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Fall & Winter Throw Pillows from Amazon

Colder weather is right around the corner, which means we will spend more time inside our homes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want my home to feel warm and cozy during the fall and winter seasons!

Changing out throw pillows is an affordable and easy way to achieve this feeling. Below, I have a list of some great fall and winter throw pillows from Amazon to help you get your home ready for the new season, as well as some tips to help you get the most out of your throw pillows (like how important a good insert like this is!).

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Fall and Winter Throw Pillows from Amazon

The biggest tip to make inexpensive pillow covers look amazing is a great pillow insert like this one. I like to choose an insert one size larger than my pillow cover for a high-end look. Once you have a great insert, you can have fun shopping for pillow covers that you can trade out each season. This is great because it reduces the storage you need for your seasonal decor as you don’t have to store a giant collection of pillows. I also love that using inserts paired with covers makes cleaning a breeze because they can be unzipped and thrown in the wash!

When picking out throw pillows for the colder months of the year, consider using deeper, richer colors. Terra cotta, burgundy, olive green, and navy are all wonderful choices that will help you achieve that warmer feel. Similarly, incorporate cozy textures like velvet, sherpa, cable knit, and covers with embroidered details. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, colors, and sizes for a custom look!

I hope you have fun accessorizing your home with these tips! I have linked some more fall home decor posts below that I think you’ll love.

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Truth: A lot is going on in our world. Wars, rumors of wars, hurricanes, financial issues, etc. At times it feels overwhelming, but Psalm 28:2 reminds us instead of worrying, take our needs and our worries straight to Jesus.

He hears our prayers, and none of what is happening is a surprise to Him. More than ever, I realize Jesus is our only hope, and when everything around us is shaky, He is our peace that passes all understanding (John 14:27).

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  1. I like the way Psalm 28:2 reads in the MSG like you posted. I had decided not to watch the news because of how it made me feel, but then wanted to be able to keep up on what was going on and if I see it, I’m more aware to pray. Soooo much going on like you said and lately my small worries/trials at times seem trivial. Those of you affected in any way in Florida, my heart goes out to you and I’ve been praying. I know fashion right now probably isn’t on your radar, but if you still tune into Cyndi’s blog, you will be blessed not only by her BFTH, but by a community of woman for a fun break from what is going on. Ask for specific prayers and I’ll pray and I know Cyndi would too. Cyndi…..I LOVE pillows, but for some reason never think of buying the insert and pillow cover ones but after readying your post, makes a lot of sense for washing. I just put out my pumpkin pillow I bought with my Pottery Barn credits last year and its so fuzzy and fun. It looks more like a decoration, as its in the shape of a pumpkin, but its fun for a side chair. I also have Pottery Barns Round, large knit one I love. (I got both these pillows free with my credits, otherwise their pillows are over priced for sure) It is fun to add different shapes and textures. Have a fun trip seeing your nephew sing. So neat you live close enough to do an overnighter to go see him. I”m sure he loves seeing you come. I’ve never been to Nashville…..live on the West coast, but would like to someday.

  2. Thanks for the great tip about buying inserts one size larger than your pillow covers. Hadn’t heard that one before. Loved seeing the pics of you bloggers together!