Fall Fashion-Peep Toe Booties from Payless

Welcome back to my 26 Days of Fall Fashion! Today I’m teaming up with Payless and styling a pair of peep toe booties. These booties are so cute and perfect for this time of year.

Fall Fashion-Peep Toe Booties from PaylessSo..I waited to long to style this blouse from Nordstrom and it’s now out of stock. Ugh!! It’s such a great blouse for early fall because of the colors. I have already worn it several times.

Fall Fashion-Peep Toe Booties from Payless

These peep toe booties are stylish and can be added to a lot of your fall outfits. They do run true to size. I wore them around the house for a few hours and they were comfortable. I don’t think you would want to stand in them for eight hours but that’s typical for any heel.

Fall Fashion-Peep Toe Booties from Payless
I added a this Halogen cardigan. I love being able to wear a cardigan with a sleeveless top when the weather turns cool.

Fall Fashion-Peep Toe Booties from PaylessPayless-peep-toe-booties-1These peep toe booties are a great bootie to add to your fall wardrobe and the best part is they are affordable.

Fall Fashion-Peep Toe Booties from PaylessOutfit Details

Floral blouse (out of stock)//Skinny jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Halogen cardigan (I’m wearing a small)//Peep toe booties//Earrings (Use discount code graceandbeauty456 for $10 off)//Watch

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Beauty For the Heart~~“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Jeremiah 31:25

Take some time today to be refreshed. Spend some time in God’s word.

Have a blessed day!

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***This post was sponsored by Payless but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the peep toe bootie look also; it’s so fashionable and not just for the YOUNG ones! BTW, I love the sweater too; you don’t often see that shade of blue.

  2. Just too cute!!!! As much as i love FALL, it is the hardest season to dress for me. I live in south/ central Alabama, and it is still in the upper 90’s here!!! ugh!!!! I have a question, and i hope i’m not the only dummy here, but when is the correct time to change out summer clothes for fall??? I see so many different opinions, and as i said, its still very HOT here in the south, so cardigans and long sleeves are not an option for us yet!!! LOL Also, do i have to put up the white jeans for fall/winter??? Thanks so much for your help, and the awesome spiritual encouragement every day!!!!!

    1. Just an opinion from a lady in South East KY… but I LOVE wearing my white jeans in the FAll, tucked in my brown tall boots with a chambray(denim) blouse!!!! Then I put them away for the winter when I start wearing more blacks.

  3. Hi Cyndi,
    Thanks for putting me onto Payless! I had never been in that store and typically purchase my shoes at higher-end stores like Macy’s or Belk, After endlessly searching for a pair of gladiator sandals this summer I went into Payless and there they were….the very shoe I had in mind! After that, I received a terrific coupon for $10 off and then went back and purchased a pair of sandals that I constantly get compliments on. They are well made and stylish….AND inexpensive, so I can buy several pairs! Both are the “Brash ” brand.

  4. I really like the outfit I like the booties but the taller heel is hard for me to ware. Thank you for sharing today!!😊

  5. Cyndi- I’m glad I have met you, you have inspired me so much. I’am too a pastor wife. I like how you dress nice and bring God’s word to your life as well.

    Found the blouse at Nordstrom… YEAHHHH!
    Pembrook’ Pintuck Pleat Top
    $55.00 Item #5198206
    The only bad thing is they only have Medium and I’m a Large:) But i thought I posted the item number in case someone wants to go to the website and purchase it.

  6. Pretty outfit… cute booties, Your looking refreshed and beautiful as always!!Enjoy Florida !! Many of my relatives live in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area (Golf Coast). Love going to Florida, just not in hurricane season. LOL

  7. I bought the booties online because I thought they were cute. They are taller than anything else I have, but they are comfortable. I have a desk job with only a little walking so I was able to wear them to work.I am happy I got them.

  8. I was also on a search for peep toe booties. Yours are adorable, but I needed a smaller heel. There are some adorable ones by “Earth” so comfy, perforated (tiny holes) in upper and side zip. You can also find the “earth” brand on Amazon (like everything). They are a little more expensive, but I think they will be well worth it!