Fall Trend Report-Handbags

Before we talk about the fall trend report for handbags, let me say after looking at the trends, I think you could carry any handbag and be “in style.” It seems big, small, boxy, crossbody, fringe, vintage, and the list goes on, are all popular.

Fall Trend Report-Handbags
For me, it’s all about convenience. I like to carry a lot in my handbag so I generally veer towards the larger ones.

I get a lot of emails asking me to show my handbags in my pictures, but I’m kind of boring when it comes to what I carry. I pick one or two a season and I carry those all the time.

I don’t like switching handbags every day. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I also get questions about matching your handbag to your shoes or your belt. I would say it’s not necessary. Try to stay away from matchy matchy.

Gone are the days that we match our shoes and our handbag. Have fun with different patterns.

Without further ado, here are some handbags you might want to carry this fall/winter.

1. Satchel Handbag-Furla Candy Satchel with Hardware

Fall Trend Report-Handbags

2. Classic Clutches-Steve Madden Bkatch Chain Clutch

Fall Trend Report-Handbags


3. Fur Handbags-DKNY Handbags Gramercy Faux Fur Top Handle

Fall Trend Report-Handbags


4. Envelope Clutches-Style & co. Leopard Lily Envelope Clutch

Fall Trend Report-Handbags

5. Messenger Handbag-Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Messenger Bag

(“Messenger bag” refers to bags that are styled after the ones bicycle messengers carry. They typically feature a shoulder strap so the bag can be worn across your body with the bag hanging down at your side or slung onto your back.)

Fall Trend Report-Handbags
What handbag will you be carrying this fall and winter season?

Have a blessed day! 

Beauty For the Heart~~Last night our military began air strikes against ISIS in Syria. When I heard the news, I immediately prayed for those young men and women who are protecting us. They are someone’s sons and daughters. I am so grateful and humbled by their service to our country.

Let’s commit to pray for our brave men and women in the military.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I usually just carry one a season, but have A LOT of them so I do try and switch them out from time to time. The wrong bag can really break an outfit just as bad as than the wrong shoe, and a great bag can really elevate it. It’s one thing I invest in because I use it everyday. I often just carry woven basket type things in the summer instead of a “serious” bag. I really like the look.
    I carry all my essentials in one smaller container that I can usually just drop in any of my purses. I DO NOT switch out my wallet. I used to do that because I always seemed to have matching ones. I don’t have time for that! 🙂 I did I ever?
    I really like all your choices.

  2. I’m with you on the handbag swap out! I have a “Fall-Winter” and a “Spring-Summer”! I also have never owned a high end bag because I would feel like I have to carry that til I die! I like Teresa’s idea of the essentials going into a small container which can then move from purse-to-purse.

  3. I love handbags and have recently signed up for Just Fab to get one monthly. I have an easy switch out because I use o purse insert that holds everything. Sorta like this one. http://www.nomorerack.com/daily_deals/view/826942-slim_bag_in_bag_purse_organizer___assorted_colors

    Cyndi the matching of shoes and handbags has actually come back as a trend this season, but I can’t imagine doing it all the time…Once in while perhaps.

  4. I am like you Cyndi, don’t like changing except for church or going out. I have a leopard print clutch with gold chain I got at Chico’ s a couple of years ago so will be bringing that out.

  5. so true on the not changing bags every day.
    thank you for the prayers for those who are keeping us safe.
    my son is one of those, and every challenge since young brothers fought in the revolutionary war, we have had someone. hsb and broher are also vets. you do not know how much it means to know others are praying.

  6. Hi Cyndi sweetie, I’m a “non-bag changing girl”! Changing out handbags makes me crazy! It takes forever, I’m always trying to decide what to keep and what to pitch, I think about carrying less, but then realize I can’t. I change bags with the seasons..period. I’m a big bag girl too. Small as I am, I just cannot manage without a large bag. I just bought a wonderful large satchel-tote type bag in lovely, soft burnt orange leather with dark brown braided handles, I love it and I’m not changing until Spring. I suppose the exception to my rule would be my evening or dressy bags, of which I own three. I just grab what the absolute necessities might be from my big bag and throw them in my evening bag. Having said that, I love that Steve Madden chain clutch and would give anything if I could get away with carrying something like that.

  7. I’m not a bag changer. I have one and don’t buy another until I’m tired of it or it wears out. I’m not into switches bags with outfits. It’s an expense I don’t feel is necessary. Plus it’s too much of a hassle to swap out.