Friday Fashion-Ruffle Tunic

Good morning ladies! I have to say I am ready for the weekend. We have had a busy week and I’m looking forward to some down time.

I have gotten a lot of questions this week about my eyeshadow, what strapless bra I wear, etc. So tomorrow I’m answering all those questions. I haven’t gotten to reply to everyone (that stresses me out) so I thought I would put it all in one post. If you have a burning question, ask it in the comments today and I’ll hopefully get it answered tomorrow.

I absolutely love a ruffle tunic. I wore the mint one shopping this week and several people commented on it. They’re comfortable and I think cute.

These come in three colors, mint, pink, and black. They also come in curvy sizes!

Friday Fashion-Ruffle Tunic

Friday Fashion-Ruffle TunicFriday Fashion-Ruffle TunicRuffle Tunic (I’m wearing a small)//Raw Hem Jeans (these are $68)//Shoes (no longer available)

I wore this black one yesterday so I snapped some “awkward” mirror selfies. Haha!! But at least you see it. The sleeves are a flutter sleeve and even thought they show your shoulder, they cover up the upper arm area which most of us like.

Friday Fashion-Ruffle TunicFriday Fashion-Ruffle TunicThese are perfect for a weekend date night too!

Friday Fashion-Ruffle Tunic Ruffle tunic (I’m wearing a small)//White Jeans//Wedge Sandal//Bracelet (similar here)

(Use my discount code graceandbeauty036 for $10 off your purchase.)

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Beauty For the Heart~~I love this quote by Joni Eareckson Tada, “The times we find ourselves having to wait on others may be the perfect opportunities to train ourselves to wait on the Lord.”

Today I’m going to mindful of being patient with myself and with others. I’m going to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love your style and I’m the same shape as you are so it helps me to know what will look good on me. However, I love peplum tees, but I’m not sure I should wear them. I I have a couple and wear them with skinny jeans. have you tried them? I would like you opinion. Thanks, Sondra

  2. Love the top! You really do wear some really cute ones!

    When you do your Q & A, I would like to know what color your nail polish is!

  3. The mint is pretty, but the black and white accentuates your tiny figure – maybe, it will do something for mine!

  4. Do you use a self tanner on your face? If not, what do you put on your face so it doesn’t look so white during the summer? Love your blog! Thanks.

  5. Love the top. I’m a big fan of the black and white. I just received my first shipment from Glamour Farms yesterday and I absolutely love the tops I ordered !!! I’m a new customer for sure and now wish I had ordered the black top your wearing as well. Have a great restful weekend.

  6. Very cute tops and I recently purchased a few very similar at Macy’s. I had a good friend visiting from Switzerland and she asked about the cold shoulder trend thats going on in the US. Lol. I love it because I don’t like showing my elbows (long story) so these tops still look fresh and summery but often have a longer sleeve or three quarter sleeve. Perfect for me and the hot Texas weather. So here is my burning question. Or two: do you still use the same skincare products as posted on your website? And are those Raw Hem Jeans considered low rise? I like my jeans to hit just over the tummy area but these look lower? Thank you for sharing all your fashion and beauty “wit and wisdom”.. 😉

  7. While I am one of those that just doesn’t like the cold shoulder look, I love the mint color on you. And of course, the black and white together is so classy. Have a great weekend!

      1. No mam, you are not the only one. I’m glad we don’t have to wear all of the trends they come up with.

    1. I have to agree. There are a few cold shoulder tops that I like and are cut just right but most, in my opinion, look choppy in all the wrong places and make a person look out of proportion. It’s just a trend so it will pass but I’m finding it hard to find current tops that aren’t cold shoulder.

      1. It’s about all there is in the stores. I’m sure in 10 yeas, we will all wonder why we wore it! I feel like it’s not appropriate for work, weird because I wear sleeveless when it’s hot. I might wear it out at night, though, but I haven’t found one yet that feels comfortable.

    2. I am not a fan of the cold shoulder top either. There is something about a hole in the sleeve that doesn’t appeal to me. Cindy styles them beautifully. It is trendy but not for me.

  8. Cyndi, Would you please repeat your routine for your undereye area (products, etc.). I thought I saved it somewhere, but now I can’t find it (and I need some major help!)

  9. I’m also not wild about the cold shoulder top. Some of them have an opening that’s too large. Since I tend to wear my clothes for years I don’t usually buy trendy pieces. I can wear classic pieces longer without looking out of style.

  10. Bought my first cold shoulder top! I love that black-and-white outfit! That black top would absolutely go with everything.
    My burning question really isn’t fashion related, just wanted to know how you and Wayne are doing in your new ministry outlook…

  11. I love that you are mixing the brown shoes with the black top. The brown, black, and white are all neutrals and it makes a great warm weather outfit. I think a lot of people are afraid to mix brown and black as they were told somewhere along the way that there is some rule saying never do that. But to my eye it almost always makes a very, very sophisticated and upscale look.

  12. I will agree with some other comments – your current workout regime is really showing in your appearance! You are in GREAT shape and such an inspiration.
    Also, the mint top is pretty – just wondering if the blouse is truly mint or more of an aqua?

  13. Thanks Cyndi for the quote from Joni. I love her and love her quote. Yesterday I was just reading Isaiah 40:31…..”Yet those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength……I’ll let you all look up the rest. 🙂 I think in our society now, its even harder to WAIT for anything, as we are so attached to things like our computers that give us instant information etc. I think you are so right. We have to live in the moment and my WORD I picked Jan. 1st for my New Years resolution was “Presence.” I want to be more present and feel HIS “presence” more this year. We do all need to slow down and pick more daisies. 🙂 I just dated myself with that saying huh? Since you are answering questions, I have always wanted to ask you one. How do you keep from showing up at your church, grocery store, friends luncheons etc. without everyone wearing the same clothes you have styled? I know people order what you style all the time on your blog, so doesn’t it happen in your town too? Or even at the style conferences you attend? Lots of people there must follow you too. Just curious. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

  14. This top is so cute! I have never seen you wear capris, but you do wear ‘cropped’ pants. My question is, what length of pants (and shorts) look best? I am 5’2″, so probably a lot of my capris look more like cropped pants. Ha! Thanks Cyndi for your fashion advice and daily inspiration.

  15. I really like the cold shoulder look. Of course I usually enjoy the new trends. I just don’t spend a lot on the trend pieces. Loving all the ruffles and feminine tops you are sharing with us. Thanks!

  16. I absolutely love reading your Blog daily! I get so much spiritual and fashion inspiration from what you share! My daughter is hoping to launch her own Blog soon so here’s a question. What is the average time you spend on your Blog daily and do you ever feel tied down with it?

  17. I’m usually just a reader and don’t comment often but wanted to say I love your blog and read almost daily. You always look great in everything you style!

    My questions are more around your workout & diet. I know you are doing that special plan you mentioned before. Curious to know a little more about your workouts – type and length of them. Diet-wise, are there lots of smoothies/juices? I am not a fan of getting calories via liquids. Also interested in the real food – can you share basic types? I don’t like to spend a ton of time cooking as I’d rather do other stuff!

    Thanks for all you do!

  18. Pretty top! Do you have any recommendations for swimsuits? Having a hard time finding a pretty & modest swimsuit. Thanks😊

  19. Love the Cold Shoulder top in every color and you look great! You mentioned you were going to share which strapless bra you wear, but I am also interested in what brand of bra you would recommend also (not strapless)? I am having a hard time finding a bra that supports but doesn’t lift so much that it increases my bust size and still looks good under a thin shirt like the cold shoulder you are wearing. Thanks again for your blog!

  20. Do you ever style a little bling? I like to add some in the way of a sandal / shoe, but don’t recall seeing you style any. It also could’ve been before I started following you. Just wondering? As I’d like to see how you would do it? Thanks karen

  21. Very pretty. I have two questions, what is the color of your fingernail polish and where can we get the necklace featured with the black maxi dress a couple of days ago. Thanks!

  22. You always look super cute and modest! My question, do you buy all these adorable outfits or are you compensated by the brands you are styling? I’m praying about starting a blog, mostly home decorating, lifestyle etc. Have a blessed weekend!

  23. One more comment from me, lol, I am 56 and dress stylish but I just can’t bring myself to wear cold shoulder tops etc, something about the “peekaboo” look that doesn’t seem modest. Just my opinion, I feel everyone should dress their convictions 😀

  24. Sorry, I’m always a day late in responding. I’m 49 and I have several cold shoulder tops and love them all. You look gorgeous in them!
    The only ones I can’t seem to wear are the ones with no straps that just stretch around my shoulders. With my C-cup sized breasts and all my movement they ride up and are no longer down past my shoulders, I’ve tried a, one side look … one side up on shoulder/ one side down off shoulder… but that makes the blouse lop-sided. LOL I just stopped wearing it, but yet, I love the colors of the one I bought and wished I could be satisfied in wearing it. Have a great weekend, Get some needed R&R. and thanks for the quote of waiting…. I’m a very patient person, I’m told. but I do get my patients tried sometimes… lol God Bless.

  25. PS. I also think that your turquoise blouse would look gorgeous with the white jeans too! LOL just my opinion cause I love wearing white with a color all summer in blouse or bottoms. love you and all the time you must spend with all this great information and blog that you put out daily. I appreciate all your hard work and long hours you dedicate to your blog, daily. Thank you kindly!

    1. I’m really bummed that they are sold out of the PINK in M. I love the pink with the white jeans! I’ll keep checking they may get in some more. <3