone else following these trends, enjoy! Trends come and go, so have fun with them while you can.

    1. I agree with you… been there and done that. I’m not going to be wearing flared bell bottom jeans again. Did it once and that was enough. I’m sticking with skinny and straight leg because it’s what I like.

  25. Love that the bell bottoms are coming back!!! I think those with a pair of wedges are Sooo cute. also the higher waiste line helps hide the muffin top!!! Not a big fan of the patch work jeans, but all of the others i will enjoy!!!! How do you style those with boots tho??? Please help us with that Cyndi!!!!! I invested in a really nice pair of tall Frye boots last year, so i have to justify that purchase!!! LOL

  26. Love them all except for maybe the two toned pair. I have a petite pair of distressed skinny Seven jeans I love. I also continue with my cropped ones in the fall with booties or peep toe booties and in the winter add tall low heel boots with them with my invisible heels inside. I adore a slight flare jean like those I found at Old Navy & usually do those with a taller stacked heel bootie or wedge heel shoe. I love the straight cut also since it looks good on petites and Banana Republic has some good jeans for petites. The Banana Republic outlet here carries them in the store – I love trying my jeans on before purchasing them. I still have my embroidery ones from last year and hope that trend continues too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these great spots to shop for jeans and the different styles!

  27. A year or two ago, you styled Gap’s Baby Boot Cut jeans. I just love those!! Even better, they seem like they are still in style!