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Fall Fashion Featuring Kuhfs

Fall Fashion Featuring KuhfsHappy hump day! I shared this cowl neck poncho with you earlier in the fall. It’s comfortable and perfect for a cool fall day.

I was recently given Kuhfs to add to my fall wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Featuring Kuhfs
Kuhfs are a fashion accessory created by Amy Olson, and they can add style to your boots and instantly change up your outfit.

Fall Fashion Featuring KuhfsAre you looking for a way to add animal print to your outfits, but are a little intimidated by it? These Amazon Kuhfs are the perfect way for you to incorporate this print into your wardrobe in a subtle way. The neutral tones of this print make them the perfect Kuhfs for your brown, black or grey boots.

I love this style board that was put together and the Kuhfs were added to black boots. dc7ed06a6d957f4a3cf83b0d31899b4fI think these would make a great Christmas gift!

Fall Fashion Featuring Kuhfs

Fall Fashion Featuring KuhfsOutfit details: Cowl neck poncho//White long sleeve shirt//Skinny Jeans//Boots//Kufhs//Earrings//Watch

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Beauty For the Heart~~Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. ~Ronald Reagan

Today we honor our Veterans. I’m so thankful for their service to our country!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi,
    Love your Kuhfs !! You look beautiful as always! 🙂
    I’m partial to the boot socks with lace that sticks out the top of boot.
    Love to our Vets… My hubby is a former Marine- lots of respect goes to our Vets who gave their life to serve his/her country-and those who are still serving or has served!

  2. In the email that introduced this post, you asked about where to get dress pants. I’ve started to purchase more of my pants from Loft. The fabric quality is good, but I often need to size down to find a good fit.

  3. Try Dress Barn for dress pants! I am loving Dress barn. I find lots of great items that fit my body and my pocketbook!

  4. As usual, you styled a great look Cyndi!

    My husband is a Vietnam Vet (Air Force), and like so many, dealing with the side affects of Agent Orange. God Bless all of our past, current, and future military personnel, and their families.

  5. Good morning!
    I like the idea of the kuhfs.
    My husband served in the Air Force. I’m so proud of our service/military members.
    God bless you all.

  6. I love the boot accessories. You can purchase them at Target also for around $6. You asked where we like to shop for our dress pants. I have to dress up every day for work and I have found the dress pants at Christopher & Banks (the Modern Day fit I think they are called) are good as well as the “So Slimming Peyton” pants from Chicos.

  7. If your looking for an affordable dress pant, JCPenney’s Worthington brand comes in all sizes and lengths and is often on sale for less than $25.

  8. For all us spouses,
    The Silent Ranks

    I wear no uniforms,
    no blues or army green.
    But I am in the military
    in the ranks, rarely seen.

    I have no rank upon my shoulders,
    salutes I do not give.
    But the military world
    is the place where I live.

    I’m not in the chain of command,
    orders I do not get,
    But my husband is the one who does,
    this I cannot forget.

    I’m not the one who fires the weapon,
    who puts my life on the line.
    But my job is just as tough
    I’m the one that’s left behind.

    My husband is a patriot, a brave,
    and prideful man,
    And the call to serve his country,
    not all can understand.

    Behind the lines I see the things
    needed to keep this country free
    My Husband makes the sacrifice,
    but so do our kids and me.

    I love the man I married,
    Serving our country is his life.
    But I stand among the silent ranks
    known as the military wife.
    -Author unknown

  9. Hi Cyndi,

    I was wondering if, at some time, you could fashion some ideas for casual winter wear that does not include skinny jeans. I wear skinny jeans with boots sometimes, but could use some other ideas. Thanks and have a great day.

  10. Good Afternoon,
    I was wondering if you have ever worn the skirted leggings they sell on QVC? I have purchased 3 of them and I love them. They are so comfy and are great with flats, boots, booties and heels.

    I think you would look so cute in them. If you get a chance check them out.

    1. Hey Sheri, I don’t wear perfume very often because I use essential oils. But I do have some Gucci perfume and wear it every once in a while. 🙂

  11. I’m certain I’ll get slammed for this! I’m sorry…I think you’re a beautiful lady but these just look like your trying too hard. There are often times things that are fashionable on others that we more mature ladies really need to leave alone! It kinda goes along with the saying “just because it fits doesn’t mean you should wear it” My Granny called those gals “sticky” as opposed to tacky. Granted I’m no fashion diva just stating my opinion.