Fall Outfits from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy hump day ladies! We are having some hot weather here in Kentucky and never mind me; I’m over here trying on fall clothes. I feel a little crazy! Of course, if the shoe fits wear it, right?

I ordered some of my favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and the sizes are limited because items sell out so quickly, but they will restock so I’ll keep an eye out and let you know when they get more sizes.

First up, I’m styling a black cashmere sweater with leopard jeans. I think the sweater runs a bit small. I’m wearing an XS but would prefer a small. The jeans run big, so I sized down one size.

Halogen Cashmere Sweater (I’m wearing an XS but prefer a small)//Leopard Frame Jeans (Run slightly big, so I sized down to a 27)//Vince Camuto Booties (I sized up 1/2 size)//Bracelet

This Gibson twist front pullover is so soft! My pattern is out of stock, but there are more colors. I’m also wearing Kut from the Kloth black jeans. I size down one size in this brand of jeans.

Twist Front Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Kut from the Kloth black jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Caslon Sneakers (I’m sized up 1/2 size)

This blouse is so pretty, and I love the detail with the neckline. It would be a great option for work this fall. I styled it with Frame flare jeans.

Swiss Dot Blouse (I’m wearing an XS//Frame Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Vince Camuto Booties (Sized up 1/2 size)//Bracelet

I’m in love with this quilted coat, but it sold out quick. I’m wearing a small, and there is a small size left on the website. Hopefully, they’ll restock this coat.

Quilted Bomber Coat (I’m wearing a small)

These camisoles are perfect under cardigans and blazers. I’m also wearing a Leith cardigan that comes in several colors. My open toe booties are Cole Haan, and they are so comfortable!

Leith cardigan (I’m wearing an XS)//AG jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Off-white Camisole (I’m wearing a small)//Cole Hann Booties (I ordered up 1/2 size)

I love a camel color sweater in the fall and winter. This one is soft and a little oversized.

Topshop sweater (I’m wearing an XS)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Bracelet

Everyone raves about these Rails plaid shirts. I can see why because it is very soft, but I don’t feel like I wear this style shirt enough to justify the price. It runs small so definitely size up and there are more colors available.

Rails Plaid Shirt (I’m wearing a small)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Caslon Sneakers (I sized up 1/2 size)

I knew this leopard cardigan would sell out quick. I’ll keep you posted if they restock. The black camisole is not available, but hopefully, they will restock it too.

Leopard Cardigan (I’m wearing an XS)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Black Camisole (I’m wearing a small)

This top is one of my favorites! I love the high neckline and ruching. It comes in several different colors.

Smocked Jersey Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Frame Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Vince Camuto Booties (Sized up 1/2 size)//Bracelet

Lastly is this trench coat. I ordered my right size, and I love it. This is definitely a keeper!

Drapey Trench Coat (I’m wearing an XS)

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Beauty For the Heart~~“But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.” -Francis Chan

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Sometime can you talk of how your style has evolved since you started blogging? You seem to have started a little more on the conservative side, and now I notice that you’ve become more trendy, along with personal changes such as weight loss, longer hair, etc..

    1. That’s a good suggestion, Sheri. I, too, have noticed a definite change since I first started following Cyndi.

    2. Sheri I would love to address it. I’ll try to get something together. One way I try to explain it is when you start a job, you don’t know all that goes with your new job/career.

      When I graduated from college and started practicing as a dental hygienist, I didn’t know what I knew when I quit 25 years later. I was a much better hygienst when I quit.

      My style has evolved because i”ve learned what looks best on me and I’m better at fashion than when I started.

      I have made other changes and I can address those too.

  2. Hi there! LOVE everything you post on this blog and Instagram! It’s all so classy and great info for us girls that aren’t 20-something anymore, Hahaha. I have a few questions… and, apologize because the info is probably already here, but I just couldn’t find it. With the FWTFL plan… I know you attend classes but, if I purchase, are the exercises easy to do at home? Or, is there a class in SC? Also, you once mentioned a derma planer that you like to use at home in between visits… which one is that? Someone suggested Tinkle (Amazon) to me. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Elaine, you don’t attend classes away from home with the FWTFL. They do have live workouts that they do with you and they tape them so you can do them later in the day if you prefer.

      The exercises can be done at home. I do all mine that way. I modify if I think they are harder than what I can do.

      This is the dermaplaner I use from home> https://shopstyle.it/l/5Yzf

  3. Excited to see you style many of these items. I’m patiently awaiting my deliveries and several pieces are included in my purchases. Now to hope that they fit!

  4. I love these pieces you’ve chosen. I especially need to find a camel sweater this year and glad to see the color is back on trend. Love the quilted coat and trench coat but feel like I’d need a petite sizing as I’m only 5’3… I have a blush sneaker wedge that I bought in the spring so I’m also planning on adding a camel color pair like you styled.. also looks like the leopard sneaker shoe is back too🤗🤗.. it’s neem hot here.. under heat warnings last few days and today… going to be 100-108 over the weekend so more pool time 😉.
    Have a great day

  5. Yes, it is hard to think bout sweaters when it’s 95 outside:). Thanks for all the high neck tops. As I age and especially in colder weather I prefer my neck covered. I like the sleeveless one a lot because I tend to be too hot all year 😉, I’m not one who needs a sweater or jacket with AC on – LOL, and I’ve always been this way. The camisoles are so pretty too!

  6. So fun to see the new fall things! I tried to order the sneakers but they’re out of my size- I noticed that you labeled them Halogen, though, and the link is to the Caslon shoe. Does Halogen have a similar shoe? Thanks!!

    Have a lovely day!

  7. Cyndi, I love your style, and think all these things you picked out are absolutely wonderful. I don’t know how you can be so spot on ALL the time, but you are. It’s a lot of fun to follow you. I had admired the Rails shirts for a couple of years, particularly wanting a white one like you are wearing in today’s post, but I felt like they were just too expensive for the fabric they’re made of, plus they run small and I wondered about comfort. Then last winter I found a dupe at Maurices of all places for about $30, same type fabric, same white plaid, same style, but sized more normally (larger). They called it a tunic in the online description, but it’s not–just a shirt. Happy!

    1. I think you made the right choice. I like the shirt but I don’t wear this style that much so I’m going to send it back. I did want try it because a lot of people love them.

  8. Hey Cyndi! It is so hard to wrap my mind around fall clothes right now. I’m ready for cooler weather but the heat is brutal. I have been searching high and low for the camisoles you have shown above. Unfortunately they are out of stock at Nordstrom’s. Can you reccomend anywhere else to find them??

  9. You look adorable in everything! I especially love the leopard cardigan. Am hoping it’ll be back in stock soon!

  10. such cute looks!!! I snagged the camel sweater, and can’t wait to wear it. I’m looking every day to see what is restocked!!!! EVERYTHING went sooooo fast!!! There are several things i still want to get!!! You look so cute in ALL of it!!!

  11. I love everything you styled except those leopard jeans, as it just seems like too much leopard for women our age. Leopard print is nice in small doses for us 40 and up gals. I love the cardigan, as it an add on piece, and also earrings, bracelets, scarves/ hats and blouses look great too with that print. A long black cardigan would soften the look though for you ladies that just can’t resist wearing leopard jeans or tights. Lol.

  12. I already ordered the leopard twist front top and can’t wait to get it soon! Now I’m looking at the camel sweater:)

  13. oh dear here we are with triple digit temps here in so cal and you are showing my absolute favorite season fashions. perhaps we made a mistake when we transplanted here all those decades ago ??will not be putting this big tall body in those leopards though

    1. That’s weird, I live in So Cal too but the temps have been really mild this summer. We haven’t gotten above 80 at all with a breeze everyday. (But yes, still not sweater weather! 😉)

  14. Hi there! Do you know of another option for the $149 AG Jeans? I love the slit at the bottom and appreciate quality products, especially in clothing, but that’s still pricey for me. Thanks a ton!! Love your posts!