Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit

It’s finally Friday and I am ready for the weekend! Today I’m styling a dress that’s a perfect date night outfit for summer.

The Eminence Dress is right on trend. Elastic neckline (can be worn off the shoulder), 3/4 bell sleeve with fringe. The dress is also fully lined.

Fashion Friday: Date Night OutfitI love the fringe on the bell sleeves!

Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit

I told my husband when we were taking the pictures that I thought this would be a great dress for a beach vacation so I took my  sandals off and pretended to be walking in the sand. ha!

cyndi dress-1

I’m 5’6″ so this dress would be perfect for all my petite readers.

Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfit Cyndi’s Eminence Dress (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Wedge Sandal (here and here)//Bracelet//Necklace (comes in several colors, my color is no longer available)

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Beauty For the Heart~~The more you see your own flaws and sins, the more precious, electrifying, and amazing God’s GRACE appears to you. ~ Tim Keller

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love the dress! You could add a lace dress extender from Glamour Farms or attach a row of lace or chiffon fabric to lengthen it. Your legs are beautiful though.

  2. Very pretty dress. Looks so cool and summery. Your jewelry is perfect with dress. Love the whole outfit.

  3. Hi Cyndi, I’m having my lunch here in the UK so an early post is perfect for me. I looove this dress on you, pretty and a touch floaty for Summer, perfect👍🏻 I don’t know why people have hang ups about things being too short at a certain age, it’s all rubbish, if you have good legs, get them out and rock it! I have a denim dress on today that hangs about where yours does, I’ve self tanned and I feel great😀 You could also wear that dress over white skinnies as another look.
    My OH would be like Wayne and love the dress short too😘 Hope your move goes well, looking forward to seeing some photos when you’ve got settled😀 I’m off to buy a birthday present for my stepdaughter who will be 26, help!
    Wishing you well,
    Nicky X

  4. My wish would be 5’6″, unfortunately I only made it to 5’3″! lol Cute dress Cyndi. I don’t think its too short on you – you have great legs so go for it.
    Good luck on the move Monday.

  5. love it…problem is, i’m 5-8. and my legs are not as cute as yours, is there something you could recommend that I could wear under it to make it look longer?

    1. Hey Sheryl, Sometimes i think you can wear jeans underneath a shorter dress but this one is lined, so I don’t know if it would be comfortable. Sorry about that!

  6. You can pull together any outfit and look gorgeous in it 😊
    My son is graduating June 11th
    And I was wondering if you have any advice of what I should wear I really don’t want to wear a dress , I’d like to find a nice dressy pant/blouse outfit
    Any advice? Thank you Kellie

  7. I love the dress on you!! I am almost 5’7″ and I would feel like you do that’s it’s a tad too short. I always worry and put leggings or skinny jeans under. But living in Texas that will soon be too hot. I wonder if you found the right cute slip..the ones that their sole purpose is to add length that could be an option? I’m sure you that I’d that already. I don’t think you need it though, you are rocking seriously fabulous legs!!😄❤️

  8. This dress is adorable on you – and I don’t think it looks to short. My mom’s rule of thumb for gauging length would be to put your arms straight down with your fingers extended. As long as the dress or skirt is not shorter than where your fingers hit you’re fine. Plus, you’ve definitely got the legs for it!

  9. The dress looks awesome on you! If you wore it with a flat sandal, it wouldn’t look as short as it might with a heel. Just a thought! May God give you strength for your move. xo

  10. Cyndi this dress is gorgeous. I love the colors and print.

    I also really appreciate that you styled it NOT off the shoulder even tho that is an option. I’m a little hesitant to try the off the shoulder trend. I’m not sure I would feel comfortable, even though I think it’s a cute summer look. I think I would do what you did and wear it on the shoulders….LOL.


  11. Love the dress. Your comment about your husband loving the length made me laugh. I find my husband somewhat unreliable on what is appropriate length for me or how tight something should or shouldn’t be.

  12. love the dress! I live in Canada, really wish the shipping rates weren’t so much from Glamour Farms! they have such beautiful clothes!

  13. I love it! They should put this on their site. I actually like it better on you than the model (who is gorgeous and I always think she looks great). This is the length I love – anything longer makes me look dumpy.

  14. I know what you mean Cyndi about the shortness, but I agree with the other ladies, that it looks great on you. Besides in 10 years (or more) you’ll look back and think—what was I so worried about?
    And another thought—it’s be a great bathing suit coverup!
    Many well wishes with the move!!

  15. This dress is perfect on you! It’s definitely not too short! You look beautiful, and elegant as always.
    Good luck with your move. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  16. Cyndi, you look so beautiful in this dress…I just love it. I do appreciate & agree with what you said about the length being a tad short. Your sensitvity to such things is one reason I love your blog. God bless you & have a nice weekend as you prepare to move 🙂

  17. The dress in a small is sold out! I was so disappointed. My son graduated high school today so my thoughts were elsewhere and I just now found the time to read your post. Do you know if they will restock?

    You look great in the dress – hope I am able to snag one for myself. Thanks Cyndi!

  18. What a cute dress on you! I look forward to feeling confident to wear a dress like this after I lose some weight (working on this). I liked seeing you style this dress because I always wonder if it’s okay to wear dresses above the knee or shorts due to being modest. Thanks for showing me it can be done and look so classy! I love it 🙂 and the shoes xo

  19. I was getting your e-mails to my address but the last week they have stopped coming. I have left my e-mail address three times and I am still not getting your posts. Am I doing something wrong? ageiser@kcssonline.org

  20. You were right! This beautiful dress is a bit longer on me at 5’4″ — just above my knee! I was having trouble finding a dress I liked, but I love this one! Thanks!