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Fall Jewelry Preview 2015

This month I’ve been sharing some of what we’ll be seeing this fall in fashion. We’ve talked about shoes and shearling coats and vests.

Today, I’m sharing a fall jewelry preview 2015. It’s fun to see what they say we will be wearing this fall.

I have noticed over the years, we sometimes embrace the trends from the runways and other times they may say it’s going to be a hot trend but it never catches on.

Anyway, here is what you can look for in the stores this fall!

1. Long chain necklaces. These have been trending this whole year and I love them. I like that they are delicate and can be worn by any age group.

2. Chokers. Hmm, not sure about this one mainly because I’m not dying to accentuate my neck.

3. Tassels. Well this is not a surprise! Keep the tassels coming, I love them!

4. Fringe. This is going to be everywhere this fall…jewelry, handbags, boots, and cardigans. I think it’s a fun trend!

5. Oversized Brooch. Another one I’m not sure about but I won’t say never.

6. Pearls. Let me clarify, if you’re from the south, ahem, pearls never go out of style. They are a must have but I’m glad to see they’re going to be trending this fall.


I think there is going to be some fun trends in jewelry this fall and I’m anxious to start wearing some of them!

Which trend do you like the best for fall 2015?

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Doing something today that will bless someone on their journey!

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love the pearls – and as a southern girl I completely agree that they never go out of style! Not sure about the oversized broach but it does remind me of jewelry my grandmother used to wear!

  2. I like the chain necklaces in different lengths and love my initial necklace and my diamond cross, which never goes out of style.

    It has been a pleasure to read your blog and be refreshed with not only scripture but with fun fashion ideas. I’m not a blog follower, as I try not to let too much precious time be used up by the Internet, but I love yours!! Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement as we are all in this together! ❤️


  3. I never got into the statement necklaces. Guess I don’t like to “stand out”. I like the chains and things that are simple. For me #1 is favorite.

  4. I do like a nice statement necklace but do not like that big fringe necklace/collar thing at all. I have a lot of very good pieces of jewelry that I enjoy wearing so really don’t need any more. But I do enjoy buying trendy jewelry like Stella & Dot for my daughter and two daughter-in-laws.

  5. Loving the long necklaces and tassels, not so sure I’ll be buying any chokers though. Very reminiscent of my middle school days!

  6. I’m always a fan of pearls! The long tassel necklaces look fun as well, although I struggle with the layered necklace look. Am I the only one that has a tangle within 20 minutes?

  7. I’m a steel magnolia and my pearls are never put away! For the summer I’ve been wearing a lot of stacked bracelets. Depending on what I stack, the look can go classic or boho.

  8. Brooches? Wow, long time no see to those. 🙂

    I love the long necklaces but have already broken two of them. It seems that I lean over and catch it on something. What’s your secret to keeping them in one piece?

    Love the pearls especially mixed with silver and gold jewelry.

  9. Love the long necklace trend. I’m with you on the choker trend! I just purchased a pair of fringe boots this weekend and can’t wait to wear them! I do have a tassel necklace on my DIY list for fall.

  10. Okay well I think I may be the only one but I really do like chokers. Just something simple and then pair it with a little bling or dangly earrings

  11. I just wore a broach/pin on Saturday—it was my grandmothers and I wore it to her funeral. I kinda like broaches. I also bought one last winter from a W.A.R jewelry party. They can make a big statement but yet keep things simple.

    I like all the trends but the fringe/bib type necklaces–they seem heavy and hot. I think after a couple hours I would be screaming “Get this thing off of me!”

  12. I love the long Kendra Scott necklaces with and without the tassels. 🙂 I still wear my Stella and Dot statement necklaces when I need a pop of color too. Not as big on braclets these days for some reason.

  13. I don’t feel dressed without my jewelry! I have several tassel necklaces, and love long chains. I agree with you on the chokers, will not work on a mature neck, ha! I also enjoy layering my necklaces.
    I’m loving all the fringe. I bought my first pair of open toed booties with fringe last week. Looking forward to wearing them!

    Have a Great Day,

  14. You are always a blessing to me, I look forward to finding your post in my inbox everyday. Love your encouragement for the heart & style ideas! Thanks for all you do & letting your light shine for Christ! Have a blessed day

  15. I always love pearls (I’m southern too!) and I am glad to see the return of brooches- pins we call them in Tennessee. I just don’t know about fringe though. My sister-in-law bought me a sweater with fringe on it and it seems to be tangled all the time. I have a long owl necklace that I like to wear.

  16. I especially like the more subtle chains as in picture 1 and I’m a super big fan of pearls. They never go out of style whether you’re from the south or not. They’re just classic pieces that can go with most anything whether it be dressy or with blue jeans and a nice tee. Thanks Cyndi for getting us ready for the Fall!

  17. I do like the tassels, fringe, long necklaces and I would like to find a modern or vintage brooch to feminize an army style jacket.

    Thanks for the style update and spiritual encouragement.



  18. I know as a Southern woman I should love the pearls, but I have honestly never felt comfortable wearing them. Now, that being said, I really do like the pearl necklace in the picture you provided and I would probably wear that one :). My mom – a true southern lady – gave me all of her pearls before she passed away and I’ve never worn them. My 23 yr. old daughter channels her nana and she wears them everywhere 🙂 – Bless her!
    I’m not a fan of the choker for various reasons – as a clostrophobic anything around my neck, that feels constricking is a big NO – yep, I’m wacky like that!

    1. The one thing about pearls…they are truly a ladies jewelry! You don’t see men wear them. As a southern belle, I have been known to clean house wearing mine just to feel better!

  19. Loving it all, except maybe fringe which reminds me of my awkward pre teen years….especially like the long delicate chains.

  20. I love real pearls and the imitation pearls. I also love your picture on the blog. God Bless you for the sweet blog. Sometimes it feels like a women’s retreat. People share their hearts and encourage one another. The jewelry and clothes are an awesome bonus.

  21. I’m loving the long, delicate necklaces. Something so pretty and feminine about them. I could deal without the fringe myself.

  22. We southerners seem to always rock a style vibe unto ourselves! I am always a fan of the long necklace because it elongates the body and draws the eye up and down. I am with you on the chocker…talk about drawing the eye to an area I don’t want people to notice! Thanks for the trend update.


  23. I love them all – including the choker! I won’t (sadly) be wearing that one any more, but I used to LOVE chokers, especially if you have a beautiful, long, thin neck – my time is done on that one, but younger girls will loved it’s!! Otherwise love all the other looks – I too am a fan of the more delicate necklaces – can’t wait!!!

  24. I just started wearing longer necklaces and really like them. A few other trends I’ve noticed are rings seem to be making a comeback. In earrings I’ve seen several stores with the studs in colors like Kate Spade.

  25. I’m with you on the chokers. I don’t know very many 40+ women who are thrilled about showing off their necks to that extent. A couple of years ago, I fell in love with big brooches. We were invited to a “next day” event on a Thursday evening. The only thing that I was satisifed with was a pair of gray trousers and a black jacket, but t needed something else. I dashed off to Target and found a really pretty LARGE brooch. I bought it in a hurry and put it on the jacket and kind of liked it. At the Friday evening event, I got more compliments on that brooch that it almost humored me. That was it, I became a true brooch fan.

  26. I love the pearls but find it awkward to wear long necklaces because of a well endowed chest–they never seem to hang right! Any suggestions??