Floral Cardigan + Denim Shorts

Hello Monday! Where did the weekend go? Today I’m sharing a floral cardigan from Macy’s. It’s a great piece  to add to your wardrobe because it can be worn now but will be perfect fall.

Floral Cardigan + Denim Shorts

Floral Cardigan + Denim Shorts

Are you wondering how many times I can wear these wedges! I wear them all the time!

Floral Cardigan + Denim ShortsA couple of my accessories, I have had for quite a while. They are more expensive pieces but they are pieces I will keep for years. My earrings are Kendra Scott.

Floral Cardigan + Denim ShortsMy handbag is Tory Burch and I love the size and the color.

Floral Cardigan + Denim ShortsFloral Cardigan + Denim ShortsFloral cardigan//Tank top//Wedge heel//Handbag//Earrings

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Beauty For the Heart~~
My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand.
-Edward Mote

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Pretty sweater! and those shoes…I went to my local DSW trying to find them and could not :(. Love that song/verse, we sing that at church quite a bit

    1. Also, would you mind telling us what size you’re wearing in the sweater AND, do the shoes run true to size? I may order online since they didn’t have at local DSW store.

  2. Love this cardigan but it’s a bit more than I would usually spend on a cardigan
    Maybe it will go on sale soon

  3. Beauty personified – love the sweather! I look forward to you posts daily. Be Blessed praying with you for your speaking engagement.

  4. Where are you speaking? Is it somewhere that anyone can get a ticket and attend? Would love to see/hear you in person!

  5. Love the cardigan. Would be perfect with a pair of jeans too.

    I love that song. Jesus is our only Hope and I’m so glad!

    Blessings …

  6. You look fabulous in this outfit Cyndi! The floral cardigan fits your personality to a tee. I love that song that you shared part of in Beauty For the Heart! Have a blessed day!

  7. It’s all cute but a bit pricey. Would love to see more outfits and accessories that are a little more affordable.

  8. As always, I find myself wNting to see the back of the sweater to see length and how it hangs. Kind of a deal breaker for me. Love the colors and print!

  9. My favorite verse / hymn today…as soon as I read “My hope is built on nothing less” I also hear the music in my head….would love to hear if you wear your Kendra Scott earring with the lobe reinforcements….love her earrings but they are heavy …

  10. Another great fashion post, Cyndi. Your blog is officially bad for my household budget! I always see things I love and adore and have to have. This beautiful cardigan is next on my list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I don’t care for one sleeve being plain and one being printed. I guess I prefer symmetry. And I also wonder what the back looks like because it’s not shown here or on Macy’s site.

  12. Please post photos from all angles, as with other comments, I wanted to see if there was floral design on the back and could not tell from your photos, I did see the back on the Macy’s website but that just takes extra time if after seeing the back your not interested. I have had this same thought before. Otherwise I love your blog and look forward to it each day!

  13. We are looking forward to having you in Western KY and are so excited! Love the shoes and bag from today’s post!

  14. Could you please do a post on a quick/convenient way to switch handbags from outfit to outfit? I usually carry the same handbag for months at a time because of the time it takes to downsize from a large handbag to a small handbag. But I’m trying to start switching handbags more often.

    1. I switch up my bags almost daily. I keep my lipstick and other touch up make up in a small zipper bag, my wallet and coupons and other loose items together. I always have a pen or writing instrument in each bag, after I choose my outfit, then my purse, it doesn’t take but a minute to transfer everything. Switching bags daily helps keep my purse clutter free. I hope those tips were helpful… however it will be great to hear Cyndi’s tips.

  15. Pretty sweater cyndi. I love Macy’s, unfortunately we don’t have any in Canada but when I’m to the states they see me quite a bit. I can order on line but it’s still nice to shop and try on:) planning a trip over soon so may be on sale by then too. I would wear it with my white jeans, and nude wedges or my flat sandals though. Just more my style😉Praying for you as you prepare for your speaking engagement.. would love to hear your testimony sometime and how you started the blog/fashion business…

  16. Loved the cardigan until I saw the $80 price tag, too spendy for such a lightweight sweater. Love the outfit though, completely my style. 😊

  17. Yes….Please post size you are wearing in cardigan. Macy’s was having a % off sale for Sunday yesterday. 🙁 Too bad this post came on Monday. It would have been 15% or 20% off. Most of you should have the Macy’s coupons and can get % or $10 off.