Fashion Friday-How To Wear Leggings

polka dotsIt’s Fashion Friday and in honor of the video that has been all over internet this week about “leggins ain’t pants”, I thought I would share an outfit with leggings.

(If you haven’t seen the video, google “leggins ain’t pants” and you’ll find it everywhere. I laughed so hard at that lady!)

Anyway, here is how to wear leggings without offending anyone. Leggings are cute and comfortable but there is a right and wrong way to wear them.

This a great time of year to wear them and this mudpie tunic is the perfect top to wear over them.

mud-pie-cameron-tunic_black_53_CYNDI (4 of 10) It’s long in the front and the back to cover up everything that needs to be covered.

mud-pie-cameron-tunic_black_53_CYNDI (9 of 10)If you don’t like bulky sweaters or if you live in a warmer climate this tunic is going to be a great piece to add to your wardrobe.

We are going to have some 70 degree weather this coming week and I’m going to be wearing this tunic!

mud-pie-cameron-tunic_black_53_CYNDI (2 of 10)I added this simple brown clutch.

mud-pie-cuff-clutch_tan_33_CYNDI (1 of 2)These are both my favorite bracelets. They are Stella & Dot and can be found here and here.

mud-pie-cameron-tunic_black_53_CYNDI (10 of 10)I love wearing leggings with a tunic when the weather starts to get chilly! This tunic doesn’t wrinkle so there’s no ironing. (Also, the color is tan polka dots and navy. It looks black and I would still wear it with black leggings.)

mud-pie-cameron-tunic_black_53_CYNDI (1 of 10)

Mudpie Tunic (I’m wearing a small)//Leggings//Boots//Bracelet//Bracelet//Clutch

 Are you a fan of leggings? What do you wear with your leggings?

(Make sure you use my discount code:spivey725 for $10 off your purchase at Glamour Farms. Please use each weeks code one time only. Thanks!)

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Beauty for the Heart~~

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love this outfit on you Cyndi! While I do like the stripes around the sleeves, I’m not crazy about them around the neckline. But I am considering buying the tunic after I check my budget. Looks great with leggings. I have a similar top but it’s not long enough to cover “everything that needs covering” ha ha! I like both your boots and the models darker boots.

  2. I really enjoyed your beauty for the heart message. Thank you!
    Outfit is lovely as well. You always choose the perfect accessories. I’ve learned so much from your blog!

  3. This outfit is fantastic on you! I love it and I love leggings. I agree that we need to cover up and I sometimes find it a challenge to find long enough tops since I am 5’9″.

  4. I love leggings! This is the type of tunic I wear with them. I also like lightweight tunic sweaters with them. But you have to look front and back in the mirror to make sure everything is covered!

  5. Yes I love this outfit. I am learning so much from your blog. I am loving those boots too. I’ve seen You wear them quite a few times. Do you mind sharing where they came from?

    1. Hey Tammy, If you look under my last picture, I list all my pieces and if you click on the word boots, it takes you directly to the site.
      Does that make sense??

  6. Looks great on you and your hair looks SO CUTE today (but then it always does). I have a similar style, but my hair isn’t as thick as yours, so it doesn’t look as cute. 🙁

  7. I L O V E this outfit!! Glamour Farms doesn’t have my size 🙁 so I will look for something else. I purchased one pair of nice leggings last season from Nordstrom and hope they have them again this year. And this may be the year I pull the trigger on riding boots. I’m only 5’4″ – can I wear riding boots? Plus – I’m 58! Can I wear them?

    1. Pa-leazze!!! I’m 5″4′ and 58 and wear boots all the time. They are very stylish!! Boots at any age are awesome!

  8. Cynd, I’d love to know if you have a favorite brand of leggings? Tell us also if you’ve tried some you’d never purchase again. Thanks!

  9. What I don’t understand is, with all the videos and people talking about how NOT to wear leggings, how can there possibly be people who still wear them wrong!! ?? You see people wearing them wrong ALL.THE.TIME. How has the message not reached these people!!

    1. My best friend always says, “Don’t they own a mirror?”, when we see unbecomming outfits. I don’t think they are looking for any fashion messages. I guess it is about comfort for them Jennifer.

  10. Cute outfit, I really like it 🙂 We are finally getting our fall weather in Oregon, windy and rainy all day today is our forecast and I’m so happy! I love this time of year 🙂 Probably will be a leggings, and long top of some kind, for me today, and I love all my boots.

    I needed that Beauty for the Heart – some of my immediate family, who are so dysfunctional, just continue to hurt me and I have to really work at not firing hurtful words back, as much as I sometimes feel like it, I know it’s not right and will serve no good purpose and it’s not how God would want me to respond. I trust Him to keep guiding me and putting a guard on my mouth.

  11. That video is hilarious but true.
    I just spent a lot of time in airports and the awful legging outfits abound. However, I saw one lady that really gave me pause about any tops I wear with leggings.
    She looked great standing still, pretty hair, quality top that covered her tail, thick enough leggings, good jewelry and nice boots, great colors. She was probably 45ish and looked to be in good shape, was a nice medium size. However, when she walked, her whole lower half shook, like Jell-O! Every step was shake shake shake. I found it sad that her husband was so clueless. She certainly put a certain amount of thought into her appearance, but you know, we don’t video ourselves.
    From now on, any top I wear with leggings has to be long enough that I can easily touch the hem with my fingertips.

    1. Oooh, I only wear my one lone pair with an actual dress, and boots, and think I’m going to keep it that way. I see a lot of teens wearing them with short tops, nobody looks good like that!

  12. Love this outfit. I can and would wear this almost anywhere. Love my boots and jeggings (actually prefer them because they are a little more substantial than the leggings). Comfortable key word but make sure you cover not only the booty but the front as well….and by all means get the right size. Good job Cyndi!

  13. Thanks for this. Love the outfit on you, but I, too, am wondering about leggings – I’m 56, 5’5″ and 162 pounds (size 14). I got some highly recommended leggings (Hue from Nordstrom on sale) and was shopping for tops last night, looking at tunics and wondering…. esp the appropriateness for my business casual office. Maybe I’ll ask my friend/supervisor, too.

  14. Hi cyndi. Thank you so much for beauty for the heart this morning. I can’t tell you enough how it has helped me. There’s a lot of pain right know in our family. It’s so good to know there is always hope. Inspite of the stuff we go through. Still waiting to hear if a son will go to prison. But God is in control.

  15. Cyndi, thank you for your wonderful blog and Beauty for the Heart. It is so uplifting and comforting even on a normal day. I love leggings too at 72, but I think you do have to use discretion and modesty when you wear them. I probably wear my tunics/tops longer than most, but I want to be modest when I sit down too.

  16. Cyndi, my favorite thing about Fall/Winter is the fact I can wear my boots!! Love ’em, and love that you show so many creative ways to wear them. As for leggings and jeggings, as long as you can wear them modestly, I don’t think age is a big issue. I work with a lovely lady in her 60s, and she wears leggings with tunics about 2in above her knees, she looks very professional. (@coveredup–Granted, nothing on her “jiggles”)

  17. Just the other day I wore leggings & tunic top and felt unsure about it. I thought hmmm I bet
    Cyndi Spivey never wears leggings. Thanks for the post! I put alot of trust in your style,always classy ! God Bless

  18. Hi Cyndi,

    I like leggings, but the key to wearing them is to make sure that your “legs” are the only thing that’s showing! I really like your outfit and boots make a great pairing with leggings because they become the star. Leggings should be the supporting actors, not the star 😉


  19. Hi cyndi
    I am trying to find this particular polka dot tunic. Could you please give me directions where and how to order. Thanks

    1. Karen I am so sorry, but the tunic sold out. 🙁 We try to make sure we have a large quantity of what I’m wearing but sometimes we can’t predict how many will sell.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Cyndi, I may be a day behind seeing this post, but it is still applicable, especially your Beauty for the Heart. When I wear my very fitting skinny pants or leggings, I make sure my backend is covered. Wearing a longer top makes me look nice and slim through the abdomen and hip area, which I appreciate.

    Have y’all put your house on the market yet?

    Have a blessed day!

  21. Just a reminder tights are not leggings! I work in a mall and I can’t tell you how many times we see people wearing tights as leggings. I know its warm in the south people but come on cover up! I love your daily messages of God and his grace. So many times I am struggling in the morning and I read your message, Its an instant awe moment. Thank you for that. You bless so many you don’t even know about. May God continue to work through you.

  22. Whew! So glad you got your link fixed! I was panicked last night when I couldn’t read your post – it’s usually the highlight of my day :-).
    Love leggings and long tunics- comfy, stylish and perfect for fall.

  23. You look wonderful as always. When I go to glamour farms to purchase these leggings there are no size listed. Am I missing something or is it one size fits all. And what size foes that cover. Thank you.

  24. I love that top. 🙂 Sometimes I wear leggings with a shorter summer dress to take it into cooler weather. I’ll also wear a longer sweater with them. They’re especially good for the in-between weather.

  25. Cyndi-
    On Thursday, several of my co-workers wore leggings with tunics and boots and I wondered if I should jump on the legging bandwagon. Then your post came out and I am sold! Do you recommend a particular brand or store? I noticed that Glamour Farms had a no return policy on their leggings, which makes me a bit apprehensive about ordering. With my petite frame and lack of derriere I would like to try leggings on before purchasing. Keep up the great posts and inspirational quotes. Makes my day.

  26. Love all your outfits and they way you put fashion together I’m 55 years old and I have never worn leggings. Think I will try them when the weather gets cooler in NC