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Favorite “PINS” Friday

Happy Friday! We are still having some crazy weather in Kentucky! Wind, rain, and storms have been popping up a lot the last few days.

I think the weekend is looking better, so I’m hoping to snap some pictures for my last 28 Days of Fashion post.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite blogs with you, which I follow and regularly look at.

I love looking at other fashion bloggers. But to be honest, sometimes it’s hard to look at other blogs a lot because I start comparing myself, and then I get frustrated with my blog. Ugh!!

I love what one of my readers said a few weeks ago, “You-do You.” I love that! I can’t be someone else.

I also shared this quote on Instagram recently.

Favorite "PINS" Friday
So much truth! Let’s listen to God’s view of us and not get caught up in the comparison game. We are each created in the image of God, and that makes us amazing. 🙂

Do you ever get caught up in the comparison game?? Why do we do that??

Anyway, let me share some blogs I love. I realized while I was looking at them how different they are. I like variety!

jills good life (for less) | a style blog

Favorite "PINS" Friday
The Sweetest Thing

Favorite "PINS" Friday
Penny Pincher Fashion

Favorite "PINS" Friday
Putting Me Together

Favorite "PINS" Friday
Southern Curls and Pearls

Favorite "PINS" Friday
Pinterest told me to

Favorite "PINS" Friday
What are some of your favorite blogs? 

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi – I love to follow your blog. It is eye opening to me to realize that someone I admire a lot might have feelings of ‘not quite good enough’ too, sometimes. It’s kind of neat I think to see so many types of blogs & to realize that everyone is just helping everyone to feel better about themselves. We need that variety & perspective & camaraderie. Have a great Friday 🙂 Blessings to you.

    1. I agree with you Paula about everyone feeling better about themselves. I think as women we should compliment each other more and maybe those positive messages would stick when we are having one of those down days.

  2. Big time guilty for playing the Comparison Game!

    Regarding other fashion blogs I like to scroll the pics for ideas but don’t have the patience to read them. YOURS on the otherhand, I enjoy reading becuase they’re well put together, to the point, and faith based….I too walk in His grace!

  3. Love your blog! And I especially love that you have such uplifting Biblical messages. What a refreshing perspective and reminder to stop comparing myself and my life to others! Great quote today – it is just what I needed!

  4. What a wonderful quote, Cyndi! Thank you so much for sharing it today just when I needed it!

    Just a note that when I click on the Penny Pincher Fashion link it takes me instead to The Sweetest Thing blog. I tried several times to make sure.

    I like to read versatilestylebytracey which I found from her comments on your blog. She has a “Gratitude” section each day which is inspiring as well as interesting clothing combinations and glimpses into her family’s life.

  5. Cyndi,

    Big time guilty of the comparison thing. I’ll leave the house in the morning thinking I look pretty good, and once I get out “out in the world” start feeling self conscious and bad about myself because of comparing myself with other women.

    Don’t change a thing, Cyndi! Your style is why I love getting your emails every day. You’re an inspiration in so many ways!

  6. Good morning Cyndi, I so needed to read this quote, I am so blessed by your blog, I love your fashion ideas but I’m also thankful for the Christian message you incorporate into your posts, I pray those who are not saved will see God’s love here and want to become a Christian, you are doing a beautiful job of sharing God’s word

    1. Debbie,

      I’m so glad you are here and able to follow along! Posting these quotes and verses each day is the best part about blogging!


  7. I love your blog! You are a friend and a mentor to me. I love your balance of fashion and truth.

    I compare myself with others all the time and I usually feel discouraged and discontent. I think the remedy is gratitude and praise to God for what we have and what He has done for us and given to us.

    I need the help of the Holy Spirit to have joy and peace and to practice contentment.

    I think you have worked hard to make your blog one of substance, quality and a place where people are valued, welcomed and appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!


  8. bridgitteraes.com She was a fashion designer for 10 years and gives she tips on how to look good in your clothes

  9. I love your blog for fashion tips that I mostly share with my younger family and friends who are in their 40s, but I’m so grateful that the inspiration I receive from you about spiritual matters. I also follow your sister on beneathmyheart.net and the other one I read daily is thriftydecorchick.com.

  10. I love your blog and can’t wait to read it each day. Your messages, your fashion and your tips are wonderful!

    I too find myself wrapped up in the comparison game of life.

    I look forward to future posts! Bring on your recipes, diet tips and decorating ideas!

  11. Variety is the spice of life…so they say 😉 It’s great to have others perspective on things. Your blog is great, just the way it is Cyndi! it’s natural for all of us to compare ourselves to others…because we are sinners. The enemy loves us to get caught up in that circle. But once we recognize we are doing it, we can turn around and claim victory in Christ! I love how you put Christ first in your life and you help share beauty and fashion in a God honoring way. I also like that your blog is short. Some others I follow have very long posts and I find myself scrolling through, just to see if anything catches my eye. Keep doing what you are doing. Its’ obviously working!! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  12. Cyndi,
    I love your blog and look forward to it everyday. I love God #1 and I love me some fashion too ;D You have all bases covered in my book. I so needed what the woman of faith wrote. I find myself comparing everything to others, but it really doesn’t matter if someone is thinner or prettier. We re all amazing, right?

  13. I love your blog and the mix of fashion, makeup, tips and of course Jesus!! I really like the graphic above and it is so true. I find myself doing this so what a great reminder that is Satan’s work in our lives. I also like Jo-Lynne Shane’s blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Agree with you about comparing. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” (Theodore Roosevelt)
    I’m working on this – it’s an ongoing battle.

    I love your blog, it’s perfect just the way it is but I can understand wanting to learn and grow by studying what others are doing, too. It’s a fine balance, isn’t it?

    Blogs I like: Fifty not Frumpy, Wardrobe Oxygen (she’s my size-ish), You Look Fab, No Fear of Fashion (for a European twist – she’s from Holland!), Get Your Pretty On

  15. Your post today reminds me why I enjoy your blog so much! I don’t compare myself to you; instead I feel encouraged and inspire by you!

  16. I follow a couple of these you posted, but found new ones. I enjoy some of the younger fashion bloggers and adapting to my age.

  17. I do the comparing thing as well. However, I am new at the blogging thing, so the blogs I follow are much prettier. I really enjoy your blog. I listed your blog as one of my favorites last week in a blog post. I posted about the blogs that gave me inspiration when I decided to re-find me and my style after having 3 kids. Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite Blogs! I browsed through them but love yours most as it’s just a better fit for me! 😀 Yes, the comparison game is easy to slip into but the older I become the more I realize it’s such wasted energy. I’m thankful God knew us women would struggle with comparing ourselves to others so He points us to Jesus Christ, where our true identity is found! I haven’t altogether conquered this temptation but I’m making progress.

  19. This quote is so true! I have a sister-in-law who has a beautiful home, beautiful yard, beautiful daughter, stays home and home schools, etc. I always find myself going to her house and thinking “Ugh! I wish my (couch, garden, kitchen, bathroom, etc etc. ) looked as good as this. If I could just stay home all day…” I find myself thinking of all her “stuff” when I’m at my own home trying to make my “stuff” look better. Then I hear the voice of The Lord saying, “yes, my child. She has used her talent well, but she can’t get up in front of a congregation and lead worship that pleases my heart like you can. Her daughter is just as loved as yours. And if you look around, you’ve done so much with your home while working full time, you should be proud of your accomplishments. Rest, my love and know you are being taken care of.” I have also found that this attitude actually breaks down my relationships with my own family. Thanks for sharing this. I will certainly remember this when I start comparing myself with others. Great post! ❤️❤️

  20. Hi Cyndi,
    Catching up on your blogs…. I believe we all need “comparison”….
    I love your thoughts … I love to mimic and compare my styles with others .. and do it often in clothing, but tweak it to fit my style… and I have 3 most endearing reasons why I dress the way that I do ….
    1. For Me (I have to shop according to my body type-first)
    2. For God (I want to please my Lord, for one day I will be with Him in Glory)
    3. For my husband (I always beam with joy when my hubby loves the way I dress) <3
    and YES, I will be very honest, I do try to compare my styles with those of other women and I do sometimes get caught up in the "comparison" game with other aspects of my life, but I think, each of us still has our own unique way of comparing what is right for us, and that is what makes life much more interesting, as long as one stays within their own budget, and doesn't get in debt trying to be someone they are not. I have my own style of dress, home, garden, LIFE…. and do not change unless I am happy with it and it pleases my Lord.
    Have a blessed day, change is good, and you and your blog are THE BEST, wonderful,awesome, and I appreciate your thoughts and adore your styles…. 🙂