Fall Fashion Preview from Nordstrom

Happy hump day! I’m gearing up for my fall fashion series starting on Friday, September 1st with a little preview of a fall outfit from Nordstrom.

This babydoll top is perfect for early fall and since we’ve been having some cool nights I have already worn it.

Fall Fashion Preview from Nordstrom

Fall Fashion Preview from NordstromMules are trending this fall and while I want to purchase a flat pair, I fell in love with these block heel mules.

Fall Fashion Preview from NordstromIf you’re looking for reasonably priced jeans, Articles of Society has a good selection and they’re all well under $100.

Fall Fashion Preview from NordstromThis Madewell handbag is a great everyday bag.

Fall Fashion Preview from NordstromI can’t believe it’s time to start sharing fall fashion! Dare I say it won’t be long until we are talking Christmas!

Fall Fashion Preview from NordstromBabydoll Top (also in plus size)//Articles of Society Jeans//Block Heel Mule//Earrings (similar here)//Handbag

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Nordstrom has a great selection of fall clothes and accessories all at different price points. They also have free delivery and free return shipping,

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  1. Just curious people’s thoughts as to whether cold shoulder blouses are appropriate for a business casual environment? I work in higher education. It’s not super dressy/conservative where I work, but I can’t figure out if cold shoulders are too casual or not.

    1. I also work in a similar environment and I do wear cold shoulder tops. I’m careful on my choice, but as long as it’s not a low v cut or anything, I wear it.

    2. I was just wondering the same thing. I never got on the cold shoulder blouses kick (I can’t see how anyone thinks they’re flattering) but aside from that I just can’t seem to take anyone seriously when they have one on. Might be showing my age here! (55) Our law firm is very casual but I would not wear a cold-shoulder top to work.

      1. I agree with this comment as well as they many others that didn’t love the trend to begin with and are now pretty tired of it. I’ve held my comments because I thought I was the only one, but it seems to be almost a majority who aren’t fans. Although the look tends to favor most body types, it just seems like a silly trend. Give me a sleep sleeveless top or dress any day! Thanks for letting us opionate! 😉 You always look cute.

    3. My rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is, if I have to question whether something is too short, too low, too tight or too, (fill in the blank), it probably is; then choose to leave it on the rack. Although I personally think a cold shoulder is too casual for business attire, some are modest and could possibly pass. However, in my humble opinion, most cold shoulder tops are over-exposing for professional work wear.

      1. 2 cents coming…I also feel they are inappropriate for work. BUT I do routinely wear sleeveless blouses which show my hole arm and maybe a little shoulder and think nothing of it other than keeping a jacket on hand for meeting with clients…I guess I’m just old school, there’s probably nothing really wrong with it. I remember my grandmother scolded me when she found out I shaved my legs above the knee and it too me YEARS to finally stop wearing slips just because I’d been wearing them since I was 5!

    4. I work as an administrator in a public school district and I do not feel the cold shoulder style is work appropriate. I have two tops like that and I prefer to save them for the weekend or evenings. A

  2. The top that you linked to is a different print and I don’t see the print that you have on
    Anyway it’s already sold out in everything but large and extra large
    Hope you will be featuring Glamour Farms in the coming weeks
    Their prices are amazing and you always give a discount code!!!

    1. Glamour Farms is having 20% off right now for their Labor Day sale. This may help off set their high shipping cost. I was thinking they run high for the quality especially after adding shipping…… But, saying that, they do run sales and cute items. I love anything I’ve purchased from them and always get asked where I got them. 🙂

      1. Hi Kathy
        I agree about shipping on Glamour Farms sometimes I will see an item but hesitate to place a small order because their shipping is so expensive
        I usually wait until I order 2-3 items to justify shipping costs
        I’m usually very satisfied with the quality of Glamour Farms items

  3. Such a sweet outfit… just wish the blouse wasn’t cold shoulder. When it starts to cool off I want to feel covered, and cozy. But a great look on you as always. Have a wonderful day… looking forward to your fall fashions series. Not sure when our weather will change to start wearing what I’ve picked up already. Don’t want to get to ahead of myself

  4. Just bought my first cold shoulder top to wear to an upcoming wedding and I love it. Looking forward to the Fall fashion series. I love Fall and I love wearing sweaters.

  5. I totally LOVE this look!!!! Wish the exact blouse was still available!!! While i probably wouldn’t wear it in a professional office environment, i would certainly wear it out on a weekend or to church. If you haven’t tried the cold sholder look, you all should just give it a try before you disregard it. I didn’t think it would look good on me since im busty and sholder-y, but if it is loose fit at the bottom, it totally works on us broad sholdered and busty ladies!!! Can’t wait till Fall Fashion!!!!!

    1. I don’t like the cold shoulder look, but I have tried several on anyway just to see. Still not a fan. I even showed my husband one time when he was shopping with me and he said they looked weird. I wish the trend would pass, but if ladies keep buying them, they will keep making them. But I will not be participating because there are lots of other styles that I do like! (But not mules!)

  6. Love this outfit! I would probably wear booties with it……I’m having a difficult time getting on board for the mules.

  7. I am so excited for autumn! I am starting to love the mules. I found the best pair of brown suede at Belk and can’t wait to wear them. Here is to pumpkin latte!

  8. You look so cute Cyndi. Great transition outfit. I see lots of comments on the cold shoulder. Personally, I don’t like them and don’t have one. I also am tired of seeing everyone wearing them. I guess its been overdone for me. Please show more tops in the Fall series without it. I think they should not be worn in the business, work setting. I like Article of Society jeans, so thanks for sharing those. They are good price for the quality. I’m excited for the Fall series and yes…..here’s to Pumpkin Latte’s. 🙂

    1. I agree with this comment. Open shoulders are everywhere and I feel like it’s over done. Please show us some other trends. After all fashion comes in many forms.

    2. I agree with this comment re cold shoulders. I felt strange the day I wore one to work thinking it was too sexy, although my coworker laughed at me and said you’re only showing a little shoulder I just felt uncomfortable. BUT it looks adorable on you !!

  9. This is a really cute outfit! I love those mules! I would not have tried the cold shoulder top had I not seen it on Cyndi first. I don’t like the way it looks on me, but i do love how it looks on others! Thanks, Cyndi, for sharing your ideas! I always find inspiration in your outfits. I’m looking forward to your fall fashion series with Jo-Lynne! You two are always so much fun and you both push me to try new looks. Have a great evening!


  10. Looks great on you… but I am so over the cold shoulder look. Didn’t like it at all when I’ve tried it and would never wear to work. Would love to see more of other types of options.

    1. Thanks Cyndi….i know you style other options for sure. So please know my issue is really with the designers…definitely not you…want to see different options in the stores!

  11. I love the outfit & it looks great on you! I also love the cold shoulder style in tops & dresses & I have quite a few of both 😄

  12. My goodness! I have never read such negativity on clothes. Geesh! Some of you, sound like you’re stuck in the 70’s. It’s 2017. Fashion & styles have changed. Cold shoulder tops, are very age appropriate for the right environment & occasions. Perfect for, Girls Night/Lunch, Date Nights, Movies, Parties or Simply wearing it casually at home. Etc,, They come in a tons of different styles, that you can be comfortable with. You’re only showing your shoulders, not your boobs!

  13. You look very cute Cyndi but I too am so over the cold shoulder tops. I’m curious why you seem to be all about Nordstrom lately? They are so over priced in my opinion. What happened to The Loft, Old Navy, The Gap, etc? And the occasional Target purchase? Haven’t seen any of your Stitch Fix items lately either.

  14. I love your hair! It always looks beautiful. I’m thinking of cutting mine in a similar style. My current style is long, halfway down my back, and on my nerves. I just have to get up the guts to cut it.

    1. Tonya one thing that might help with your decision to get a new style is when you do decided to cut your hair donate it to Locks of Love , for Cancer survivor’s. I had waist length hair and when I got my cut I donated my hair, only to find out later that year that I would be a Cancer survivor and receiving a wig myself.

  15. You look great~you were the first fashion blog that I followed! Always enjoy seeing what you’re wearing as well as your hairstyle. I just wish I could get my hair to look like yours! I really don’t understand why wearing a sleeveless blouse or dress is ok, but wearing a cold shoulder top, showing a small portion of the arm is too revealing. Don’t understand that logic! Continue wearing the cold shoulder tops, they look great on you!

  16. I don’t wear any cold shoulder tops because I get, ha,ha, cold. This trend was big in the early 90’s and I was cold back then, too. I wear long underwear when temps drop into the upper 50’s so there’s that. I sure love that print, so cute!

  17. I absolutely LOVE your outfit today!! Looks amazing on you!!! I will definitely be looking at this top for my fall wardrobe!! Also, I guess I am one of those rare people, but mules are and always will be my “go to” shoe – I have quite a few pairs. I love being able to slide in and out of them at a moments notice – I have a Giant Schnauzer that I take out for quick walks, and not having to sit and put shoes on and off is a WIN for me!! Glad fashion has finally caught up to me 😉😉😉

  18. Cyndi, I love cold shoulders. I am sorry people feel they are entitled to be so rude. I appreciate you, and I know you put a lot of time and effort into blogging. Thank you!

    1. I just looked back through the comments and thought that everyone was relatively polite and respectful. Just because they have a differing opinion doesn’t make it rude. In fact, I love that people who comment here feel that they can voice their honest opinion and still be polite! Please don’t stifle that honesty by calling people “rude”. We all have different likes and dislikes and there is nothing wrong with that.