Family Room Makeover

Happy Tuesday, ladies! I have been promising to share an update on our family room makeover. It has been a slow process, but we have finally finished.

Now I need to add some decor, but that might take me a little bit of time, so I thought I would go ahead and share the before and after pictures.

Here is where we started, and of course I took these pictures after we had started moving our furniture to get ready for the makeover. That’s why my chair is on the steps.

Family Room Makeover

We had a small fireplace under the steps. We’re not sure why the builders did that, but it didn’t look right to us. It also left us with a large wall with nothing on it.

Family Room Makeover

We decided to add a stone fireplace to that wall.

Family Room Makeover

Here is what it looks like now. We added bookshelves but only to one side because of the stairs on the right side. They painted the walls White Dove by Benjamin Moore, and the trim is painted a bright white.

Family Room Makeover

The only place for our television was above the mantel. They placed it too high, so we are having it moved down this week. I’m not planning on decorating that mantel except with Christmas stockings at Christmas.

Family Room Makeover

I’m so pleased with how it all turned out, and now I’m ready to add pictures and more home decor.

Family Room Makeover

Here is a before and after side by side.

Family Room Makeover

Here are items I have added to this room. The rug in my family room is from Wayfair, but it’s sold out, this one is similar. (Click the pictures for details.)

Lastly, this Target dress I shared a few weeks ago is finally online! It’s under $25, and I linked all the information below.

Target Dress (I’m wearing a small)//Slingback Pump (TTS)//Black Satchel//Earrings//Bracelet//Bracelet//Ring

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Let’s shine His light! It’s needed more than ever today.


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    1. Your fireplace looks great! I know you’ll enjoy it when the weather gets cooler. And you’re right – not sure what the builders (or architect) were thinking when they put it under the stairs. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  1. Good morning! Love the paint color and your new fireplace is a WOW! Thank you for inspiring us every day with encouragement from GOD! Blessings to you….

    1. I love your makeover! I need the light brown leather sofas that you have! I want to lighten up our living room, but with two young grandsons. I still need/want leather. Please share where you git them and what brand they are..,,

      1. We have had those for several years. To be honest I would not have picked those for this room.

        We were using them in our previous home in a movie theatre room. But since we have them I’m going to use them for a while.

  2. LOVE your family room make-over! I know you’ll enjoy many hours spent there with friends and loved. Ones.

  3. It turned out beautifully and will add value to your home. Was there a reason for going with only one bookshelf? Also thank you for the Target dress link. Now I’m going to need to buy some Spanx 😉

  4. It’s beautiful! You will love it this winter❤️! We just redid ours last summer and did practically the same colors.

    1. Just a suggestion not a criticism at all but you will need to balance the wall by the steps….without seeing the entire room it is hard to make a suggestion. I’m sure you have already figured that out and have the perfect fix. Enjoy your new fireplace as the weather cools off. Thank you so much for sharing your new room!

  5. I agree.

    The most common mistake is TV’s over mantels being too high so you have to look up to watch TV.

    We searched and searched when we did ours to find a gas fireplace that was really low so the TV was lower also.

    Your room looks great!

  6. The room looks great. What a change. I like the light fixture a lot as well. I know you’ll enjoy this so much.

  7. Very Nice! you’ll enjoy this so much more than before – I agree with your thoughts on the previous fireplace location…who does that?

  8. Very pretty and I know you’ll enjoy your fireplace.! Looking forward to seeing the cozy touches you add. I’m curious as to why you added the mantle if you didn’t plan to use it?’

    1. Well I think it would look odd without a mantle. I think it needed something and I will hang our stockings there at Christmas.

      I just don’t plan on decorating with tall items because of the television.

      1. Your fireplace makes such a beautiful statement! I’m happy for you to have it all finished! And you timed it perfectly with Fall & Winter just around the corner to be curl up and get cozy! I love decorating and seeing your family room, I know you’ll have fun adding your own personal touches! I can’t wait to see your precious Colt on the Blog tomorrow! ❤️

        1. Your fireplace makes such a beautiful statement! I’m happy for you to have it all finished! And you timed it perfectly with Fall & Winter just around the corner to be curl up and get cozy! I love decorating and seeing your family room, I know you’ll have fun adding your own personal touches! I can’t wait to see your precious Colt on the Blog tomorrow! ❤️

  9. It looks great! I know exactly what they were thinking… adding a huge stone chimney would add to the cost of the home and a ventless fireplace would look lost on that big wall. So they stuck it under the stairs. You made the right choice – the one they should have made and done it right the first time. Beautiful.

  10. That is so strange the fireplace was on the staircase wall but you fixed that! ! Great job! The finishing touches will be fun & you will enjoy the fireplace much more in the present location. Enjoy your new space!

  11. Hi cyndi!
    I live the new den with the fireplace.
    Any chance you have any information on your bookcase leghts?

  12. Really beautiful and LOVE all of your light fixtures! The stone fireplace is a beautiful focal point in that room….well done!

  13. Your family room turned out lovely! I’m curious as to what your plans are for the space where the old fireplace sat. I had a nook under the stairs that was open and I never knew what to do with it. My son was little at the time so it was a place to stash his toys. It would have been better for the builder to made a closet out of it. Oh well. I made it work.
    Thanks for letting us know about the dress being available at Target. I love it!

    1. We did make a storage space there, and there is a door. I don’t want to put stuff that I use everyday in that space becasue that is where I’ll put my Christmas tree in a few months. 🙂

  14. Beautiful I love the stone fireplace and chandelier! Sorry please don’t mind my noisy opinion but when the contractor returns to lowers your tv I would ask them to extend the top of the white mantel to the end of the stone wall. I think it could extend beyond the brackets. It would look a little more portioned as your fireplace is tall. Also more room for stockings and decorating . 😊 Enjoy!

    1. TOTALLY agree re: opinion of the mantel. First thing that stuck out to me. Stone fireplace really beautiful.

    2. I do agree Phyllis I wish it was longer but I purchased that not my contractor so I’m not sure he can extend it. I will check with him.

    3. I thought the exact same thing about the mantle, as soon as I saw it. It it needs to be extended as it looks too short, compared to the dimensions of the fireplace, especially the bottom stone ledge, which is quite large. Great stone work!

  15. The room looks fantastic! Your family is going to enjoy that space for years to come. What I am really excited about, though, is the teacher outfit post. Yes, please! It’s tough to balance creating a pulled-together outfit on a tight budget. Then to make that an outfit that is suitable for many different activities and not easily stained (how did kids get so many strange things in their fingers?) and it’s a real challenge to get dressed in the morning. Great post idea!

  16. Love the fireplace!. I use mine as much as possible because it gets cold here in KY!
    Cyndi, I’m in day 2 of Faster Way to Fat Loss and registered you as my “referred by”. I’m hoping I look just like you in 6 weeks! Thanks for all your inspiration.

    1. Gina you’re so sweet!! It will make a difference in your health, I promise. I just did my work out and fixed the turkey BLT boats. Those were delicious!!

  17. Wow!!!! Big change in your family room. You did a good job and it looks very nice. I’m sure you’ll have fun decorating the walls. Please share when you do.

  18. Wow what a great end cresult. What a difference a fireplace makes in the correct placement!! Love everything.

    Have a blessed day!


  19. Your room looks impressive! A note on the tv: we installed a gas fireplace, but I need to be careful what I put above it because the mantel gets so hot! The installer said we may need a fan installed to blow the heat further into the room. I hope your tv will be ok there.

  20. Your fireplace & built in shelves look fantastic! I was wondering if your contractor can install white paneling
    On the right, at the same height as
    The built-ins, and you can use it as
    A gallery to show off your grandkid’s
    Pics? Perfect spot for it!

  21. Looks great! Would you mind to share the local contractor or company? We are in the market for a tall stacked fireplace as well.

  22. Looks beautiful… I love the stone. We keep talking about adding some around our wood stove 🤷‍♀️. Well done:)

  23. Wow! What a dramatic difference! LOVE IT!!
    Glad you are moving the TV down. Can’t wait to see how you decorate! 🤩

  24. Great minds think alike! I had already bought the green & black dress from target! Such a cute dress to have! The green looks awesome on you! Thanks for a different look with your accessories.
    Fondly Teresa

  25. Hi Cyndi,
    I saw the green dress in my local target last week. You make the dress Cyndi. I would not have given the dress a second look if I had not seen it on you. You have such a great sense of style!

    1. Your room looks great-so cozy and comfy!
      I can’t wait to see the teacher outfits you are putting together! I’ve been teaching for 34 years and your style is a breath of fresh air!!!

  26. I love your vision for the Den. I am not sure I could have come up with that idea.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product. You have such great style!