Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and Answers

Yesterday I shared my Friday night date night outfit, and today I’m sharing my Saturday outfit and my fun day! My sister and I met at my sister-in-laws, and the three of us headed to a Faster Way to Fat Loss Event here in Lexington.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and AnswersThe event was held at The Livery in Lexington, Ky. Over 100 women showed up to exercise and to meet Amanda Tress, the creator of the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and Answers The building was so pretty, and I kept thinking it would be a fun place to have a women’s conference. Amanda led us in our Saturday workout. I’m one of those ladies in the back of the room! Haha!

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and AnswersThe Weekly Juicery was there with one of my favorite juices, felon melon. While I know all the juices are good for you, they don’t all taste great.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and AnswersHere is the most important part! After our workout, we got to enjoy a donut. Boy, these were delicious!!

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and Answers Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and AnswersAmanda and I have talked so many times, so I was glad to meet her in person.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and AnswersPink Tank ( will be available soon)//Leggings (I’m wearing a small)//Sports Bra (I’m wearing a medium)//Nike Sneakers

Here’s the whole group!

Faster Way To Fat Loss Questions and Answers

I get so many questions about the Faster Way To Fat Loss program. Here are some of the basics.

What Is the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program?

The FWTFL is an online fitness and nutrition program that focuses on intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and macro tracking.  We learn the proper way to fuel our bodies at the right time to burn fat effectively. 

Do we fast every day?

Yes, we intermittent fast every day, meaning we consume all of our calories within an eight-hour feeding window.  My typical window is from 12-8pm.

What does a typical week look like?

With the Faster Way To Fat Loss, we have two low carb days, two low macro days, and three regular macro days.  We work out five days/week, and they range from 30-50 mins.  We drink lots of water, we don’t over exercise, and we make sure we get good sleep (this program helps with sleep).

I’m in my 50’s/60’s can I do this program?

Yes! There is a regular work out (gym or home), but there’s also a beginner workout (I still do this one at times). You can modify so that it works for you. 

Do I have to join a facebook group?

No; However, I would encourage you to privately join so you can benefit from the support and accountability that comes with the Facebook community.  It is a valuable, and motivating resource during the 6-week program!  

Why do you still do the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program?? You don’t need to lose weight.

I get this question a lot. But FWTFL is not just a program or a diet; it’s a lifestyle. After you have gone through two rounds, you can join the VIP group.

This membership will take FASTer Way Veterans to new depths in their understanding of health and wellness related topics while providing ongoing access to all of the things you love about the FASTer Way Lifestyle… including accountability!

The next round starts August 5th!! The holidays are right around the corner so get yourself ready for all the holiday parties!

Go here to register.

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Beauty For the Heart~~God meets daily needs daily. Not weekly or annually. He will give you what you need when it is needed. ~Max  Lucado Whatever your day holds, God is with you!!

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’m so very interested in this program. I broke my ankle on the 30th of July so I’m not working out these days and I’m trying to take in a lot of protein to strengthen those bones. I’m certainly going to check this out. I’m not sure the intermittent diet would be good for me right now. Thanks for sharing! I love your leggings and tank!

  2. Love that tank! Please let us know when it’s available as I’d love to get one! Thank you for sharing, Cyndi! What a fun day!

  3. I too am a member of the VIP Group and cannot day enough about this program. Since January I’ve gone down two sizes and lost 30 lbs. I am also in maintenance. I loved looking at your pics and videos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the shoes, are they really comfortable? I am looking for a new pair, just recently started working out again and need a pair that works for aerobic in gym but also walking. What are your recommendations? I just started with FWTWL program and am trying to get the nutrition part down pat but loving it so far:)

  5. Another question: is it difficult to count carbs and macros (whatever those are). That’s why I don’t do a lot of programs because it’s just too difficult to figure out all of that. 😝

  6. Cindy I just started FWTWL! I read your post and your results are amazing, so I thought I would give it a shot! You always look so put together.

  7. Is there an additional cost to be part of the VIP program after you have completed two rounds? And, is round two the same price as round 1?

  8. Cyndi,

    You have been such a mentor to me. You have influenced my fashion, faith, and fitness. I’m in my second round of FWTFL and am loving. it. You are right. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. I’m contemplating doing the VIP group. I’ll be honest, I’m not getting as much out of the second round. In fact, I don’t often post my macros (though I do count them daily). The one thing the second round does for me is to continue to hold me accountable. I want this to become a habit – a way of life. I needed more than six weeks to make that happen. My question is . . . does the VIP program go above and beyond the typical six week rounds? I want to be a good steward of my money . . .

    Many thanks for all that you do!

    P.S. I picked up on your “women’s conference”. I know that so many of us would be honored to attend something that you hosted . . . hint! 🙂

  9. The FWTFL program looks amazing, as do you! I am going to think about it. On another note, how wonderful it is to see you and your sister getting along and enjoying each other (sister in law, too)!

  10. I started FWTFLon Aug 13. I don’t find the fasting difficult as I pretty much was doing that own my own anyway, and the no gluten, no dairy, no sugar has been easy for me too because I cut those way back about two years ago an it has helped clear a life long skin condition. Made a believer out of me that what we put in our body matters.
    I’m struggling with figuring the macros and eating enough in the window of opportunity. After I work out, which is when I get home from work, o have zero interest in eating. Yesterday it was so bad I almost threw up just thinking about it. Any suggestions Cyndi? Also I already feel bored with what I feel are appropriate food choices. I don’t eat badly anyway so maybe that’s part of my struggle.
    Thank you for sharing this program with us – ive seen how dramatically it has changed you physically – you are a lean, mean machine ;-).

  11. Can you ever have a treat, eg, Starbucks chai tea latte?!!! Or what kind of treats do you have once in awhile? It’s a lot of money so I really have to think about this. But you look great!

    1. You can definitely have treats. Typically, she has it on leg day, which is Saturday. You do get to eat on this program, not starving yourself.

  12. Hi Cyndi,
    I joined the FWTFL based on your recommendation, I was surprised by how much there is to learn and having to fast everyday. I was overwhelmed at first, but after doing the prep week I already see results. I’m curious if you are a VIP member to get stronger and not lose weight why you still do the fasting? I don’t have a lot of weight to lose so am wondering if I reach my goal before the 6weeks ends what I do. I don’t want to get too thin. And can you go back to eating breakfast without losing your results?

  13. I was shocked to see that y’all had a donut…What?! I really would love if you gave us an idea of your normal eating habits. I try to eat right, but we are on the go a lot…blah, blah, blah Ok, I need it spelled out for me, Cyndi ;-O HELP

  14. I am now a coach! I tried this program on your recommendation and fell in love! This summer, while off from teaching, I took the test and got certified. Now I am trying to figure out how to keep it Christ honoring for us 50+ gals. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Love your blog! I really enjoyed reading your tips and your lovely pictures! I am 53 and trying to loose 15 lbs. I am active and eat healthy, menopause I think has taken over. How much is your program?

    Thank you!