Fashion Friday: Boutique Style Tops

Happy Friday ladies! Well, I’m very humbled today by all of your kind comments from yesterday. I wish I could hug each of your necks!! You all are the sweetest! I’m almost speechless and that doesn’t happen often. 🙂

Today I’m sharing some boutique style fashion. I love both of these tops, one has some cute lace detail and the other one has the cut out shoulder trend.

I don’t think I do this first top justice. I have olive skin and it’s probably not the best color on my skin color but the top is cute.

Fashion Friday: Boutique Style TopsI love the lace detail on the back.

Fashion Friday: Boutique Style Tops Fashion Friday: Boutique Style TopsI added these comfy wedge sandals. They come in whole sizes and I usually wear a 7 1/2 in shoes, I’m wearing an 8 in this wedge.

httpglamourfarms.comcollections3-4-long-sleeveproductscyndis-alexandria-top-bright-green 1 Fashion Friday: Boutique Style Tops

Outfit Details: Cyndi’s Alexandria Top (I’m wearing a small)//Ahhmazing cami//Skinny jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Wedge sandals//Sunglasses

Last week I wore this dress/tunic to the Rewardstyle ConferenceAfter my husband took the pictures, I felt it was a little short on me. I’m 5’6″ so if you’re shorter it will work perfect for you.

This is a great dress for a beach or cruise vacation don’t you think?? It would look cute with a pair of flat sandals and you can also wear it as a tunic with skinny jeans.

Fashion Friday: Boutique Style Tops

Outfit Details: Cyndi’s Summer Shade Tunic (I’m wearing a small, this is also a dry clean only dress)//Lace up heel//Handbag

(Use discount code Spivey394 to get $10 off your purchase at Glamour Farms!)

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Beauty For the Heart~~The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Broken things can be blessed things if you let God do the mending. Will you take your brokenness to Him today?

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. You look so pretty in both and I love the “cold shoulder” look. Is the dress more coral? Online it says rust. I was afraid it might be too long on me but I might give it a try! Have a great weekend friend! 😊

  2. I started to chime in yesterday when my computer locked up and that was the end of that. I’m glad that so many left you positive comments regarding your blog and were in favor of you posting sizes. It is so helpful, especially when ordering online. I’m happy that you are ignoring the negative comments and focusing on how much we all appreciate you and your good taste. Thank you!!

  3. Cyndi,
    Love your blog and fashion choices. I vote for sharing your size. It gives perspective on size I might need in particular style.

  4. Didn’t know about the shoulders being the last thing to age! That just made me want to find a peep shoulder dress. You look great Cyndi!!

  5. These are both so cute and I love the shoes. I also like all the different poses today. Sometimes something looks great standing up but isn’t comfortable or flattering when sitting. Thankful for your blog, the older I get the more brokenness I see. God is the only healer of all our hurts. Blessings on your day. 🙂

  6. I read your blog all the time, but rarely comment. I read your post from yesterday and I’m so sorry that you received an unkind comment.You’re doing a great job. Please keep it up!
    I don’t mind if you list a size. I think it’s helpful.

  7. These are both adorable, Cyndi! The dress doesn’t look too short to me, but we all have different comfort levels. Oh, and I’m glad to see you added your sizes today! 🙂

  8. So very sorry you had to endure negative comments. I think it’s wonderful you post sizes. It helps me know how it might look on my body type. Keep up the great work, you’re inspiring. xoxo

  9. Both the top and dress are cute on you! The dress would be too short for me, but you definitely have “the legs” for it!:)

  10. I love the tunic/dress and I don’t think it looks too short on you. The color looks really good on you, and I like the open “cold shoulder” look — really fun! The lace top is pretty, too, but since I am not a person who can wear yellow I wish it was available in another color. It would look stunning in blue.

    Thank you for your posts, for guiding us over-40’s in today’s fashions, and for always remind us about our inner beauty. Keep up the inspiration!

  11. I would like to comment on yesterday’s blog also. There are always going to be the people that you can not please no matter what you do. I have learned so much and looked forward to reading your blog each day. I check for it first thing in the morning after I pour a cup of tea. God is a God of diversity. He did not create just one flower or just one sunset or just one color. We have many varieties of flowers and a brand new sunset each day and our world is full of different colors. I say this because God created us the same way. We are all different. We don’t need a million of the same person with the same size and shape. God made us all different and with the ability to shine in HIS image not someone else’s. So whether you are a size 2,4 or a size 24 love the fact that God made you unique. The Bible says He knew us before he formed us, every hair on our head is numbered. If God put that much thought into us don’t you think He knew what he was doing when he finished us. Embrace the beauty that God blessed each of us with and don’t worry about your size people and remember….we serve a great big GOD. (and He loves his size) Keep up the good work Mrs. Spivey.

  12. I have never left a comment but I have been following you for a while now. I can’t wait till every morning too see what you post. I love every thing about your blog! from the clothes to the Bible verse at the end. I am 57 years old and 1/2 lol and proud to say it!! and I do take your advice on your fashion advice. keep up the good work hope you are around for a long time. Thanks!!!

  13. You inspire me to try things I may not have given a thought to. Also knowing your size and height helps me to relate the items for myself. Thanks for giving to women the fashion and confidence to try new things. And sharing your walk with God. I look forward to you Blog. It lifts my spirit!

  14. Wow! I read your blog yesterday, but totally missed the sizing issue. i’m so thankful you received such positive feedback yesterday! I, too, appreciate your sharing the sizes. I’ve been following you for a little over a year now and I absolutely love everything about your blog. You are a beautiful Christian woman that is helping me with my fashion ignorance – ha! Love the dress and now I will not be afraid to show my shoulders a little😉

  15. Your blog is a little ray of sunshine even on the dreariest of days (it’s been raining here the past 3 mornings). You look beautiful in both outfits! Also, I bought the Cover Girl lip crayon #270 that you recommended a while back on your You Tube video “My Favorite Things” and I love it!! Great for day or night! Thank you for sharing and for all you do! Many blessings

  16. Busy yesterday so I didn’t read the sizing comments until now…makes me shake my head because your blog is about clothes and fashion! All relevant stuff is included like when things are more sheer or you add a camisole or any other comment on fit, feel, or construction…which sizing falls under! I wonder if anyone ever told a decor blogger they were vain because they added info on paint color or size of a furniture piece or a great new product they found…to me this is the same thing. You are giving your reader a reference for items we can’t hold in our hands and see in person! A picture only goes so far! Keep up what you are doing! You are my favorite fashion blogger because of these details!

  17. I love practically everything you style!! I also jumped for joy when I began following you when I saw you posted sizes! It’s so very helpful and hope you continue to do so! (Also love the purchasing info!) You seem to have such a sweet spirit and I’m so thankful you are allowing God to use you in this way, such a blessing. Keep doing what you’re doing with that beautiful smile on your face. Thanks so much!!!

  18. I love you blog and everything about it! I do appreciate you putting the size you are wearing because it does help me in knowing what size to order if I ever win the lottery 🙂 (which I don’t play)! I have managed to squeak in several of the pieces you have styled <3! And, have also learned to restyle pieces I already own. Thank you!!!

    Jeremiah 29:11


  19. Hey Cyndi—I don’t think that dress is too short because really your legs still look great and it’s not tight or showing much on top! And I’m assuming when you sit in it, it spans out and covers nicely (just my opinion)!
    The first top—does the white shirt you’re wearing under it come with it (I noticed the website’s model had one on, but hers is a little different and if they said it in the description, I missed it!)

  20. I love that yellow on you with the auburn tones in your hair! I have yet to see any color or style you can’t wear 🙂 You look adorable in both outfits. I can’t wait to see your summer fashion! I’m 37 but I dress modestly and it’s hard to find cute summer fashion that I feel is appropriate. I live in AZ so it gets hot hot hot here. Thanks for always brightening up my morning!

  21. I’m also very happy that so many left positive comments yesterday. I love that you list sizing . . . Well actually I love everything about your posts. I’m so anxious for a new post from you everyday that I start checking at about 9 o’clock like a kid before Christmas. Keep pressing on. I share your love for Jesus too!

  22. Read your blog every morning here in Ontario, CA! Our tastes are very similar so I can’t wait to see what you are stylin’. Love all the tidbits of helpful info you pass along and the thoughtful way you do so. Thank you Cyndi for helping me be beautiful inside and out!

  23. I was having computer problems yesterday and couldn’t comment, but I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy and look forward to reading your posts everyday! Mentioning your size is very helpful in determining what sizes to order. Keep up the great work. You are such an inspiration to so many people. Enjoy your weekend.

  24. I meant to comment yesterday and got busy and forgot. You telling us what size you are wearing gives us an idea of how the sizing of an item runs. Because we are going based on your pictures, that is so helpful to me. Don’t ever be ashamed to tell. You aren’t rubbing it in our faces. You are helping us know how to choose what size we need. Have you ever seen the dress extenders? You could easily lengthen this dress to your comfort level by wearing one. I wear them all the time. Just an idea. You are wonderful and I love your blog!!!!

  25. I LOL when I read your comment about shoulder cut outs. I’ve honestly not been a fan of the trend, but after reading that I may need to change my mind! 🙂 After having said that, the dress you styled is actually really cute and cute on you as everything is! I did want to respond though about my comment yesterday for the style challenge. I said I would probably do it. Last night I went on Allison’s site and checked it out a little more so I could understand it better. I probably wouldn’t participate now that I understand the process. Thought I should post that so I don’t mis-represent. I could see that it would be a good fit for some, but I’d rather spend the money on a new piece of clothing. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  26. Cute, cute, cute!! Don’t you just love Glamour Farms! I think the color of the first top looks great on you and I love the details. The tunic/dress is fantastic on you, and your sunless tan is coming along nicely.

    I love your blog! Thank you for all your had work. 😊😊

  27. Cyndi, I rarely comment but want you to know I am a huge supporter of you and your blog. I have taken your advice on so many things. Thank you for sharing with all of us!!

  28. Love your blog; tend to go to today’s encouragement first!
    It has been so helpful for you to share sizes. I am not your size but I can guesstimate what size for me by your size. It is especially helpful with glamour farms clothing because they tend to run differently sometimes and they always posts their model’s size as well.
    Very helpful and keeps me from returning loved items.
    Hopefully we are all on a journey to find our true identity in Christ alone and not in our mirror or inbox.
    Praising Him for many things today; one if those us blue skies in ky😎

  29. I love the shoulder cut out trend, except that I received a cute blue top from StitchFix a few weeks ago that had a cut out in the shoulder exactly where my bra strap was. That was weird! Had to return. I love the dress you are styling!

  30. You certainly received an amazing amount of feedback yesterday about sizing. When I was in my thirties and forties I was in Buff shape with working out hardcore at the gym …12 years to be exact. I could buy my size,which was a 4, off the rack without trying anything on. Now that I’m a bit older and thicker, even though I still work out, I’m starting to accept myself the way I am. I just want to be healthy. People who are angry and dislike themselves should start taking long walks and release some of their negative emotions. You look wonderful and I appreciate the time and effort you put in to your blog.

  31. Hi Cyndi, I’m a regular reader but don’t comment often (ever?) but that doesn’t mean I’m not enormously appreciative of your blog and all you put into it. I’m sorry you received a mean comment about sizing. Please do continue to include sizes – it’s very helpful. In fact, I’ve ordered several pieces featured on your blog and made sizing choices based on your sizing information. Recently I did notice you were not mentioning size and I missed it. No one should feel badly about themselves because of anyone else’s size . That said we do compare ourselves (usually negatively) to other woman and it can be cause for feelings of inadequacy which is such a shame. I love your blog and love your cheerful and optimistic approach to life. i appreciate the size references and I hope you won’t let mean people influence how you present your content. Thank you for bringing a smile to my fav each morning – I love seeing your email which I peak at first, before facing the morning news updates. Happy Friday!

    1. Oh my gosh, note to self – always proof read thoroughly before hitting send! Clearly I meant your emails bring a smile to my FACE. And I PEEK at them first thing, not peak. 😊

  32. Thank you for the Beauty from the Heart post today. I’m sure it is interpreted in many ways, but it was as if it spoke directly to me for this especially sad week. It gave my spirit a little lift. I’ve been anticipating what would have been my son’s 25th Birthday tomorrow. I know it’s going to be a beautiful day celebrating the 22 years we were blessed to have him with us. Thank you.

  33. I love, love, love following your post!!
    You always look adorable!
    You have been a blessing, I even share with my kids and husband what an inspiration you are!
    I think it’s very helpful when adding the size you are wearing!
    God bless you!!
    Your awesome Cyndi!
    Thank you! Thank you!

  34. Cyndi, Let me tell you this.Before reading your blog,I was in a size 14. Since reading,based upon how great you always look and the encouragement you give others, I began working out. I am now a size 12 and going down! It is because of you that I wanted to look and feel better. I am over 55 so the task was not as easy as it could have been years ago when I was a size 1o. Keep up with the sizing,it helps to know what to order when online! As others have stated,you have a wonderful spirit and are an inspiration! You inspired me, I am living proof! Bless you!

  35. Sweet Cyndi, I’ve been following you for a long time, my favorite blog in fact. I will be 65 in a few months, I’m a petite 10/12 and an apple shaped Nana for 4. I can’t imagine anyone not getting the purpose of the size reference. It’s helpful to me and I’m not remotely the same in my sizing as you. God has made us all different not just in size but in so many ways. Please know, as I’m sure you do by now, that you are adored by so many in blog land. Keep up the wonderful work you do, just as you do it, no changes necessary. You are a blessing and inspiration to so many!

  36. I really enjoy your daily posts! Although I am way past 40 I don’t feel as old as my chronological age and therefore I look for more youthful outfits, but not tennie bopper styles! Your blog gives me some wonderful ideas that I can tweak to fit me. Thanks for the effort you put into your blog…..it means a lot to us!

  37. Thank you so much for pointing out your encouraging comments. I read them and was also inspired because I just started writing a blog and have been wondering if it is all a waste of time. Seeing how your blog inspires others made me realize that maybe my blog could also bless others and, therefore, I will continue with it and remember the reason for doing it. Thank you again.

  38. I love your blog and I really appreciate you sharing your size. It helps me to know what size to buy if I am interested in the same piece. It’s nice to know if an item runs small or large.

  39. Hi Cyndi – I’ve been a blog stalker for a long time also 🙂 I love your blog and I’m so sorry that you had to read some negative comments. I have found some wonderful new sites and tried some great new styles that I wouldn’t have tried if you hadn’t have shared them! Thank you for your blog and the inspirations.

  40. Hey Cyndi! I’ve never left a comment before but just wanted to say I’ve been following you for about two years now and look forward to your daily blog! I’m a Christ follower too and love your inspiration! Always remember you are a blessing to so many. We have the same style but you’ve helped me learn to pull it all together! Love it!! I like the fact that you tell us your size and feel bad that someone was so rude to you. Enjoy your weekend!!

  41. I have never made a comment on your site but felt it necessary this time. First, I love what you’re wearing today. Certainly there are times when some things you choose to wear are not “MY” style….so I scroll on. Everyone has that choice if something just doesn’t suit them…or a topic is something they don’t like. I appreciate sizing..it’s hard to dress yourself and order on line, so anything you share is ALWAYS helpful. Actually body measurements would be great…. I’m petite everywhere but on top which makes tops hard to fit….so I read everything that helps with ordering. Your daily message are always enjoyed too. So thank you….writing a blog every day isn’t easy…but you find something each day to entertain us! Keep up the good work!

  42. I love the yellow top! It’s probably not a good color for me either, but I have a shirt in this color and it is just such a “happy” color! I love the cutout shoulders too and recently purchased a blouse with the cutout shoulders. I don’t think the Orange dress is too short. Keep posting your sizes. It is a huge help!

  43. It’s always a joy Cyndi to receive your posts daily, especially today it’s pouring with rain and this has cheered me up.
    I love both outfits. We say over here, if you’ve got good legs you can do short and guess what I do. Ha!! My daughter loves the cold shoulder tops. Off to meet her from her college bus, she drenched, no umbrella and grumpy. Oh joy.
    Happy Friday.
    Nicky xox

  44. Cyndi, I love,love,your blog. I have followed you for about a year now. I am 52 and raising my 2 grand kids, which we adopted 2 years ago. They are 4 and 2. You posting sizes has been such a blessing since it is hard for me to shop with toddlers. I found glamour farms through you as well. I have been able to purchase on line with the help of sizing without any returns.You, are a blessing to so many. Thank you, and blessings Pam

  45. I wasn’t able to leave a comment yesterday either, because we were out of town with no Internet connection. EEK! But I read yesterday’s post today, and obviously this one. Lol.
    I am an avid follower of your blog. I just adore your beauty and style. I have bought several things you’ve styled, and when you post your size it’s SO helpful! Please don’t change anything about your blog.
    You look beautiful in both outfits as always. I love that dress, and you do have the legs for it. I also love the way you wore your hair with that dress. You’re a total class act!
    Plus…… I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but my faith had been faltering quite a bit in the past couple of years. You’ve helped me regain my faith. I’m in tears now. God bless you.

    1. Julie we all have seasons of faltering a little. I’m so happy to hear that you are regaining your faith!! That is awesome!
      Keep seeking Him,

  46. Cyndi, You are such a blessing to us because of your Christian beliefs, how you encourage us to strengthen our relationship with Christ, and your fashion.

    I too am 5’6″ so I’d probably wear the dress as a tunic. I too, like the way the top is made!

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Cyndi, I’m inquiring regarding the essential oils, do you feel like any of them reduce your cravings for things like sweets. I would also be interested to know what kinda of foods you eat or meals you have. I’m trying to lose a few pounds and wondered your routine is and what type of eating plan you follow. Thank you. I enjoy your blog so much.

  47. I love the dress, and I don’t think it’s too short. Would a lace extender work or are they just for tops?

  48. Hi Cyndi! Like so many others, I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I found you by accident last spring, and I’m so grateful. Your fashion posts, including the size references (!), are so informative and lots of fun. As a Christian woman, I also appreciate your Sunday devotionals and daily scriptures. Keep doing what you do! May God continue to bless you and your precious family.

  49. Hi Cyndi,

    I’m sorry someone left a negative comment about you sharing your size. You are blessed to be so beautiful, and a blessing to everyone here.

    Perhaps the women who reacted negatively are in pain. While I wouldn’t say anything rude, and I’m genuinely happy for women who are beautiful, I HATE my size. I struggle with envy. But I do believe God made you who you are, and you are beautiful. He also made me who I am, and I struggle with that, because I know His way is best, even though I often find myself wishing I were different.

    As you know by now I feel I am way too tall at 5’9″ and I really hate it. People think I’m thin (because my butt is way too flat and my legs are too long), but I can diet and work out hard for months, and it is physically impossible for me to ever go below a size 6. I see all the diet commercials where people say “I was 200 pounds, and now I’m a size 4!” Everyone is a size 4! But my bones are not going to shrink. I could never eat again and I wouldn’t be a size 4. After I had my son I did WW faithfully for months, and I was blessed that the weight fell off. BUT – I could never get below 150. Never, ever, ever. I was wearing a size 6 then (I’m about 15 pounds over that at this moment – time to diet AGAIN!) but my point is, even eating very well and doing P90 workouts and running, I would not drop below 150. Could not. It stinks being know as the “big girl” in a family of tiny women.

    I love the look of Glamour Farms dresses, but I wish they’d make them a little longer. It’s frustrating that just because I’m tall, I have to wear everything as a shirt. I love dresses, but I do have to be careful of the length. My point is, when you share your height and how something fits you, it does help. I know that dresses that are short on you will be inappropriate on me. A lot of times you wear pants that are cropped, and I know they would look funny on me because my legs are too long. So sharing the sizes is very helpful.

    The point of my long winded comment here is, the ladies who were negative probably feel badly about themselves. That doesn’t give them a right to be mean to you, but they were probably hurting and feeling jealous, or as if you were bragging. It is hard for some women (take me with my tallness, for example) not to feel sad and jealous when everyone else seems to be so tiny and perfect. But I have learned to be happy for others, and not be angry or mean. God made you beautiful, and you are blessed.

    I love your blog. I HATE shopping with a passion. Nothing ever fits right, I always look frumpy, and I have often broken down in tears in dressing rooms. I would honestly rather visit the dentist than shop for clothes. I wish there were women who loved shopping who could go out and help women like me who detest it. It could be a ministry! It sounds silly, but shopping is so frustrating.

    Thank you for sharing your great style tips! They are fun to read about.

    Keep sharing your size – it helps and you have nothing to feel badly about! 🙂

    1. B, what a wonderful job of explaining your feelings and maybe those of others. You are such a kind and honest person. For all that you might feel is missing on your outside, I can assure you that you are filled with enviable beauty on the inside…..and a wonderful sense of humor. My prayers will be for you tonight!

    2. B, have you tried Stitch Fix? I love this service and sounds exactly what you are describing. If you haven’t already, you might want to check it out.

      BTW, I love how honest your post is!

    3. This broke my heart reading this. At 5’9 I don’t think you should ever try to be 150 or lower. I can tell it bothers you. If you are in the 160’s….that sounds very healthy. I am 5’6 and can never get out of the 150’s. I wear a 6 or 8 and I have always thought that was a good size….for everyone else. For me, I think I carry that 150 in my stomach and that is all I focus on. I can do 200 sit ups a night. After 2 c-sections it’s just there. So I would probably look at you and notice how flat your stomach is. You would look at me and notice my height. I wish it were easier just to embrace what we had. I have a hard time shopping too.. my legs require one size and ny stomach another. By the way, my best friend is 6’2″ and she hates it, but she is the prettiest person I have ever seen. Turns everyones heads.

      1. Thank you, Jenny, for your kind words. I need more women like you in my life! You are such an encouragement, and your reply really blessed me. Thank you for your kindness!

    4. B,

      You are a lovely person and I am sure you are beautiful on the outside too! I felt very sad when I saw your comment because you feel unattractive with your height and size…..you don’t sound just displeased; you sound tormented! I am your height and have in my life weighed anywhere from 115…. Model skinny to 215…. And no, I was not pregnant:)…….I have worn a size zero; I have worn a size 16 and everything in between….. The whole gamut!!! The truth, for me, being a size zero required a full obsession of 3 hr workouts, ignoring social occaisions( there might be cake:))and being constantly hungry and exhausted….. While I guess many would say, I looked great in the clothes, what is good about buying a bunch of size zero’s if you have no friends or energy to do anything aside from your never ending regimen to be a size zero……plus there were still people who commented on my wide hips and flat chest….. At 215, loads of people said I was fat/ some people said I looked great….. Bottom line….. There will always be some nasty number in this world who will say something mean…… Don’t let them derail your spirit…….Beauty is a combination of many things, spirit is the most important factor…… No amount of “great figure” fab hair and make up can overcome an ugly heart!

  50. Besides learning what someone my age can wear and how to wear different things the part I look most forward to is the Beauty for the Heart part. I am a lapsed Christian but I am trying to find my way back…

  51. This is the cutest dress. Great dress for the beach. You and Jo-lynne are probably my favorite bloggers. Hugs and kisses back to you. Have a great weekend!

  52. Cyndi, I think you are a lovely, gracious and Godly lady. You are humble and encouraging. You put yourself out there, you’re vulnerable and honest and it’s a shame someone comes along who doesn’t understand and hurts you. I’m so sorry. I appreciate the size information, because then I get an idea of how an item runs (larger or smaller). I love your blog and look forward to it every day!

  53. Two of your best outfits ever. Love the dress. It isn’t to short on you in my opinion.
    The yellow top with lace was beautiful.
    You always look great.

  54. This is my second comment but read your blog again and wanted to add that I got an email from a hurting friend today & that verse was perfect so I shared with her. That was a God thing! Thanks.

  55. I missed yesterday so I’m not sure what happened but just remember the devil doesn’t like it when God’s children are spreading His love and encouragement. Satan will use someone to steal your joy. Don’t let that happen!! Keep letting you light shine. I love your post and style. They are encouraging to women who want to dress classy, modest, and age appropriate.

  56. I would love to be a size small and sometimes I do feel like the clothes you style look wonderful on you but they wouldn’t on my overweight body but that is NO reason for you to feel bad about sharing your size. You have worked hard to eat right and stay healthy and I applaud you for doing that. It is an inspiration that a woman over 40 can look as wonderful as you.

  57. I found your blog at the same time I found StitchFix and have enjoyed reading every day since and reading past blogs. I am thankful everyday I found your blog because like you I too am over 40 and want to look stylish yet my age. I don’t want short shorts, thin t-shirts, mid-drifts as my body is changing after 3 children yet that’s all that is in the stores. You show us stylish beautiful clothes that are practical to wear daily. I really like the links included so I can order if I see an outfit I really like. I have even included your blog for my StitchFix stylist to reference. If I had one suggestion it would be price. Some items are just not doable for my family’s budget but I do enjoy looking. Thank you and God Bless

  58. Cyndi, I really appreciate the fact that you are up front about what sizes you are wearing. We all know that different brands size clothing differently. I really use your size as a guide as to what would fit me best. I have never thought of it as anything other than one girlfriend sharing with another girlfriend as to how that particular brand runs. Thank you a million times over for sharing the clothes, the discounts, the sizing, and the inspirational words. You are the best!

  59. Hi Cyndi I think I found your blog through Pinterest. I am so happy I did. I just turned 40 and I am a follower of Christ as well. I had been struggling with knowing what to wear. I am a hairdresser so I need to stay in the current trends but I want them to be age appropriate for me as well. After 20 years of being a stylist I still stick with my motto ( dress for the clientele you want to have. ) I also want set a good example for my daughter. It makes me so upset when I go summer clothes shopping for my 9 year old daughter how skimpy the clothing is. Modesty is so much more attractive. I appreciate all your posts and I look forward to reading them every day. You are absolutely beautiful and I appreciate that you share your size information. You have made my life so much easier since I can just click on the link for the outfit I love from your posts and can order it right then. I appreciate seeing the outfits on a real person ( A bonus for me is our measurements are almost exactly the same ) It’s hard to tell what size I would wear when something is styled on a size 0 model. I give your website out several times a day to my clients. You always look wonderful and dress so adorable, stylish and modest. I love knowing even though I am 40 I can still be stylish. My only con is some peices are to expensive for me. I stain my tops to much at work doing color to pay a lot of money on them. I swear I attract stains 🙂 I will however invest in quality jeans and shoes. I appreciate you and don’t let anyone bring you down. The only reason someone would make a rude comment about you is because they are insecure with themselves. I will be praying for them. Keep your head up and focus on the thousands of women you inspire daily.

  60. Hi Cyndi…I love your site. I too start my day with a Daily Devotional and your website…It’s like waking up and having a morning chat with a great friend. I sit with my morning coffee and read your blog, I love your outfits and your Beauty for the Heart message. We all need a good friend/sister to chat with. It’s good to know peoples sizes, then we can visualize the outfits on ourselves. I am over 55, work full time in an office and many mornings you have inspired me spiritually through bad times and through good times, and helped me decide what to wear to work. Have a fantastic day and keep doing what you are doing, you are helping in more ways than you can ever imagine. Thank you!! 🙂

  61. Love the dress and just ordered it for my vacation to Santa Barbara in June! It’s a great color and looks wonderful on you. I have the same coloring so I’m excited to receive mine soon! You are a blessing to all!

  62. Hi Cyndi,
    I have missed the last couple of days of your blogs and I seemed to have missed out on some good conversations. 🙂
    You know I love everything you style for us! You make each and every outfit look gorgeous enough that I want to rush out and go shopping…. but this past week I have had to admit my husband into the hospital and then my daughters boyfriend was in an accident with his truck… so I haven’t had to time to sit for 5 min.
    God is still GOD and He is still in control of our lives no matter what we choose. You are a beautiful lady over 40’ish and you just keep doing what you do best…. and God Bless you for it !! I love the orange dress, and the green blouse! I also have blouses with cut out shoulders… I think they are the feminine sexy, and totally in taste with modesty! Bless you and praying for you in your move. 🙂

  63. Cyndi, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I LOVE your style. I also love that you introduced so many of us to Glamour Farms!! I’ve ordered from there several times and I just love the tunics and dresses, etc. that they carry. May God keep blessing you abundantly as you keep blessing us with your words of encouragement and beauty tips! Keep’em coming!!

    1. Hi Scarlett, So glad you like Glamour Farms. I love their clothes and I love that they are unique.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!