Fall Cooking With Macy’s

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Happy Thursday, ladies! Today I’m gearing up for fall with some new kitchen items from Macy’s. Fall brings cooler temperatures, and that means we spend more time indoors.

Macy’s helps make fall cooking easy with the latest small appliances, bakeware, cookware, and knife sets.

Every Sunday, our family gets together after church for Sunday dinner, and I cook my family’s favorite meals. We all love Mexican food, so chicken fajitas are a hit. Of course, that means I have to chop some veggies and to be honest I haven’t always had the best knives.

I finally decided to invest in a good knife set and luckily Macy’s is having their VIP Sale with an extra 30% off using code VIP + Free Shipping at $75. The sale ends on September 22nd. This was the perfect time for me to get some sharp knives for all my slicing and dicing!

Fall Cooking With Macy's

Chicken Fajitas are easy to make because I can fix most of it ahead of time and then reheat it on Sunday. I sauté my chicken, peppers, and onions on Saturday, and it makes my Sunday dinner come together much quicker. We’re all hungry after church!

Fall Cooking With Macy'sFall Cooking With Macy's

Having good knives makes a big difference when you’re chopping vegetables!

Fall Cooking With Macy's

Another item I recently purchased, while on sale was my Brim Coffee Maker. This coffee maker makes great coffee!

Fall Cooking With Macy'sFall Cooking With Macy's

If you’re interested in purchasing a good knife set, I highly recommend checking out Macy’s. They have a large selection!

Fall Cooking With Macy's
This Calphalon Classic knife set has a built-in knife sharpener so my knives will always be sharp.

Fall Cooking With Macy'sFall Cooking With Macy's

Spending time around the kitchen table and sharing a meal with family and friends is one of our favorite things to do!

Fall Cooking With Macy's

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Beauty For the Heart~~Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace, and it’s used by the Jewish people to both greet and to bid farewell, and it means much more than “peace, hello or goodbye.”

I can’t think about this word, without thinking of my Mom. She had the word, Shalom sitting in the entryway when you entered their home. John 14:27 was her favorite verse, and I can still hear her saying it to me.

Shalom is more than simply peace; it is complete peace. It is a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, and well being.

It’s having peace in your life whether you’re in a season of blessing or a season of suffering. It’s the peace that passes all understanding (John 14:27).

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Looks like your kitchen is downstairs? As it looks like your new stone wall you had done in the background or am I imagining that? Thanks for your BFTH and I’m in need of some new sharp knives.

  2. We love Mexican style food! I gave a good knife set as a gift for Christmas.
    Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade!
    Share your recipe!

  3. Too funny because I just brought a new knife set from Macy’s also and like you, said “why did we wait so long to invest in new knives”. What a difference they have made in our kitchen. I didn’t want ones with black handles so I found some silver ones by Chicago Cutlery.
    Also love your moms word!

  4. I bought myself a set of good knives a couple years ago and boy how a simple thing like this can make life much easier in the kitchen. Glad you shared the coffee pot you like. A GOOD coffee maker is another kitchen essential for me as I like a good strong cup of coffee in the morning, not a Krup’s cup of coffee.

    Thanks for the BFTH message. Your Mom sounds like such a special lady. Can’t imagine how much you must miss her.

  5. A few words or maybe a lot of words about Sunday Dinner…
    We are a Sunday Dinner family too, which I don’t think is very common these days. Even though I grew up with a Sunday dinner tradition, I’m still surprised our adult children revere this weekly ritual so much. Their friends love to be included, saying “you know you’re in when you get the Sunday Dinner invite” as if it were a nightclub with a line outside…We don’t usually have anything elaborate like my Grandma did and my house looks like the circus came to town with kids and dogs running and everyone is talking over everyone else. If I can’t or don’t want to host and suggest we skip a week, one of my daughters insist we have it at their house and they get together without us if my husband and I are out of town. The Sunday dinner I grew up with included grandparents, aunts and uncles and me and my cousins running around in church clothes getting them dirty much to our mother’s dismay…. Leading the prayer was a huge honor too….these are some of the best memories of my life which fostered lifelong friendships amongst my cousins.

    1. We have Sunday dinner at my house at least a couple of times a month. One of my favorite things is the grandchildren running in and saying, “What did you cook, Mimi??!!”
      These are special times! I wish we could revive the Sunday Dinner w/family tradition. It seems to be going away in our “busy, busy, busy” society.

  6. Our family had Sunday Dinners after church when I was a kid! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & cousins . . . and sometimes the pastor & his family! I can remember Mom frying chicken in her cast iron skillets! My daughter wants us to start that tradition again! Even though we all live in the same city (except my Mom), it is so hard to get together, even for 1 meal. I guess that tells us, we are just too busy and need to slow down!
    We have the exact knife set & block . . . absolutely love it!
    My husband travels to Japan once a month and he’s on a knife kick right now. He tries to bring home 1 Kamata knife per trip. Kamata Knives are the best . . . handmade and hand sharpened!

  7. I know this isn’t the post but I am wondering where you got the snakeskin pants that you had on in your IG story?? I thought the pants and blouse were super cute!

    1. Hi Cyndi,
      I love your blog!! Never heard how the micro-needling went. Was it painful? Have you seen any results yet? Please share your thoughts. Thanks

  8. Hi Cyndi! We are a peanut butter family!! Peanut butter in or on anything or simply on a spoon! I thought I’ve tried just about every PB pie recipe, but have never tried Mrs. Spivey’s or one with a meringue topping! Can’t wait to try it out on my family. Thanks for sharing!! YUM!