Fashion Friday-Striped Cardigan

***The color I am wearing sold out quickly but they also have it in an olive green color!! It will probably sell out quickly. Use my discount code graceandbeauty852 for $10 off.

Happy Friday! Well, we are gearing up for fall around here and this striped cardigan from Glamour Farms has me ready for cooler weather and a pumpkin latte. Ha!

Fashion Friday-Striped CardiganI feel like I have a 70’s vibe going on today with my over the knee boots and my necklace.

Fashion Friday-Striped CardiganI love the stripes on this open lapel cardigan. ( And they all match up, some of you will remember the craziness over my striped dress, where the stripes didn’t match up. 🙂 )

But what sets this cardigan apart is the faux suede elbow patch on the sleeves. I love that added touch!

Fashion Friday-Striped CardiganFashion Friday-Striped CardiganCardigans are a perfect fall sweater and this one will give your layering options some pizzazz as you slip this one on with a tee and your favorite pair of jeans.

Fashion Friday-Striped Cardigan

Fashion Friday-Striped CardiganOutfit Details

Mattie Striped cardigan (I’m wearing a small/medium)//White top (I’m wearing a small)//Skinny Jeans//Over the Knee Boots (I purchased these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)//Necklace 

(Use Discount Code graceandbeauty852 for $10 off your Glamour Farms purchase.)

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Beauty For the Heart~~Today I Choose Goodness.I will go without a dollar before I take a dishonest one. I will be overlooked before I boast. I will confess before I accuse. I choose goodness.

Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Romans 12:9

Have a blessed day!

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***Clothes from Glamour Farms are given to me but opinions are my own.

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  1. Cyndi,

    I am so excited that you are sharing your hair know how. Your hair is just gorgeous. You are such an inspiration in the way you dress, fix your hair and sharing scriptures and encouraging words. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Ha! – I. hate. grocery. shopping! Glad to know it’s not just me. I love just about any other kind of shopping, but I will eat cereal for dinner for a week before I will go to the grocery store. I don’t like to cook either so that may be part of it. Anyway…love this outfit today – that cardigan is super cute with the elbow patches – and glad to know the stripes match up :), yes that was quite the discussion! I don’t think I could pull off the boots but you wear them well. Hair? Yippee! I love knowing what/how you do your hair so this girl is excited about that post.
    Enjoy your company and have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Cyndi! I like the complete outfit. The elbow patches on the cardigan give it a special touch, for sure. We love to grocery shop. Before I retired that was our Friday night date. It gave Larry & I time together while completing a necessary task. I don’t like making out the list and gathering the coupons. Today I chose Thankfulness!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. I love cardigans and want to purchase several for Fall. I would love to hear all about your hair! I have a similar hair style as you do. Thank you so much for all you do Blessings!

  5. Hi Cyndi
    Ok I too avoid the grocery store at all costs. Luckily my husband likes to grocery shop so I can usually get him to go😉
    I’m loving this outfit today
    It is one of my top 10 favorite fall looks you have ever posted. Hopeflly it will cool off here in South Georgia soon we are still in dog days down here😢
    Good job girl!

  6. I enjoy cooking, creating meals, and shopping for the items.
    I do not enjoy rushing home (in this heat) and having to get the cold and frozen away PRONTO!

    Oh, and I have a huge dislike for the total! Most stores have the question is this amount ok? Then you hit yes or no, well NO it is not ok, but you must hit “yes” to have your card process. How dumb is that?

  7. Another great look Cyndi. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors. Grocery shopping is not a favorite for me. However, my sweet husband does ALL the grocery shopping (with his sales papers and coupons) and ALL the cooking while I do ALL the cleaning 🙂 Today and everyday I choose Thankfulness. Enjoy your friends tonight. ~Lisa~

  8. You look adorable Cyndi! Love the boots on you! Wish I could wear those but with my short legs the taller boots won’t work! 😩
    I also dislike grocery shopping
    AND cooking these days!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. This is such a perfect fall outfit! Love love those boots and they go perfectly with that cardigan.
    I feel your pain on the grocery shopping. Heading there later today myself. Yuck.

  10. You look adorable-I love fall clothing! I do love that the stripes match up…I was one of those who freaked out on the striped dress, not much bothers me, but unmatching stripes do for some odd reason! I especially love-I choose goodness. I work with a person who boasts so much and it drives me batty. How do I get over her boasting??? We are teachers…I am all about the students and work so hard for them, while she is all about the glory-newspaper articles, rewards she can get for herself. I need to work on her not bothering me so much…help!

    1. Larissa,
      Your reply struck a chord with me! This is my 37th year teaching, and I’ve been there! I definitely know what you mean. It’s difficult to be working hard and doing your best for the children and having to deal with others that act as you described. I always go back to Colossians 3:23: “In all the work you are given, do the best you can. Work as though you are working for the Lord, not any earthly master.” Sometimes I imagine in my mind Jesus standing there with me in my classroom. That always helps me stay focused and keep the right perspective. Hope this helps!

  11. My husband and I use grocery shopping as a “date day”. We choose a place for lunch and then shop. He worked in a grocery store while in school so he’s a better shopper than I am!

  12. Cute, cute, cute!!!! I went immediately to purchase the cardigan, and It’s already sold out!!!! Hope they restock!!! I can hardly wait for fall!!!! If you find a cheaper option on the boots please share!!! I love them!!!! I have so enjoyed the “Choose” devotionals this week!!!! Thank you many times over for sharing with us!!!!

  13. I love the cardigan. I also hate grocery shopping. My husband will very often take care of this task since he knows how much I hate it. He’s a much better shopper than I am since I want to get in and out in record time! lol He even reads labels 🙂 Yup, he’s a keeper.

  14. I hate to do any kind of shopping, but my husband likes shopping, all kinds. So, we go together on our one day off a week, Sunday, to make it a date. I love to cook and bake, but since I hate to shop for clothes or food, going together when I have the menu for the week makes it much more bearable. That outfit looks great on you, but I am not sold on the over the knee boots – not yet.

  15. I think I may regret not buying those boots! Super cute, especially with that sweater and elbow patches. I was worried the over the knee would make me look to short and stumpy! LOL! Have a great weekend.

  16. Can’t wait to read your hair posts. Looks so pretty. Have you added more layers recently? Love the cardigan you have on today. Very cute.

  17. Love the outfit! I am in search of a good white t-shirt that is not see through. I read the comments associated with the white tee from Nordstrom and a couple of reviewers said the white was a little see through. I’m overly modest in that respect — my husband and daughters tease me all of the time – but I don’t want to have to wear a cami under a white tee shirt! Do you have any suggestions of where I might find a non-see through white tee?



  18. You look beautiful and I am grateful for your ministry! May I ask how tall you are? I’m guessing you’ve posted before, but I haven’t seen it. I’m on the fence about over the knee boots, I’m 5’2″ on a good day 😉 I would love information on the purse you are showing with the outfit. My last request is a bit technical and selfish, my apologies in advance! Those of us living in Mountain or Pacific time zones are at a real disadvantage when items from Glamour Farms are popular. They sell out before I even open my email. Would it be at all possible to release only a portion of the stock before a specified time so that your sisters out west have an opportunity to purchase as well? I appreciate your consideration.

    Blessings for a beautiful weekend.

  19. Being a pear shape, I shy away from horizontal stripes on the bottom and flowy excess fabric, but you, dear one, rock the look. I can’t tell you how much this 64 year old grandma enjoys everything about your blog,from fashion to being sold out to Jesus. Looking forward to seeing you in Benton!

  20. Cyndi I am loving your hair in these pics. Love the cardigan . Especially the color! Just when you think that you couldn’t get any prettier, you always do!

  21. I also hate grocery shopping. I have always thought that I was born with a certain number of enjoyable grocery store trips. (I didn’t used to mind it.) But, now I think I have used all of the enjoyable trips up and am only left with dreaded, nothing left in the kitchen trips. Ha! Love the outfit, and the devotions this week. I need to remember daily I have a choice and I should choose wisely.

  22. Boo, the cardigan is not available! Adorable on you. What size jeans are you wearing? I think I need those😁! Thank you for being an inspiration to the 50 and over group!

  23. Love this entire look on you! Sad to see this color is sold out. The green is nice but not as pretty as the burgundy.

  24. Love the outfit. I love fall wished it would last longer then what it does. Your hair is so pretty cut and color. So happy you take time to share every day your quotes and life thank you so much!!!!

  25. Such a cute outfit and I love your hair! I love any kind of shopping except grocery. If I ever won the lottery I would pay someone to do the food shopping for me. I’m interested in the hair products you use. Being a Hairstylist myself, I always like to know what works for others. I have tried so many different products through the years…thanks for sharing!

  26. I LOVE stripes!!! What a great look! There’s only one thing worse than grocery shopping!!! And that’s having to put it all away!!! Cyndi, thank you for all your devotionals & fashion hints! I really love reading it all!

  27. I am so glad that I immediately ordered this sweater and didn’t wait to think about it!! It’s already shipped and can not wait to receive it!

  28. I’m a HUGE fan of the cascade cardigan. Have several in assorted colors. Not a fan of the over the knee boot – I think it makes gals look shorter. And your original comment about food shopping? I’m blessed that my husband has been doing the grocery shopping for 30 years at our house. Splitting up the chores makes a happy wife – which in turn makes his – a happy life. Hee hee. Have a wonderful day!

  29. Call me weird, but I love grocery shopping. It’s the only time I get out of the house by myself. I stop by and pick up a soy chai to sip while I wander the aisles, putting little check-marks next to each item as I add it to the cart. The part I dislike is carrying it all into the house. If I could set up a conveyor belt from the back of my car to the kitchen, I Would do it in a heartbeat.

    I have yet to invest in a pair of over the knee boots, but the time has come and the hunt has begun. You have convinced me that they will be worn again and again. I live on the Oregon coast, so there is plenty of cool, boot-worthy weather. I can hardly wait to find a pair.

  30. Do you think Glamour Farms will get more of the cardigans in? I LOVE the olive green, and they’re sold out, too. It’s hard to believe it is almost fall.

  31. Thanks for sharing your fashion ideas Cyndi! I love the Cardigan and went to the site to order it, but the coupon code does not work. Can you assist?