Friday Trend Alert-Mules

It’s time to update your shoe wardrobe with one of the biggest trends of the fall season: mules. Whether they’re flat, low block-heel, or kitten heeled mules, they are the “it” shoe.

Friday Trend Alert-Mules


Here are some of my favorite fall looks with mules.

Friday Trend Alert-Mules{source}

Friday Trend Alert-Mules{source}

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Beauty For the Heart~~

“Great is Thy faithfulness!” “Great is Thy faithfulness!”
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—
“Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Have a blessed day!

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  1. It’s a good think I didn’t get rid of a pair from 10 years ago!!! They were my faves at the time, and even though I’m a purger by nature, I just couldn’t part with this particular pair!! Yay—-and now they are back in style!!
    Thanks for making my day, Cyndi!

  2. I just can’t do this trend! I always feel like I’m shuffling my feet in them, and they remind me of house slippers. But the animal print ones are cute, and I might be tempted to try them! You’re beautiful as always. Great is Thy Faithfulness was one of my Mom’s favorite hymns, we sang it to her when she was sick, to remind her that God is always faithful. What a sweet reminder, thanks for sharing that hymn. I needed to see that today.

  3. I will consider these as long as they’re comfortable 🙂 I didn’t get an email from you today so I checked your site once I saw the FB post – just an FYI, and no worries if you haven’t sent yet. Hope all is well is with you!

  4. If this is the “it” shoe, then I will not be it. I don’t find these attractive at all. I’m betting this trend will be short lived.

    1. LOL Brenda! Love your comment. I guess I won’t be “it” this fall either. Thankfully there are always so many trends that we don’t have to try them all to stay stylish.

  5. No email from you this morning. When I do get a post it goes straight to clutter, has been that way for months. I’ve been reading your blog for over 3 years and I used to be able to receive every post directly to my email. Hate to be a bother, but I do so enjoy your blog and don’t want to miss anything!

  6. I’m still on the fence about these. I like the heeled mules but not sure about the flat ones. But I may give them a try as some of them do look really cute.

    I’m very interested in hearing about the cool sculpting and how that works.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Hey Cindy – I too did the coolsculpting and it works. You have to do it several times in same area to get big results The first treatment only shrinks like 20% of the fat. Piece of cake and absolutely no down time. Loved it! Nancy

    1. Nancy I’m so glad you “weighed in” on the coolsculping. I’ve been wondering about it too. I read somewhere where one person tried it and she talked about how cold it was. How many treatments did you get?

      1. Hey Judy. I did one treatment on my love handles on both sides. Then my stomach on bottom both sides. It does freeze it. But it’s ok. Doesn’t hurt. Does look like a stick of red butter though so be prepared. But they smoothe it out and it goes back flat. If I had gone back and done second treatments all over I think I would have been very happy!!

  8. Cindy- I seriously think you’ve lost enough weight and are thin already!! Are you trying to make your belly button touch your backbone?!

  9. Cyndi , HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you had a wonderful day !!! I am so glad you are going to let us know about the coolsculpting and I am not sure about the mules yet , they may grow on me lol , Have a blessed weekend

  10. Happy birthday Cyndi
    I love the mules; maybe because I have such trouble finding comfortable shoes to fit my feet.
    I have never heard of cool sculpting, so I am interested to hear about it.
    Hope your weekend is full of celebrating 🎂🎉

  11. I have seen cool sculpting advertised a lot. Will be interested in your experience however, i don’t see anything on you that needs sculpting. You are already so thin now.
    Happy Birthday!

  12. I love mules and never stopped wearing them. So I’m very glad they’re IT again! Yes! Would love a truthful opinion on Cool Sculpting because I’ve considered it.

  13. Happy Birthday Cyndi . There is an add on our local TV station. One of my friends is the model. The cool sculpting looks like it works. K was happy with it. Thanks for the heads up re mules. Because of my wide feet they may be for me. I like the animal print as well. Have a blessed weekend yes God is faithful😇

  14. Happy Birthday, beautiful Cyndi! I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and can’t wait to hear about the cool sculpting?

  15. Not sure about the mules trend for me but they are cute on these girls! I am going for a cool sculpting consultation next week and am anxious to learn more about it. I know several people who have done it with great results primarily in the tummy and thigh area is all I have seen and can speak to. Side effects minimal according to them.…I, too, am at or near my body weight but as I have aged, that weight has gone to my tummy so am interested in that and possibly my inner thighs….20% reduction would be great…I don’t need much more than that… This procedure works well for those nearer their ideal body weight from what I understand but it does work in other cases as well…I certainly can understand why you might want to try it on “problem” areas although you look great, and your weight is at or near where you want it to be…It’s just the “trouble” spots you are thinking of, I’m sure! 🙂 Plus, if you can have it done for no charge, that’s wonderful and a real motivator as well! I will look forward to hearing what you think after the consultation and follow your findings if you have it done…

  16. Hope your birthday was fantastic, and that the upcoming year will be even better! As for the Cool Sculpting, I don’t know much, but have read that it’s not always recommended for older patients because there can be loose skin left over after the fat dissolves. Plus, while I’m not against these type of procedures at all, but since you are asking about it, I’ll tell you this: We can’t always see ourselves the way others see us, and we magnify own flaws, so…you were trim to start with, and now with your Faster Way to Fat Loss results, you are quite trim. Very Trim! And if I were your level of trim, it wouldn’t be worth it to me for any possible adverse results. Just my opinion, but I mean it very sincerely.

  17. I like any shoes that just slip on, Cyndi. They do cool sculpting at my dermatologist’s office. Curious about how it works, but I agree, you don’t look as though you have anything to sculpt! Would really trust your assessment if you try it tho!

  18. I like the mules looks! I think I will have to try some for fall. Happy Birthday! You look great and I don’t think you need to do any cool sculpting. There may be some good in it, but I think it is important to consider the reasons for doing something like this. It is important to look our best, but to what extent? Just some thoughts. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 🙂

  19. Cool sculpting is expensive and the results are not guaranteed. I hope that you won’t be encouraging women to go into debt to try this. You certainly don’t need it.

  20. Happy Birthday, Cyndi! My birthday is also on August 4, 1966! I truly enjoy reading your blog every day and am especially looking forward to fall fashion this year. Have a blessed weekend!

  21. I had a consult a few months ago for coolsculpting but so far haven’t pulled the trigger. I want it for the excess fat under my chin that has always plagued me even though I’m normal weight. (My dermatologist said it’s genetics) The only thing that concerns me is having loose skin after the fat disperses. At 46, my skin isn’t as tight as it was when I was younger. For an idea on cost for those interested, in my area (Baton Rouge, LA) it’s $1500 per treatment for under chin area. You also have to consider that you may need multiple treatments and then laser procedures to tighten the skin afterwards. Mayyyyyyybe when the kids are out of college. 🙂

  22. I have been looking into cool sculpting for a year. I was not sure yet, but I believe I will do it in the fall. I am excited you are doing a review on it.
    Thanks, Cindy

  23. Oh Cyndi Dear,

    First of all Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! Secondly, you are just beautiful inside and out and I pray you see that. It’s not my business to talk you into or out of body sculpting but one thing I’ve enjoyed about your Blog is you’ve always encouraged women of all ages to embrace their beauty through the grace of God’s design. There is so much out there about exercise, weight loss and altering our appearance already. It’s very encouraging to read a Christian Blog that helps women look and feel their best but more importantly exercise their faith and the inner beauty God created and desires for us all. Please keep it real because this is what I’ve always admired about you and your Blog.

      1. Me too! I agree. I have no idea about what cool sculpting is but you look beautiful just the way you are. Don’t change. And I’m praying for your decision.

    1. I agree I think your earlier blogs of you being you were the best … when searching for fashion over 40 I thought you were the real deal ..little disappointed but understand the pressure still love ya to death and will continue to follow just don’t get lost

  24. I hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday!
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your cool sculpting experience, you look great, don’t see any fat on you at all!😊🎂🎁🎉

  25. Hi cyndi hope you had a wonderful birthday 🎈🎉. I had a pair of mules for years and I believe I just threw them out last fall/winter clean out:( I’ll have to look at replacing them if I find a pair thats comfortable and can stay on my feet. I’ve not heard a lot about cool sculpting.. but based on the others reviews I don’t see where you need i t. We all want to be healthy and look our best but I would like to see your blog staying foucused on our clothes and accessories.. without too much emphasis on weight and looks. You looked great before you lost weight and you still look great … just don’t over do it😀

  26. Happy belated Birthday! I would love mules if they would stay on my skinny and paper thin feet. Regarding the cool sculpting, I agree with comments some of the other ladies made. I have always appreciated you encouraging us to love ourselves, as we are, don’t compare ourselves to others, and focus on being the most Godly woman we can be. I believe that we can also be too thin, and end up looking very sickly, especially when our bones become so visible in our neck and shoulders. And when we have no fat or meat on our bones, and we do get sick, our body has nothing to fight off the bad germs, etc. God bless!

  27. Happy birthday-my big 50 was August 3!!! Wow! How can 50 even be possible??? I’m not a mule fan, not just because of the looks, but my doctor says we all need a backstrap-for support-no matter the shoe type! Enjoy your week!

  28. The mules are cute, may have to purchase an inexpensive style so if they go out of style I haven’t made a huge investment. It is none of my business about you deciding to do cool sculpting, but just have to say you are absolutely beautiful now! We all have something about our bodies we wish we’re different, so if it’s something that is causing you distress then maybe it’s a good idea. But God made each one of us beautiful. Of course I don’t hesitate to buy the newest and latest face cream so maybe I’m being a bit hypocritical! Your decision will be the right one! Someone gave me good advice once when I was spending a lot of time about an upcoming decision, she said “quit thinking about it, and spend time praying about it!”. It has worked for me!

  29. Happy birthday Cyndi! I’m going to sit out the mule trend- they just all look chopped in half.

    A friend of mine is interested in cool sculpting, I’ll be interested to hear more. But you are lovely just the way you are!

  30. One of the Boutique ladies I work with tried it & haven’t found out what all happened. She seemed really happy to be doing it. I like the mules but not flat ones as petite me doesn’t wear a shoe without a heel or invisible heel at least, ha! They are darling though! 🙂

  31. Happy Birthday from Oz.. Love your Beauty for the Heart hymn. These beautiful old words always stay with you.

  32. Happy Belated Birthday Cyndi! I hope you are still celebrating. As someone with arthritis in my feet I love mules. I think they look cute and are so comfy at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I really like the shoes. Happy belated Birthday!! Hope you had a great day. 😊I’m having a little trouble with my comments going though.

  34. Several months ago I checked into a couple of the “tightening” procedures. I totally would be on board if I could afford it. There are some places on me that just don’t shrink down with exercise (and I am at my ideal weight) so this would be fantastic for me. Like my husband says “he loves me exactly the way I am but if it’s something that will make me feel better about myself then do it”. I may or may not ever do it but if someone wants to and can I say go for it! Cyndi – if you want I’ll take your free treatments and report back everything to you for the blog!! LOL.

    Happy belated birthday to you! Keep bringing us all the latest fashion and beauty trends.

  35. Well Happy Birthday!!!! That means you and I are almost exactly 2 months apart. (this was the BIG 5-0 for you, right?) I swear, I thought it was a couple of months ago…didn’t they have a party for you? Maybe that was the real element of surprise or maybe I dreamed it. I’m glad you had fun celebrating. I’d love to hear your thoughts on cool sculpting. I just saw something about it last week and wondered about it for myself. (and if they’ll pay…WAHOO!) Have a great week Cyndi!! Try to get them to pamper you all week long 😉 XO

  36. Cyndi, Stay true to yourself! I too read your blog but feel you are definitely more focused on being “thin” and to do such an invasive procedure – great they will pay for it – but its like encouraging those who can’t do it nor afford it. Why can’t we focus on what your blog use to be nice fashion and God!