Fall Boots from Nordstrom

Yesterday we talked about fall shoes and today I’m sharing two of my recent fall boots from Nordstrom. Boots are definitely a fall staple for me and I styled a bootie and an over the knee boot with the same dress.

Nordstrom has a great selection of boots and they do have different price points depending on the brand you choose.

Fall Boots from Nordstrom

I love an open toe bootie at the beginning of fall and these Vince Camuto booties work with dresses, pants and jeans.

Fall Boots from NordstromThis is a great casual look with my Eileen Fisher shift dress. The dress is a little more pricey but it’s a classic dress that will stay in style. The material is heavy enough that you don’t need a camisole under the dress. If you don’t like to show your upper arm area, the sleeve length is perfect.

Fall Boots from NordstromNext, I styled the dress with Halogen over the knee black boots. These boots can be worn over your skinny jeans and the heel height is not too high.

This is a great boot for fall and  winter and I will wear them a lot!

Fall Boots from NordstromFall Boots from NordstromTwo different style boots with one dress. Which is your favorite style?

Fall Boots from NordstromShift dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Denim jacket (similar here)//Halogen over the knee boot//Vince Camuto bootie//Necklace (similar here)//Clutch

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One of the best things about purchasing from Nordstrom is they have free shipping and free shipping on returns.

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Beauty For the Heart~~NO doubt we need to be in prayer for Spain and the recent terror attacks. I think most of us can admit that our world seems to be out of control. We need to seek God and remember that he is still on His throne!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts! I always think it is so fun to change just shoes or accessories and see how dressed up or down an outfit can look!

  2. Love the dress and I love the black boots…..sorry I have never been a fan of the open toe boots…..like the jeans jacket too! Great combo!

  3. I love the tall boots with the dress.
    This is a look I want to try a lot this fall.
    How ever, it was great to see how well booties work with stresses for fall
    Thanks for the help!

  4. Good morning ☀️!! Loving this color! I’m going to have to add it to my wardrobe for this fall.

  5. Love the open toe bootie.. shows off your legs! The black boots are ok in super cold weather, but they tend to chop off a person, not as flowing…

  6. I love both looks. I would never have thought of styling booties with that dress- it’s adorable!
    I start school on the day of the eclipse. I am a little worried how I am going to keep 15 kindergartens from looking at the sun during the eclipse. I have glasses for all of them, but I think I will be asking parents to come and help!

  7. I just got a pair of OTK boots for my mother (the 70+ model on my blog). I really think they are a fabulous addition to our closets!!
    And those booties—it’s been my favorite way to style them by putting them with dresses and skirts lately!!
    You look fabulous, Cyndi and have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Friday!

    I have to say my favorite is the dress with the booties,

    I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

  9. Both looks are cute. I’m not a big fan of either boots but would prefer the open toe bootie. Love the color of the dress but for me at Nordstrom in Canada it would cost over $237.00 which I would never pay for a jersey shift dress. I may watch for one at Old Navy or the Gap. Usually a lot cheaper. I just bought a t- shirt with a lace sleeve in a color very much like the dress your wearing and love it as its something different. I put it under my olive green cotton jacket and it looked cute. I remember in Elementary school watching via TV our total eclipse well the blinds and drapes were all drawn in the school I believe I was in grade 4?? Love your beauty for the heart and we are so lucky that God is on the throne and controls all.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. absolutely great reminder from beauty of the heart. so many many times we are having to remind ourselves that He is on the throne and even knows how all of this is going to turn out.
    the dress is great and i would think its being a LBD could be very versatile.

  11. Love both looks, as can’t go wrong with anything you style but my favorite is the booties. I could never wear the over the knew at 5’3″. You look great in them though. I’m so looking forward to Fall booties. I have never had the peep toe though. The way our weather is here, is I’d wear sandals until I need closed toe booties. But, thinking of trying a pair. Yours are too high a heel for me though, so will look around. Love your dress but there is some out there cheaper and same style. But, yours is probably more quality fabric.

  12. Hey….One more thing…..everyone be careful about just any solar eclipse glasses you order. Just heard Amazon is recalling some. They have to have the ISO symbol plus a certain number on them. Go to NASA.gov for the information. Sad people are putting fakes out there to sell for cheap. I am opting not to look with glasses. Still some around my area.

    1. Don’t look at the eclipse WITHOUT glasses. I just saw man who did that in 1972 for just a mere 30 seconds he permanently damaged his retina! Glasses are a MUST!!!!

      1. Oh……. that came out wrong. I would never look with no glasses. I meant I’m opting out looking at it at all. :). Thanks

  13. Hey, can you tell me or anyone a great fitting jean jacket you like and would recommend place to buy one from? I’ve never had one and would like to get one but they seem to fit boxy. Plus, would you recommend dark or light denim? Just seem I’d never wear with jeans, only white or colored denim or dresses which I rarely wear, so probably why have always talked myself out of one but you seem to gets lots of great outfits styled with one. Thanks.

    1. I have two…….one is a Tommy Hilfiger with animal print detachable fur collar & long sleeves. It has been great and the other I got at Loft Outlet here that is short sleeve to wear over maxi dresses. I think the first one I got in Monroe, LA at Dillard’s or Belk. I wear mine with everything.

      1. Thanks. I love Loft. I almost bought one several times on sale over the years. I guess I should just do it. 🙂 Last year Banana Republic Outlet had one for $24.99. I’m pretty mad I didn’t get it.

    2. Kathy, I always wanted a demin jacket but was reluctant. So, I decided to give it a try. I ordered several, in several colours and each in a couple sizes. When I received them all, I tried them all on. I then picked two, then decided which one was my favourite, that I felt comfortable in, and would be my go-to jacket. I sent all the rest back and am so happy with my decision. I grab for casuals dinners out all the time. It’s perfect for chilly mornings and I wore it on my U.K. Country garden trip last year. Just my input.

      1. Oh thanks. Just wondering if you choose light or dark denim? I think that is a great idea to get several and compare with them all together. I think the fits are all so different. My daughter always grabs hers with dresses.

        1. Mine is a medium, much like the one Cyndi is wearing above. I added a vintage pin to mine just to make it a little more feminine. Most kindly, Katie

        2. Kathy, mine is by Levi. I chose the stone-washed so that it already had that lived-in, soft feel. Try Kohl’s online.

  14. I LOVE the dress with the booties and the jean jacket! And those booties totally rock! You look great in the OTK boots but they are not my style either because I’m so short! I am looking forward to cooler weather and the peep toe booties are a great transition piece.

    Sometime this fall do you think you could give some ideas about what to wear to a fall/winter wedding? I will be attending one in November and it’s not formal but should be fairly dressy. I can’t do the short cocktail dress but don’t want to look like an old lady! 🙂 Thanks!!

  15. I love tall boots so the tall boots are my favorite 🙂 I can’t believe you are dressed for Fall……LOL! It feels 102 heat index today here so far.

  16. I can’t decide which one I like more!!! They both are so cute! Thank you for the ideas for fall outfits!!

  17. I really like the way you styled the dress with the booties and jean jacket. Can’t find glasses for the eclipse either!

  18. The color of that dress is lovely! I prefer tall boots with dresses, but only b/c my ankles and lower legs are really thin and I think I look odd in booties.
    Can’t wait for boot season!

  19. Such a pretty color dress but definitely out of my price range. I liked it best with the open toe booties but those seem to have a thicker sole and are not as feminine but I do love VC booties and do have some in a different style. Loved how you styled the dress two ways and you looked great in both.

  20. I don’t have glasses for the eclipse! I am looking forward to seeing amazing pictures later. Love the color of the dress you are wearing today.

  21. We’re in the path of totality in Oregon so we have gone to the coast to spend the weekend at my parents. We will have a great view here as the eclipse first hits the West Coast. We came early since it’s supposed to cause “the biggest traffic event in Oregon history”. So far so good, but all of the hotels are rented to full capacity for the weekend so it will get crazy I’d imagine in the next day or so. I’m glad we are at my parents’ house. Are they expecting the same sort of thing to happen in Kentucky with tourists?

    1. I live in Oregon too and only 1 hour from Seaside Oregon. Where are you at? My son and daughter are in Bend, Oregon and will get a great view too. Lots of planning for this in our area for something only happening a little over a minute. 🙂 Good thing you went early. Have fun.

      1. We live in Damascus, Oregon but my parents’ house is in Salishan (Lincoln City). We had no idea when all of us first made plans a year ago that it would be so crazy! My son and his new wife got married two weeks ago and went on their honeymoon to Bend but came home last night because they both have to go back to work on Tuesday and they were afraid they’d have a hard time making it home. I’m glad your son will have such a great view! The traffic has been real light so far but I’d imagine that’ll change tomorrow. Have fun!

        1. Lorrie….I know both Damascas and Salishan. Congrats to your son. Great place to honeymoon. Our family has always vacationed in Bend. They were probably smart to head home early as my son said its suppose to be crazy. He lives there but my daughter and her husband still need to travel home after the eclipse sometime. Enjoy and thanks for replying.

  22. I love the dress and just ordered it from Belk. It is on sale there for $124.60. I don’t shop at Nordstrom for political reasons.

  23. Love the dress on you Cyndi, looks fabulous. Booties look super cute too but unfortunately I can’t wear open toe shoes anymore. Feet problems.
    For those inquiring about Jean jackets, Old Navy has them in white, light and dark denim.
    I hope you enjoy watch the Eclipse Monday.
    Have a nice weekend!

  24. If you let Nordstrom know that Belk is selling the dress for $124.60 then they might price match it. They have in the past when I used to shop with them.

  25. Yeah I saw the same color dress on old navy website today and thought the same thing price wise( I know on the Canada site they’re 50% off today)… also came in a nice olive green too. And yes you can’t beat old navy for their denim jackets.

  26. Love the dress & the booties. I live in Western KY (Paducah) lots of people here. All Hotels have been booked for awhile.

  27. My family and I were just vacationing in FL and then on our way home we stayed at the Prizer Resort on Lake Barkley. We usually pass through Kentucky, but decided to do something a bit different. The views were lovely and we had a very relaxing time. Living in MN we will not be in the line of the Solar Eclipse. Looking forward to visting more of KY in the future.