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Fashion Friday For Women Over 40

Happy Friday friends! It’s Fashion Friday For Women Over 40. Fall weather has come to Kentucky, so today I’m sharing an easy outfit that is perfect for early fall.

These are basic pieces that most of us have in our closet. A white t-shirt, scarf, and a pair of jeans.

Fashion Friday For Women Over 40
I’m so excited about wearing booties this fall. I found these at Old Navy. The heel is perfect and they’re comfortable.

Fashion Friday For Women Over 40

Usually the weather is cool in the mornings and it warms up in the afternoon. To start the day, I grabbed my military jacket.

Fashion Friday For Women Over 40

Short sleeve v-neck tee-INC//Leopard print scarf-Target//Skinny jeans-Banana Republic//Ankle Boots-Old Navy//Military Jacket-Stitch Fix

The Old Navy ankle boots will sell out quick, I went ahead and bought a black pair too. They only come in whole sizes. I wear a 7 1/2 but wore an 8 in this boot. Just thought I’d let you know in case you order them online.

Are you going to wear the ankle boots this fall?

Beauty For the Heart~~Tomorrow I’m headed to a Living Proof Live Simulcast with Beth Moore. I love getting together with sisters in Christ! And truthfully, I feel like I need it. Being in full-time ministry can be draining. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but it’s good to get away and be renewed and refreshed.

Since I’m going to hear Beth tomorrow, I’ll share a quote from her.

We’re going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us. – Beth Moore

Amen and have a Blessed day!

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  1. I love booties too…I have several pairs! They look cute with skirts, jeans, and dress pants. Very versatile! I’m so ready for fall clothes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is such a sharp outfit! I have a worry with the ankle boots. In theory, I love them but the gap between the jeans and the top of the boots (that is so popular now) bothers me. Is it just as fashionable to wear them covering the top of the boot?

    1. Yes, that’s still fashionable because you’re wearing the boot. The look this fall is definitely cuffed jeans with a bootie. But wear what you’re comfortable with.

  3. Don’t you love how a scarf can jhuzz up a t-shirt and jeans? Looking at the first pic I thought “throw on a military jacket girl” and you did! I love my ankle booties and I’m scouting for a pair of wedge ankle booties in cognac or chocolate, but not this weekend, it’s going to be near 100 – bleah, I’m over it. Have a blessed weekend, I will ‘see’ you at the Beth Moore simulcast tomorrow.

  4. Love this outfit! The t shirt fits you beautifully . It looks all it so pulled together by adding ths scarf. Heading out today to track down a few transition pieces!

  5. I love booties. I have three different pairs and they are my go to shoes for fall and winter. I love your look with the cuffed jeans. That is the current style and I’m all about that. Have a great day. I really enjoy your daily blog.

  6. So cute. I have a question about your scarf. (They never look as good on me as they do other people!) Is yours an infinity scarf that’s doubled, or is it tied? I love the look and would love to replicate it.

  7. The smallest part of my body are my ankles and wrists so I do all I can to not put a “break” point at them. Some sleeves and most anything that stops at my ankles adds weight on me. Kinda bummed to not jump on the bootie trend (thought I have a booty too) but it’s just not flattering if that’s an area you need to emphasize. I LOVE regular boots but have to be careful for them to not be too huge around the ankles.

  8. I’ll have to take a deep breath and try the jeans with booties. I did, however, go boldly forward with buying a military jacket (olive green), and I love it! You look great as always!

  9. I love that outfit! I noticed the booties come in a wine color too. Is that going to be an ‘in’ color again this fall? What colors are going to be trendy this year? You look fabulous!
    Thank you!

  10. I own all these pieces and yes, booties are a must for this season. I embraced them last year and have added some newer lower heeled ones for the coming season… if our weather would get cooler, so I can wear them… chomping at the bit for Fall…

  11. Some friends and I went and saw Beth this May in Spokane , Wa. Gives me chills just to think back to that experience . Glad you get to go as well !!! Get ready to have your socks Blessed off 🙂

  12. You look awesome! I finally found riding boots that I love last year, now I need to find some booties! I was invited to attend the Beth Moore pod cast tomorrow but won’t be able to make it! I will be taking care of my grandson which I am so excited to do, it’s his first time to spend the night, he is 17 months old! I have a date with Grayson Tyler and Thomas the train!

  13. I’ll be watching for you on camera. Our church is showing by simulcast in our scanctuary. Looking forward to a great day of study and worship——- roll tide !!!!

  14. Here in Wisconsin we went from 80 degrees down to this mornings temp of 40 degrees just 3 days apart. I was working on shifting my fall wardrobe in and my summer wardrobe out I need to get that done now. Love the bootie boots, and I also love scarf’s I purchased a few about six last spring and wish I had gotten more.I love the way a scarf can change an outfit so fast. Enjoy your trip.

  15. I got booties this summer while on vacation on clearance! But it’s 94° here at 5:30 p.m. so it’ll still be a while before I wear them. My husband thought I was crazy for buying booties during a beach vacation. I was just planning ahead!

  16. I’m not loving the scarf without the jacket. Those big scarfs looks like they are trying to smother you. I prefer the thinner ones that aren’t so full. I like the look with the jacket because the jacket flattens the scarf some. The boots I’d like better if the tops were covered by the pants. I don’t like the look of the cuffed pants that allow the top of the boot, and skin to show. I do love booties and wear them all the time. Like the tan color of these.

  17. Love the outfit! So simple and cute! I just purchased the booties online. We no longer have an Old Navy here :(…I have a question how do you rate the quality of these booties? The reviews were made me a little skeptical on purchasing them, but I did. I feel reviews can be too harsh sometimes and right on other times.


    1. Hmm…the only way to explain them is they’re Old Navy quality. 🙂
      They will last me all winter and probably next winter too. I try to take care of my shoes but obviously it’s not like buying a frye boot. I just don’t want to spend that much on a “trend.”
      I would spend more on a riding boot that I know is a classic piece.
      Hope that helps!