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Favorite Finds Under $50

Hey there! How’s your week going? I have to admit I have felt a little behind all week, but I hope to catch up this weekend.

I love sharing the latest fashion finds with you, and I especially love sharing my favorite finds under $50. These are great finds that are affordable!

Favorite Finds Under $50


1. Colorblock Polo Sweater – This preppy look is trending this year, and this sweater is under $20 and so much cuter in person.

I shared this sweater on Instagram yesterday. I love the colorblocking!

Colorblock Polo Sweater (small) • Straight Leg Jeans (27) • Elyse Slipper

2. Crochet Sneakers – I’ve seen these sneakers at several stores at a higher price, but these from Walmart are super cute and will look great for spring.

3. Tan Belt – I like adding a belt to some of my outfits, and I recently ordered this one and really like it.

4. Sleeveless Tank – I have this tank, and I like the length. It comes in lots of colors.

5. Sweatshirt – This sweatshirt is cute for spring and will look good with white jeans and shorts.

6. Two-Piece Pajamas – I have these in several colors. They are well-made and super comfortable.

7. Sweatshirt Pleated Mixy Dress – I don’t have this dress, but I like the style, and it’s under $25.

8. Leggings – A great pair for working out or casual wear.

9. Casual Sneakers – I just bought these sneakers; they are cute and a great price. Similar to these but much less expensive.

There you go, fantastic options that are all under $50!

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  1. Did you size up in the sweatshirt? The one from Amazon (2-2-23) had the sun and an outline of the waves?
    Thank you!

  2. Cute things! I will order that brow pencil as soon as I finish this one I bought with slanted tip . Can you give me your opinion or do a post on velcro strapped sandals? I just saw the model on Evereve with some on. I recently saw not to wear this type of velcro strap on sandals, It was said to make us look older. Opinion please?

  3. Hi Cindy, What size do you wear in the leggings? (and remind me of your height and weight if you don’t mind so I can gauge what I would wear:)

  4. Inspiring look to spring! Do you have any soft, non compression leggings that hold their shape well? I have one pair I’ve worn and worn, so much that I can’t make out the fabric content! The feel of slick, mostly nylon tight leggings just aren’t comfortable or breathable for me. I also need a long or tall size which I know you don’t😀

    1. Kathy F. Try the Felina brand from Costco. They come in a two pack. I think like $16.99 but go on sale even for $11.99. I don’t find them uncomfortable at all. I wear them around the house all the time. For size reference I’m 5’3” 120 or so lbs. and I take the medium and they are longer than I’d like, so may be good length for you. Hope this helps. I also don’t like leggings that are to compression.

  5. I’m interested in the belt, sleeveless tank and the P.J.’s. Thanks for these finds and thank you for first trying them out and letting us know if you have them or not. I like to know if they are tried and true, especially when they come from Amazon. Could you please add the sizes you bought with the graphics. I usually can tell what size I take from that. Thanks. The BFTH is so true. I’ve been waiting 36 years to be healed from chronic migraines and its been sooooo hard. I have learned a lot about my LORD through it all and have been able to witness and help others in the same situation, but its hard to deal with the pain so often and the things I miss out on. I want to be healed and do wish God would preform the miracle. He would be Glorified. Bless you Cyndi for sharng HIM.

  6. Cute sweater and sneakers. I have some sneakers from Walmart that look like the last photo. I don’t know about the dress. Looks kinda of frumpy even on the tall model. I’m staying away from that long waist look. My legs look short enough already.

  7. Just ordered the tank in royal blue, Pj set in light blue, brow pencil in the taupe, the sunless tanner in medium and the puffer coat in black…..all that you recommended. Thanks.