Fall Trend-Mid-Calf Boot

I am looking at fall boot trends and what boots I want to purchase. I love over the knee boots and booties but I have been noticing the mid calf boot.

Okay, they call them mid calf but technically they aren’t really mid calf. I guess it depends on the length of your leg but they do have a higher shaft than a bootie.

Fall Boot Trend
How To Wear the Mid Calf Boot Trend:

  • Choose a heeled boot which lengthens the legs (wedges are a great option).
  • Wear with dresses or skirts that sit above the knee.
  • Coordinate boot and tights color to elongate your legs.

This is an outfit I put together on how I would style the mid-calf boot.

mid calf boot outfit

Outfit Details

Dress//Mid-Calf boot//Necklace//Handbag (This is a Chloe handbag. I see a lot of bloggers styling Chloe handbags. The only way I can style one is to put it in a set like above. 🙂  They are pricey!)

One of the articles I read about the mid-calf boot said, at the end of the day the mid-calf is the most prominent trend on the runways for fall 2016, after the over-the-ankle boots. There you go!

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Have you tried the mid-calf boot trend? What are your thoughts??

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Beauty For the Heart~~It’s funny how the more technology I have to help me do everything quick, the less patience I seem to have.

I schedule more in one day than I can get done, and then I lose my patience because I can’t get it done! It’s crazy!

I love this quote by Joni Eareckson Tada, “The times we find ourselves having to wait on others may be the perfect opportunities to train ourselves to wait on the Lord.”

So today I’m going to mindful of being patient with myself and with others. I’m going to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I admire your tenacity in being a pastor’s wife, homemaker, and a daily fashion blog . You rock! Hope you take time to chill by the pool before the cold weather sets in…You deserve it.. I think those boots would make a lot of us look too short …Even with tights you would be cut off in the leg…ugh…5/3 and struggling with vertical length..

  2. I’m 54 and 5’6″ and I think this is an awful trend with dresses. I like short booties or shoeties with dresses but even then I think someone needs a lot of confidence because if you aren’t tan, have on a dark dress and dark booties, it does tend to break up the line. I do, however, like these boots with jeans. I’m usually slow to the trend party so I’ll probably change my mind in six months!

  3. I live the look of these boots, on other people. I am 47, 5’4″ and have “gymnast” legs, so very thick calves and thighs. I have to order wide-calf tall boots. These just hit right at the widest part of my calf and really thicken my legs. Maybe I will grab a pair to wear with jeans!

  4. Thank you for helping me navigate the trends. I am finding this task more difficult as I get older. I love fashion and getting guidance on how to style certain items is so awesome.

  5. I am also 47 and 5’4″ so I am vertically challenged. If I wear the mid calf boots it would have to be with skinny jeans/pants, but I’m afraid they would make me look shorter. However, I do love my mid calf cowgirl boots and wear them with skirts cut above the knee or a long skirt (knee length skirts are a bad option for me). This fall I will try the above knee boots! Thank you for your fashion ideas and inspiration!

  6. Hmmm… the trend looks interesting on a style board…but I’ll hold out to see you style it. 🙂 What doesn’t look good on you!

    I think the ankle boot/dress trend was a “meh” choice with last year…didn’t love it, didn’t hate it (and, truthfully, didn’t understand it. lol). Haven’t ruled it out yet either (even a year later).

    I love most boots when paired with tights, but when I saw the short boots with bare or nude-hosed leg…idk.

  7. A woman has to be careful with this bootie – pay attention to the shape of your legs. These can tend to make your calves bigger – morphs them right into your ankles and make you look like you have tree trunk legs. Best way to decide if they are for you, go to a local shoe store, Payless, DSW, Famous Footwear (for examples) and try on the bootie with skinny jeans or a dress. Look before you leap. 🙂

  8. I absolutely love this outfit today! And I am a boot lover as well. Last year I stepped out of my normal comfort zone and started wearing ankle books with heels on them. And I have worn knee boots for years. It’s going to take some time for me to get used to mid-calf boots. But it is good to see what trends are coming! I will give a plug for the Fall Work Wear Challenge… I loved the Summer Work Wear Challenge and my new facebook friends and our sharing of our styles. I am very excited you have decided to do a Fall Challenge!!

  9. Love the handbag … never could afford it. The only thing is I feel like you could only carry it if you wore solids. I normally don’t have time to change out my purse. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  10. Hmmmm. I’m not sure about this trend for me. The boots are pretty, but the heels on these are really high and a bit chunky for me. I can see myself tripping on the carpet and rolling down the hall! =} I would definitely have to look for a two-inch wedge. Even so, I’m with the other ladies in that I would need a boot and tight of the same color in order to elongate my frame.

    I do like the outfit you put together! Very pretty and good for fall!

    Thank you!


  11. I just can’t seem to make myself like these boots. 🙁 It’s like they are too short or not short enough. You know?

    I like ankle boots and I like regular knee high boots. I just don’t like mid calf or over the knee. I think it has to do with the fact I’m 5’4 and have thicker legs so I feel like both those types just don’t go with “me”.

    I do like how they look on others though. They’re just not for me so probably a fashion trend I will not keep up with.

    But keep up the info! Its great to know about the trends and see them. 🙂

  12. I actually tried some of these last fall, and just couldn’t get the right look. I am a huge fan of booties because full boots tend to be too tall for my legs – I’m 5’2- I’ve not tried the over-the knee boots, just feel too short to pull those off. As someone else said, I don’t care for bare legs and boots, I guess my thinking is, if it’s cold enough for boots, then it’s too cold for bare legs, but that’s just my opinion. The only exception is cowboy boots which are cute with a dress and bare legs – typically see this in the fall at football games and think it’s a cute look, but that may be for a “younger” group too.

    1. I have a pair of mid-thigh suede boots and black over the knee and I’m 5’1″ and I’ve had a lot of compliments on how I looked in them even though I’m short.

  13. Hmmmm….not certain about this yet. I’d like to see them on first before giving my final verdict! I love, love, love ankle boots, though!

  14. I love everything about this look! I don’t know if I can pull off the boots though, but I will definitely go to a local shoe store and try them before I buy them! I second Deanna ^ in regards to the Fall Work Wear Challenge…I can’t wait to sign up! I had so much fun doing the Summer Work Wear Challenge and learned so much about style and about myself!

  15. I love the look with dresses or skirts. But….being retired I don’t wear them anymore. I’m going to stick with the shorter booties and skinny jeans.

  16. I love the outfit. I have the high boots and was really starting to get into the ankle boots this year I got one pair and love them. I guess I’m Alittle behind times. Lol I’m someone that worries to much about what people might say. Oh well I’m stepping out maybe my front door and back. I need to have you come to my house. You put things together I like but don’t think of cute. I also try to do everything at once and get upset. My grandpa use to always say be still!! Now it clicks.

  17. I still have some of these from when they were in style years ago, haha!! Guess I’m going to have to bust them out!! I used to wear them where my pants went over them. Not sure they are for me since I’m 5’5″. But I think we are similar in build so I’m looking forward to seeing u style them. Not sure I’m ready to wear them with tights and dresses just yet. I’m 37 and a mom to 4 littles and I really appreciate you helping me navigate the trends and keeping me in style and modest at the same time!!

  18. Hey girl! Love this outfit and especially that you added a leopard bag with it. I love this look on gals with long pretty legs. I can totally see you in this! You have great legs but this shorty girl will continue to wear my ankle boots and booties that help lengthen my legs a tad.
    You sound like me about trying to do too much in a days time. I get crazed at times! I need to slow down and realize it’s all gonna be ok and let the OCD in me rest! 🙈

  19. Oh, still not feelin this trend—I just think nobody’s legs look good in boots that height. Maybe my eye will adjust as the trend gains momentum. If anybody can rock it, it will be you, Cyndi!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. do we really want anything hitting us at the largest part of anyplace on our bodies. Mid calf sounds so counter to most ideas. If anyone will rock this look it will be Cyndi.

  20. I’m not quite ready for summer to end, but I do love that dress! I could never feel good paying that much for a Chloe handbag. ( But shopping Kate Spade yesterday felt great!) Thanks for the great tip.

    1. Aldo always carry a great selection of handbags that are similar to designer ones but fraction of the cost 😉

  21. Love my mid calf hunters! Bought them last winter
    Id love to see them worn, too get the full effect of the leather mid calf..! 😀

  22. So looking forward to the fall challenge! I really enjoyed the Summer challenge and all the great options with just a few key pieces. After wearing scrubs for 35+ years… I now have a job that requires me to “get dressed” I feel so much better about my summer work wear choices.

  23. I personally struggled with the shooties due to skinny ankles. I get that shoe gap, mainly due to the fact I wear a size 10. The ankle is proportionate to the shoe size and mine is not! I will be curious to see these styled and find out if there is a way to fill the gap…😊

  24. So glad to see you style this dress. I bought it last week! I love the boots you pictured with it but would love to see a similar pair for $100 or less. Any more suggestions?