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Fashion Over 40-Winter Fashion

I’m sharing some winter fashion and I really wish I could take my pictures outside but winter is getting in the way!

My back porch is covered in snow and it’s also windy. We did have one warm day this week but it was also windy. Spring will be here soon, right??

Fashion Over 40-Winter Fashion

Anyway, here are some of the outfits I wore this week. I purchased this striped blazer at Target on clearance. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to wear it so I just added my chambray shirt.

Fashion Over 40-Winter Fashion

Striped blazer-Target//Chambray shirt-JC Penney//Skinny jeans-Banana Republic//Brown boots-Amazon

Our one warm day, and I ditched the boots and wore my gold toe flats. It was wonderful!

Fashion Over 40-Winter Fashion

Polka dot blouse-Stitch Fix//Necklace-Stitch Fix//Skinny jeans-Banana Republic//Gold toe shoes-Zappos

I purchased these green pants from Ann Taylor last fall. For some reason I struggle finding something to wear with them. I’m not sure I love this sweater but I wore it.

Fashion Over 40-Winter Fashion

Cardigan sweater-TJ Maxx//Leopard print scarf-Target//Colored jeans-Ann Taylor//Black boots-Target

I’m trying to go through my closet and wear things I haven’t worn yet this winter. The clothes I haven’t worn, will be given away.

Do you have clothes in your closet you haven’t worn this year? Do you hang on to them or get rid of them?

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  1. This adds to my own conviction to wear it or get rid of it! I have been pulling things out that I haven’t worn and sometimes just putting it on makes me remember why I don’t wear it! Sometimes it takes me all day to remember why I don’t feel good in it! Your site helps me think of new ways to wear things I love but have grown tired of! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  2. I love all the outfits you posted today, especially the green pants. I’ve shared lots of your Wednesday outfits with my daughter-in-law who struggles with putting things together even though she always looks great. Since she’s near your age, she trusts your opinion and has worn several of your “looks” recently and gotten lots of compliments on them.

  3. Laura hit it on the head. I have a lot of clothes and don’t always wear everything, but if it FITS and still looks great, i keep it. Most of my clothes are quality, but unusual so i know they’d be hard to replace with the exception of classic pieces. I like certain necklines and fitted things and if they go out of style, I’m stuck!
    Once a year, I try most things on and if it’s not a “plus” or at least “neutral”, I donate it.
    I love the green pants and would think you’d find many pieces to wear with them. P.S. I’m less than two hours north of you and could NEVER go sockless in Winter…EVER!!! Don’t you freeze? 🙂

  4. Hi, Cyndi! I donate my clothes I no longer wear to Hospice for their Thrift Shop. After seeing how much Hospice helped my aunt during her last two weeks of life several years ago, I decided to always donate to them.

    I like the last outfit best! The sweater is different from what you normally post, and sometimes different is nice! I also really like the scarf. Very put-together look.

    Stay warm! We have lots and lots of ice today. I’m hearing of power outages around, and that is scary.

  5. Hi Cyndi! I’m almost positive I have those same pants from Ann Taylor! Just a thought… Is the green stripe in your Target blazer the same color as the green jeans? (It’s hard to match color on a computer!) I struggle a bit with my green jeans too. But, the outfits I have put together with them I have really liked. Even better my husband has complemented them:) I try to get rid of things I don’t wear about once a year…. but I know I keep things too long that I should be getting rid of:) Thanks so much for your cute looks! Krista

  6. Hi Cyndi.

    I love the second look on you! It’s very flattering and makes you look so small. I love skinny jeans…with boots…with flats. 🙂 I think your green pants would look super cute with the white t you are wearing and a cute boyfriend jacket/blazer + a long necklace – the scarf. You are so cute, you can wear anything.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great afternoon.

  7. Love all three of these and how fun to wear flats for a day… I love the pop of color in the jeans, which look to be a bluish green, is that right? I would search pinterest for outfits with the color, I do that and always find something I like…

  8. Such cute outfits! I love that you had a day warm enough for a tunic and flats. I so need a day like that…. LOL at winter getting in the way of your winter style photos. If only it could be pretty, white, and warm, right?

  9. I love your colored jeans with black boots. I bought a pair at Walmart except they are maroon. they look great with black boots too.

  10. Cyndi, I donate clothes after each season.
    This is a first for me but, I already have the scarf from Target and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!