Fashion Friday: White and Denim

Anyone else ready for Friday? Whew! It has been a whirlwind month and I don’t think things are going to be slowing down anytime soon.

I love wearing white and denim, it’s simple and classic. The Blessed Be Your Name blouse is off white with beautiful lace detail.

This is how most of my pictures look! Wind blowing with me trying to hold my top down and my hair is going crazy. I was cracking up taking these pictures!

Fashion Friday: White and DenimWe tried to snap pictures in between the gusts of wind and every once in a while it worked. When I wear this blouse, I will wear a tank, not a cami. I realized that would look better, after I snapped these pictures.

Fashion Friday: White and DenimOh how I love a heel! These only come in whole sizes so I went up a half size and they fit perfectly.

Fashion Friday: White and Denim
Fashion Friday: White and Denim

Fashion Friday: White and DenimIt’s such a feminine top and would look great with dress pants too. I think this top would look good with the pink Old Navy pants I styled a few weeks ago.

Fashion Friday: White and Denim

Fashion Friday: White and Denim
Outfit Details: Blessed Be Your Name Top//Frayed Hem Jeans//Platform Sandal//Sunglasses//Watch//Bracelet//Bracelet//Bracelet//Ahhmazing Cami

(Use Discount Code: Spivey258 for $10 off your Glamour Farms order.)

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Beauty For the Heart~~If God doesn’t rule your mundane, then he doesn’t rule you. Because that is where you live. ~ Paul Tripp

The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Psalm 37:23

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Happy Friday!!! A white top with dark denim is my style uniform!! I never get tired of wearing it. l love finding new white shirts to wear! They are so fresh, light and look good in every season.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. That’s a great question! A Cami has bra like straps (what I’m wearing) and a tank has thicker straps that will cover your bra straps.
      Hope that helps!!

  2. I absolutely love everything you style! Finally someone who knows how to style for my age group! I have these shoes, wore them Easter Sunday! LOVE them but they are just a tad high for everyday wear! I’m waiting for the Natural wedges you styled a few days ago to arrive!

    1. These heels are a little high. I wouldn’t wear them shopping but for church and date night they are perfect.
      Have a great day!

  3. Love the top! I just ordered it using your code. Thank you for showing affordable clothing options!! There are a lot of us that cannot and will not pay the prices that some feature.

      1. At times, that’s the issue I have with styles like these that I love. That are a little loose fitting. Am petite so it’s not very flattering for by body type. Sometimes it will fit like a dress or pajama. Lol! But girl! vety flattering on you.

  4. Cute outfit, as always! Your hair looks so healthy. Maybe you can share hair products, too. Do you use your sunless tanner on your face?

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Penny, at the top of Cyndi’s blog page is a tab that says skincare. Under that tab is also her hair care products. Hope this helps. Have an awesome weekend 😉

  5. Cyndi, the white feminine top with the denim does look so nice! Now that it’s April you may have to dodge showers to take outside photos instead of dealing with the wind. Gotta love Mother Nature!

    When wearing thin tops that require a tank or cami, do you also wear an item to keep the girls in place? Thanks you!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Seriously thinking of ordering this adorable top! But have some concerns about fit. I typically wear either a medium or a large, depending on the fit. Bust size of 38. What would you suggest???

  7. Thanks so much for the great finds and styles!! Love this look, and ordered the shirt!!! Just beautiful!!! Can’t wait to read about the swimsuit and self tanner segment!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!

  8. This outfit looks great! I’ve learned this is a look that I now know will not work for me. Total bummer! I really like it but know it would look horrid on my body type. But I can totally appreciate that others look fantastic in this style top.

    Also, yesterday you mentioned what’s coming up in April. I always like the series where the same 9 clothing items are worn in different combinations. I also think it would be neat for you to choose a pair of pants or a shirt and style it all week different ways. I love learning new possibilities and combinations for the things I have in my closet.

  9. Ordering it! This look is one of my fav’s. I love tops like this. I am glad you said you would order a xs if they had it, when u tell us what size your wearing it always helps me decide the size i’ll buy. Can’t wait to hear about bathing suits and self tanner. I love a good self tanner and have a hard time finding one. Forget about bathing suit season I dread it. LOL Have a wonderful weekend .

  10. Yay another great look, white crisp top and denim perfect combo. Love the split at the back tried on a top yesterday with this back split, didn’t buy but wish I had, thank goodness for on line shopping.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Hi Cynid!! Always love your styling! Very precious top! They are sold out in small got any ideas when they will come in?? Blessings 2 u! Cindy

  12. Hi Cindy!!
    Have you ever written about WHY women over 40 need to make it a point to look nice?? I know way too many women who hit 40 and siddenlyndont seem to care. They’ll wear the same old clothes, not fix their hair, just look frumpy. I don’t think women need to look red carpet ready, but they do need to fix themselves up!!! If you have written about this before, could you comment with a link? I’d loooove to share it. 🙂

    Thank you!

  13. Love this look! I know you have told this before, however I failed to take note. Where do you purchase your long cami? I love the way you style them.

    Blessings for a wonderful day!


  14. I just love those shoes! You can never have too many :). Unfortunately, they are a bit out of my price range, I will be on the hunt for a similar pair, though! Love reading your posts! Have a blessed day!