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Fall Inspired Outfits

Happy hump day, ladies! Fall is in the air here in Kentucky this week, so I’m sharing some fall inspired outfits.

Fall brings cool crisp mornings and evenings, pumpkin lattes, and gorgeous mums in shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, and white pop up everywhere. I’m ready for all the fall vibes!

Fall Inspired Outfits

I love the mix of blue and orange abstract prints in this top. It’s a silky fabric and looks great with denim.

Vicki Top (small) • Margo Jeans (sold out, similar HERE) • Booties (less expensive option HERE, medium neutral color ) • Earrings

Florals are going strong this fall, and this pretty blouse is fully lined with ruffled sleeves and a high neckline.

Hollis Top (small) • Margo Jeans (sold out, similar HERE) • Booties (less expensive option here) • Earrings

This lightweight neutral colorblock sweater is perfect for early fall.

Scarlett Sweater (small) • Margo Jeans (sold out, similar HERE) • Booties (less expensive option here) • Earrings

Lastly, I’m styling a pretty a-line green dress. I’m 5’5″, and it’s a little short on me, but this is great for my petite ladies. Add a denim jacket when the weather is chilly.

Ashton Dress (small) • Booties (less expensive option HERE) • Earrings

Make sure you check out all the new fall arrivals at Avara!

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Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Blouses are so pretty. Definitely a fall vibe. Love your bangs. I’ve been on the fence on cutting mine back in. I grew my hair out, but find that with my thick, but fine hair, it’s always just falling in my face and I end up clipping it back. So the bang “thing” is appealing! You look great!

  2. Love these looks….also, had to compliment you on your new hair style. The bangs looks great on you. Lots of people can’t pull it off!

  3. Welcome Fall, great change from 100+ degrees last week. The link for the Hello Pumpkin tee takes me to a jewelry website. Thought you’d like to know

  4. I LOVE your bangs. I’m glad you tried it. I think you’ll really like having bangs. I’ve always had bangs and shorter hair. You look younger. 🙂 I love the outfits. I am always so attracted to the suede booties in the Fall but when I buy them my jeans dye on them and our rains come so early in the NW by the time I start to wear them, then its too wet out. Sometimes we have a drier Fall, like so far this one, so thats nice. I haven’t ordered yet from AVARA but they have really cute things.

    1. Super cute (as always!). In mountains of NC, it’s been a lot like fall too, loving it!! If you don’t mind me asking, what color highlights did you get? It’s really pretty. Thanks!

  5. OMG…….I love your hair!!! It turned out so cute and make you look younger. Always a good thing. It seems flatter than you usually wear it and I like that look as the younger set seem to prefer it flatter on top. I am short so I like some height too but at times flatten it out on top. The haircut is prefect. Take a selfie and leave on your phone so you can remember the look you are trying to create. That helps me. The clothes are gorgeous too! It’s so nice in Mississippi too.

  6. Just when I thought you couldn’t look any more beautiful, you did. Love your hair!! How do you keep aging backwards? Love the outfits too!

  7. You’re so beautiful – these pictures are great. I really love the orange and blue we are seeing this yea( so, I really love the 1st blouse.

    1. Oh I LOVE your bangs. I’ve had bangs most of my life – glad to hear they are coming back. The outfits, as always, are beautiful. ❤️

  8. I love your bangs!! Your hair looks beautiful. I’ve worn bangs pretty much all my life and at my age now I call them “poor man’s Botox”!!

  9. Cyndi, I love your new cut with the bangs! It totally suits you. I’ve worn bangs most of my life and I always love the way they frame your face. Also, love the tops your styling. I discovered Avara through you and have several of their tops now. They are well made and reasonably priced.

  10. Love the bangs!! I’ve had bangs all my life so glad to hear they’re on trend for this fall:) what gorgeous blouses from Avara . I’ve ordered from them once before and they seem to have beautiful items! Are the Margo Jeans the same as the Risen Jeans?
    Not sure when fall weather is coming our way. It’s been a dry and muggy spring and summer with little to no rain ( which probably means lots of snow 🙈) I just bought a beautiful large pot of mums from Costco in the deep burgundy for the front porch so at least it can look like fall!

  11. The bangs looks so great, you look like your 25! Do you know what kind of extensions your stylist uses and may I ask why you get them, to add length or fullness or both?

  12. Bangs or Fringe as we call them in the UK look fabulous. I’ve always had a fringe and they say as you get older they keep the years at bay and I must say I think it’s true. Great outfits

  13. Hi Cyndi,
    I think the fall outfits are great! You look really nice in all of them. I love the bangs! They are so flattering on you. I’ve worn bangs my whole adult life and it’s exciting to hear I’ll actually be in style now, lol.

  14. Love all these clothes from Avara! Ugh, wish I could fit in the size Large but alas they will be too small:( They need XL options!